The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 5 — Sublimation

50 — The Chapter of the Flowery Hill

A-UM !

1. But when the Disciples returned from Mathura to take away the Master and conduct the last rites,

2. Behold! His body was gone, and a flowery hill had risen up at the place of his Martyrdom, decked with the Iris in full bloom;

3. And the Moon shone upon the hill, turning the flowers into silver cups in which Soma's light seemed to seek a resting place.

4. And the Disciples sat down by the hill, until the morning came at last, and they were dumb with anguish which could find no expression in any words.

5. Thus they waited there, and the morning, when it came, was a sad morning, and a cold wind blew over the grey land, bereft of the sunshine of the Presence.

6. And the doves, the crows and golden orioles; the cranes, the pelicans and swans, filled the glens and the waters with their wailing.

7. But all the little singing birds were still and hung their heads.

8. And now a great darkness fell upon the earth, which trembled as if in agony, for the Light of the World had gone to join his Mate and his Mother, and Father, and that purple-haloed Saint of Mount Meru, that earthly Meru where the cedars balsam the air when the winds of Himavat blow.

9. The turtle-doves who had woven their nests in the magic trees, cooed like a choir of mourning Angels for that Light, and Joy, and Laughter softened by Mercy, which they would never behold again.

10. And the radiant Maruts, Gods of Storm, sabred the sky with bluish flames, and the Furies answered them with an avalanche of hail, striking angrily and precipitated by the roars of the thunder-voices of the wrathful Gods.

11. The hamadryads fled weeping from the holy trees; weeping, weeping for the death of the fair, young Lord.

12. And for the desolation which had descended upon the earth for the long ages to come;

13. And their despairing cries were prisoned in the winds that moan eternally and shall wander about the world until the Kali Yug be past—wandering and moaning like spirits full of pain, lamenting in the fatal night, and morn, and noon, and dreary eve, never at rest.

14. The lamenting lutes of sorrow twanged bitterly over the dusty earth, which had assumed the hue of ashes,

15. Adder-struck by the vicious fang of envy; and the foliage of the trees hung shabbily from the twigs,

16. Having donned the grey cloth of the bereft, whose world crumpled to powder with the last breath of the belovèd.

17. Alas for the sword-sweeps of steely disaster; woe for the innocent blood which will rise like a flood to cover the pitiful world with crimson calamities and crimes unspeakable till the days of doom be past.

18. Yea! the bale-fires will burn bright, and the anvils will sing the song of war, struck by the hammers that forge the rapier of slaughter.

19. The temples and towers shall fall, and the seas mourn greatly.

20. Alas for the nations which shall sleep in sorrow and waken in fear in the howling night; the grey-born nations, mottled by craft-woven creeds and deceit-dealing leaders.

21. Until the trumpet of Truth shall once more sound its golden challenge, and the fast-barred portals of Heaven fly open anew, that the Light may return and break the great Darkness.

22. And Arjuna mourned by the Flowery Hill, and though his thoughts to the stars ascended, haloed with rosy lights behind the burdened clouds, rayed with lilac streaks,

23. As if a passioned purple bee met in love's last carnival his beloved queen, sailing high above the world, to die the death of final ecstasy of last achievement:

24. His tears gleamed like unto living jewels in the silvery lightnings of that night of night and day of days.

25. And his sighs were like unto the mournful sobs of a viol of tears when he thought of the belovèd Master;

26. Whose coming was like the time of the rains, the fruitful Season's herald:

27. Soon the crops will ripen now, and the viburnum bloom in the woods;

28. The maidens will gather violets and meadow-saffron sprouts;

29. The shepherd lead his flocks unto the waiting meadows, to lighten their abundant loads of fresh young grass, and the lovers weave the garland;

30. Yea, the cup of life is full, as the narcissus is brimmed with living dew,

31. Oh, Lord of Love and Springtime, the shine of whose halo is reflected by the rosy peaks, whose heads glow in the light of the dawning.

32. And Arjuna lingered all night and all day by the Flowery Hill, as the dew clings all night to the leaf and the petal.

33. But that year the very blossoms mourned for the kindly Lord, and every rose that blew was whitened with grief;

34. And the red papaver showed great scars, as did the tulips, and the pink of the daisy's crown had paled, and only its golden heart retained its customary hue.

35. 'Where art thou, my Belovèd?' the flowers cried as with one voice, and the tuberose and the hyacinth shook their heads, and the Bulbul's song was mute.

36. Gone were the days when in the wooded shades the Lord hearkened to the songsters' tranquil harmonies of peace, and sent them benedictions.

37. No more did the treeborn blossom flutter lightly to the elfin moss of which the kobolds make their hats and capes and pointed shoon, luxurious but quaint; that moss which is the fairy's bed on which he used to lie, enwrapt in fragrant visions of his radiant dreams.

38. The soft and silken shimmer of the winsome light of summer's moon was now replaced with the irksome sounds of strident clash of armour-clad steel, and groans of agony, and shouts of barbarous frenzy: the coming turmoil of the future battlefields, heard in advance with terror....

39. By suffering Arjuna's frame was now reduced lo the weight of a flower, and the veil of his mind was rent in twain with longing for his Lord: for he could endure the separation no longer.

40. But one night, when he was embraced by the arms of despair, he heard a whisper in his inner ear.

41. It was the voice of the Lord, even Chrishna Jeseus, saying, 'I will tarry nigh unto thee until thou comest to me, beloved friend and brother.

42. 'Go forth, and do thy task with courage, no matter what befalls, and rouse thy sisters and thy brethren, who are scattered and lost without thy leadership: that my Coming shall not have been in vain'.

43. And Arjuna sprang up, filled with new hope and fresh determination, and went forth as his Master bade him.

44. And the Disciples hearkened to his message, and set out in all directions, purged of the taint of grief and fear: and they were as lions among men, doing the work of the Lord in His name.

45. And now the olden legends have awakened from their sleep of centuries, and live again in Truth within these pages.

46. As once they had their being in the history of the Lord, even Chrishna Jeseus, the Belovèd,

47. And of Radhika, the Maiden of his Heart and Mind and Soul.

48. And the dust of the ages and of superstition, of exaggeration and false report, has been blown away, revealing the ancient, Golden Treasure, that the Blessings of the Lord may rest upon those who will listen to his words.

49. But all through the fifty centuries since the Lord walked upon this earth, together with his Disciples,

50. A few favoured ones have heard the witching tones of his flute within the wooded glens and in the starry meadows, as has the Scribe of this true Record, who giveth humble thanks for the blessings thus received.

A-UM !

The Record of Sa-Heti

Here ends the True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus, The Light of the World.

And we add our prayer, that YOU, who reads the golden words of the Lord, may receive the blessings contained in His Divine Message. Amen!

Learn the Sublime Occult Mysteries

If you have been inspired by the wisdom and truth in this book to learn the Sublime Occult Mysteries, you will be pleased to know that there is a Secret Occult Order which teaches them in their entirety. The author was a member of this Order when he wrote this book, and for many years afterwards as you can read in his footnote to the second of his occult books, The Golden Star.


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