The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 5 — Sublimation

48 — The Chapter of The City of Mathura

A-UM !

1. And they woke at sun-up, and all the honeyed flowers of the early morn shook with the breath of the precursor of the day,

2. As if they were sending a love-call to the bees, still drowsing in their hives.

3. The dawn glittered like the shimmer of the rich-hued pigeon, bowing to his mistress in ecstasies of humble adoration, murmuring his song of love.

4. The brilliant, golden cassia flowers wept tears of joy as dewdrops rolled from their blooms, and the soft glimmer of the forest-guarded jasmine peeped from between the trees.

5. And the Lord and his Disciples went to the river that flowed at the foot of the walls of Mathura, and beheld the early maidens who sent their pitchers afloat on the tide.

6. And after their morning ablutions, the Lord went up to one of the city gates, demanding entrance, and from all sides the people gathered around him and cried to the watchmen to open the gate.

7. And soon it was opened, for there was a clamour within the city too, and the citizens shouted to the soldiers to give entry to the Lord, and to the people outside with him, so that they durst deny him not, but let him in, and all those who followed him.

8. And great exclamations of welcome were heard,

9. And Kadru, the queen, turned as pale as the primrose, but without its golden hue, when she learnt of the approach of the Master and his multitudes.

10. And the officers of the guard greeted Chrishna as he entered, saying, 'lo! auspicious footsteps have crossed our threshold, adorning our porch with bliss!'

11. And as Chrishna entered the city and reached its centre anon, the golden-vested maidens came running laughingly from the houses standing there,

12. Crying, 'Chrishna, Chrishna! the inspired musician of the velvet-witching flute!' And the bright red silken tassels, suspended from woven satin girdles around the maidens' waists danced up and down with pleasure.

13. And their elegant feet twinkled like petals dancing in the sunshiny winds; lotus-toed they were and pearly-footed as they came running along.

14. Yea! And even the palace maidens came along, hurrying as if bent on joining a festival, and each was as beautiful as the nymph Rambha, the ideal of female perfection.

15. And the black hearted, cunning queen sent presents to the Lord by the hand of a traitor, that he might know Chrishna, and do what he was predestined to do in the end.

16. But though the Lord knew the evil in that one's heart, he smiled sweetly at the knave.

17. For is not he the one that will release him from the bonds of earthly life which hold him fast while the Belovèd waited?

18. As Vasishta was released by the arrow of the coward king, even so will Chrishna be freed by the hand of that traitor who bowed so humbly before him. And Chrishna's heart rejoiced!

19. And the courtiers, with their crimson and silver turbans, dressed in purple brocade, with jade- or amber-headed swords, gold-scabbarded, made obeisance to the Lord in turn;

20. And blue pigeons with little golden bells strung on their feet, flew above the crowds before the palace of the queen.

21. The musicians on the balconies played upon their cithars, vihnas, sarangies and drums to welcome the Hero,

22. And the singers sang sacred hymns in his honour, and the gold-girdled dancing-girls performed the mystic measure, weaving spells with their eloquent fingers and nimble limbs.

23. And when the performance was over, the spectators threw rainbow-tinted bangles and precious gems, garlands and rings upon the ground before the Lord,

24. And a hurricane of flowers descended from the balconies and windows, and the conches blew loudly with joy.

25. The white roof-terraces were massed with people too, all eager to behold the Lord and his Disciples.

26. Hark, the jingling caprice of the maidens' golden anklets resounds, as they glide along like wood-scented nymphs in a sun-dappled glen!

27. But suddenly the Lord made an imperative gesture, and there was an impelling hush.

28. And once again, and for the last time, he gave forth his golden Message to the people.

29. Each word of the Lord was like unto a precious gem, set in epic gold and platinum.

30. There was a spell in his pronouncements, like the magic of a holy wizard-incantation, which calls upon the sprites of the woods and the hills to come forth to celebrate a ritual dance.

31. See how their moon-glistening bodies beray the dim-shrouden trees of the forest, and smell like an ointment of myrrh and honey.

32. Anon they feast on the limbs of the mandrake, contorted with pain when torn from his earth-anchored biding-place within the hollows.

33. Brown corn-cakes are dipped in the juice of white berries, distilled in wine, and loud cries of strident joy, and unknown words, trouble the silence of the still waters of the night:

34. Loud cries and wild, to be replaced with the chanting of Angels and the thrumming of golden harps in an excelsis of Heavenly praise.

35. And Chrishna's hearers were bewitched by that god-like spell of miraculous speech, and swooned with utter delight.

36. And the queen and her head-priest, listening behind the secretive lattice, beheld one another with belated shame in their wavering eyes, and slunk away to hide in their darkened chambers, gnashing their teeth.

37. But Chrishna goes on with his divine oration, and lo! a green rainbow! travelling across the sky like an arc of light, and see how the stars sparkle in the light blue of the noon-sky, like great, silver suns!

38. There were whispers in the stillness, like the swishing of the leaves of a mystic forest, the home of divine Spirits, whose Temple it is.

39. And it was as if a Soul-Illuminator passed through the air at that moment; casting a light in the darkness of the dreaming mind of each of Chrishna's listeners.

40. And their thoughts became serene, for great secrets were being revealed unto them, and their minds were at rest. And then it was as if a new and sudden dawn turned into fire the Holy Spark within the heart of man. See how the first fierce ray of light leaps to the sky with golden hammer-power—wielded by the hand of God—and strikes the unsuspecting firmament of Higher Mind, whose silent darkness is splintered now into a million roaring hues; as if a thousand dawns are melting, boiling, seething: and welded into ONE!

