The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 3 — Divine Wisdom

29 — The Chapter of the Two Hairs

A-UM !

1. And one day, the Lord Chrishna sat in deep meditation within the circle of his Disciples, and the supreme incense of his divine thoughts hovered like a cloud, heavy with aromatic blessings, over the land.

2. And as his Disciples beheld him thus, they were permeated by the vibrations that issued from his holy form; warm and comforting.

3. Then the Lord looked upon his Followers who bowed before him, driven irresistibly to this act of veneration, as if they were priestly worshippers and ministrants at a temple rite, making obeisance to the God who dwelt in the Altar, or hovered in the air of that shrine.

4. And one of the female Disciples, whose name was Pradhova, which means 'Beginning', asked the Lord a question in accordance with her name;

5. And she spoke unto the Lord, saying reverently, 'Dear Master, as all things have a beginning according to that which thou teachest, and all beings also, what is thy Beginning?'

6. But Vasu, a male Disciple, sprang to his feet, exclaiming heatedly, 'Nay, our Sister in the Spirit, such a question asked by one of us, should not come into outward manifestation, issuing from the secret of the Within, for surely, this is a great Mystery, not suitable to our feeble understanding?'

7. But the Lord smiled upon them all, saying softly, 'It is but right that our Sister should speak, and ask, according to her nature, for to do violence to one's inward thoughts, by withholding them when the faithful one seeks for enlightenment, is not right action in the presence of the Teacher.

8. 'Therefore I will tell thee how it came to pass that I was sent to earth the first time this world was in travail, as it hath been many times since then, and could bear the iniquities of evil eruptions no longer.

9. 'For know that there is a God of the Earth, as there is a God of every Star, and Planet, and satellite, however small they be, residing in the encircling realm of every heavenly body; and the true God of the Earth, which man cannot know, is a God of Light and Virtue.

10. 'And one day there was a gathering of the lesser gods: the gods of the winds, of fire, of the waters and the rocks of the Earth, for every Element and everything that is created, hath its own deity; and there were too the Patriarch Creators, holding council together about the ruling of their Realms, each of his own Realm according to his Wisdom; and that Assembly was congregated in Mount Meru, where the sacred winds of Himavat blow and rustle in the cedars' leaves; and Brahmâ, the Great Lord himself presided over them.

11. 'For the God of the Earth had summoned them all in accents of despair, right piteous in spite of all his Godly Power, and now he spoke to the Assemblage, saying,

12. "Oh, thou, who art holy and pure, and good and efficacious, and filled with divine Authority as the fruit of the sweet calabash is the receptacle of good provender; thou who art headed by the Supreme Nârâyana, even Brahmâ, the Lord of all the Heavenly Patriarchs of our solar system;

13. "He who is the eldest of the eldest-born; one with minutes and hours, and days and years, and all the manifestations of Time and Space within our Cosmos, celestially formed, though invisible;

14. "He who wields the circuits of the Planets and is the Maker of the very Sun within His Kingdom; though nevertheless He and all the Lords of the manifold Realms within His Realm, and all that is manifested within them and without outer manifestation,

15. "All these things and Beings being but the outward and the hidden forms of Vishnu, the Lord of Majesty, the utterly inscrutable, who is the Source and Essence of all that IS within His Universe—good or evil.

16. "His Many forms, manifold, encounter and succeed each other, both night and day like oceanic waves, and are as uncountable as are the drops which form the ocean, or like the particles which fill the air; multinomial as the transmutations of Surya's rays, forming into multiplex semblances of life, omniform in potency and variety,

17. "Or profuse like the leaden-toned abnormities of Death's sad aberrations, sent forth from Soma from her night-enfolded Regions, and giving birth to lamentations:

18. "For thuswise made are all the emanations of that pale moon, where dwell the demons who are the vessels of Soma's exhalations; yet ALL is Vishnu, and there is naught that is or was, or will be, that can exist without Him.

19. "And all his multiple Essences are in their proper spheres, and this preserves the Balance and the Poise of high and low, right and left, ever circulating evenly and keeping all adjusted according to His Laws of Compensation.

20. "But in my Realm of Earth the balance hath become uneven; evil depressing the scales with unequal weight of good upon the opposite platter of the beam, and I beseech thee all to come now to mine aid, respiting the woes which wreak their vengeance upon my sorely troubled Habitation and its Peoples".

21. 'Thus spoke the Lord of Earth unto the Gods; and Brahmâ, the regal Lord of all celestial Cities, made answer, speaking to the Assembly, saying,

22. "Behold! This is true speech, for I know that tribulations fill the Regnancy of Earth of late, but none of us, not even I, can help restore that Balance; for the personations of Lord Vishnu's Power ever fluctuate in mutual oscillations according to His own Decree, and all excess or diminution is ever indicated by predominance of Might, and depression of the feeble; thus producing power for the evil ones and weakness for the good; or in reverse, in answer to His Wisdom.

23. "Therefore, let us glorify that Lord and send petition and report of what we have been told".

24. 'And the Lord Brahmâ, the Cosmic Overlord of all the Realms, and of the Sun, whose other name is RA, and who hath many other names according to the fickle mind of man, He prayed unto Vishnu, saying, "Hail, O thou, who art distinct from Holy Writ as this is known within the Heavens of thy Universe; whose double nature is twofold Wisdom, superior and inferior, and who art the essential end of both; who, alike devoid and eke possessed of form, art verily the Twofold Brahm;

25. "O, thou, who art smallest of the least and largest of the large; All, and knowing all things, and Laws, and Beings; that Spirit which is language; that Spirit which is Supreme; that which is Brahm, and of which Brahm is composed".

26. 'Thus spoke the God of Gods to even greater God; and he continued, "Thou who art all the Veds which Shine in Heaven, and are reflected to some small extent in words on earth, the accentuation, ritual, signification; Thou who art All in All: inscrutable.

27. "Thou who art Soul, and Higher Mind, and Body; all having life from Thee, endowed with qualities, thy Nature being inherent in all and presiding over all.

28. "Thou who hearest without ears, and seest without eyes; who art One and Multiform; who knowest all and can by none be known;

29. "We pray thee, who beholdest us: Behold this Earth—oppressed by great Asuras from the nether worlds, and shaken to her mountain-bases; Thou, the invincible defender of the good: Relieve this Earth from her burthen.

30. "O, receptacle of Mercy, grant Earth the alms of thy forbearance; Thou, who art lustrous as the rays of the Suns, Moons, and the Heavenly Fire of all thy Universe; thou Cause of Light and Wisdom".

31. 'And the Lord Supreme heard, and saw; and appearing before the Lords in visible form, the Light of his Countenance dimmed, so that they might see and yet live, he stood before them, giving them a Symbol. For he plucked off two of his hairs, one white and one black, saying,

32. "These my hairs shall descend upon Earth, and they shall take on human form; the white one as Devaki, the Mother, my divine Counterpart; and the black as her Son, even Chrishna.

33. "Thus She, the veritable Mother, though Immaculate, and he, a God, from Me descended by my Law, having my qualities of Light and Power, though never claiming them, will come, and come again whenever needed and called for in my Name, when the great Cycles are completed, one by one;

34. "And My Spirit will watch over them both and He will be known as Vasishta, the Holy Anchorite, purple-haloed, who also cometh in my Name;

35. "A threefold Mystery; a Mystery of Mysteries which even Gods can never truly solve. So be it. Amen".

36. 'And having spoken, Hari, even Vishnu, the lotus-eyed Lord Supreme disappeared; and the Gods bowed unto his absent Presence.....present in his Absence, and knew his Decree.'

37. Thus Chrishna ended his Instruction, and the Disciples wondered greatly at this Tale of the Beginning of Chrishna's Messiahhood, and they worshipped Hari: Vishnu the Unknown and Unknowable Deity, and his living Descendant and Ambassador on Earth, clothed with Authority.

38. And rays of living fire played upon their countenances, just as the Light of Hari is reflected by the sun and the stars.

39. And these Disciples were to become the reflectors of the inner Light of Chrishna, Vishnu personified, to redeem the Balance of Good and Evil, so that they too might be like Lights unto all men who seek that great Illumination.

40. And to the wise in Mind and heart the Symbolism of this Chapter will be like unto the melody of the minstrel stars that sing in the sonant night;

41. And as the sevenfold Harmony of the splendid rainbow, up-arching in the jubilant morning after a refreshing rain of the dewdrops of Eternal Truth.

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