41. See how the heavens open and the hosts of Angels take on visible form!

42. Their long lances glistening in the violet-tinted air.

43. And there stood three holy fountains, with silver-leaved trees bending over them;

44. And at times it seems as if a misty-golden sun rises above the horizon, casting its rays upon the trees which guard the fountains.

45. And then the silver leaves rustle under the impulse of that mysterious golden light, and send forth music like a million silver-tongued bells.

46. And when the bells resound, swarms of little birds fly up from the surrounding meadows, where their nests are placed within aromatic flower-cups.

47. And they answer the song of the bells with their sweet-piping voices, and it is as if a rain of melodious nectar bedews the land and floats upon the air.

48. Great bronze eagles and green-feathered hawks swoop down out of the upper skies, where they have stood on guard as it were;

49. And they have voices like the dying swan is said to have—and SING—and add their triumphant notes to the song of the little birds and the bells;

50. And there is a mighty fluttering of wings, which seems to be the hush of the sighs of many Angels, adoring God.

51. And after the music is done, the eagles and the hawks cry out loudly for pleasure, and the birds twitter among themselves, and return to their pleasant nests.

52. And the eagles and the hawks soar up to the skies again, whilst the bells are silent.

53. And Peace broods over the fountains and the trees after the thunder of the eagles' wings dies away in the upper distances....

54. And far away the green rainbow fades, and changes into gold and rose, and then disappears with a last flicker of miraculous lights.

55. And now the hosts of the Angels open out, and in their midst, behold! Twelve Ancients who rule the Realms of God in his Name.

56. Snowy are their heads, but clear their brilliant eyes as they regard their Kingdoms with countenances full of grace,

57. Though in their hands they hold enchained the Twelve Thunders—but loose them not in their Mercy—though the lightnings flash at their feet.

58. They are, as it were, Twelve Morning Stars of utmost beauty; for their Wisdom shineth forth and lightens all the Mansions of the Gods with their splendour.

59. And behold! The Ancients and the Hosts now melt away like unto a mirage in the desert when the traveller approaches the illusionary oasis.

60. And in the places of the Wise Ones is a heavenly centre where shines a huge golden Sun upon twelve vast mountains.

61. And each mountain is one colossal jewel, perfect in its purity and cut into countless facets; brilliant-cut.

62. And oceans of light stream forth from those amazing mountains, and they flash and glitter, each in its own colour, and two thereof with many colours.

63. There is the Diamond mountain, and the Emerald; the Sapphire and the Ruby; the Opal and the Turquoise; the Topaz and Aquamarine; the Chrysolite and Amethyst; and the Peridot and Jade.

64. And all the mountains shine, and send rays; and the rays sing melodiously and blend in wondrous harmonies.

65. And the light and the music are so great that earthly eyes and ears cannot bear it, but would burst asunder in their agony. Only the eye and ear of the Spirit can bear such wonders.

66. And at the foot of each mountain, the valleys are bestrewed with perfect jewels; great and wide valleys of vast extent;

67. And all who wish may take the gems and adorn their robes with their beauty.

68. And the lights roll ever on in blazing waves of colour; and the rays of the mountains mix and blend, creating variations of splendid hues, such as neither man nor angel could imagine in his mind—most glorious are these new hues and tints.

69. And lakes and pools and rivers are to be seen; smooth they are as mirrors.

70. And the mountains and the lights behold their beauty being reflected in those sheets and streams, and shine all the more for joy in their perfection.

71. Mighty is the Imagination of the Deity! Raise puissant Hymns in honour of his Wisdom, and Songs of Adoration, and give thanks for his munificence.

72. And lo! Behold the Divine Mother passing by. Seated upon an eagle is the holy Mother of All;

73. The sevenfold rainbow her halo, and adorned is She with a circle of stars, and in her hand a gold and silver lance, tipped with a diamond point, the emblem of purity.

74. And as she points her lance, thuswise does the eagle fly towards the object of her desire of the All-powerful Spirit.

75. And lo! She points to the East. And there appears a Throne of rainbows, surrounded by the splendid, flaming Angels of God;

76. And as they congregate around the Throne, they seem as if they were like unto a veritable foam of fiery glory;

77. Glittering with all the most beautiful lights the mind of God can conceive.

78. And behold! The mighty jewel mountains have melted away like the honeycomb in the fire!

79. And now the strings of the eternal, seven-chorded Harp of God begin to tremble.

80. And lights and golden dreams come forth out of the music of the divine instrument;

81. And deep sighs; and the starry heavens around the Throne spoke with the voices of their Lords;

82. And the eye of the Soul saw new Visions, unspeakable, and felt the presence of the ethereal Essences of the Great Spirits.

83. And all that beheld and heard were, as it were, engulfed as in a magnet-trance; lit by the flashes of those splendid fires; cool, and full of balm unto the spirit of the men that saw these things by the magic of Chrishna's words as he spoke unto the people of Mathura.

84. And there were renewed sounds of fountains, like instruments of music; and their spray rises up into the air and disperseth over the happy land.

85. But the drops which descend again into the basins resound like crystal notes, combining into celestial tunes and arias.

86. And the trees by the fountains become visible once more; and they shine like pillars of living fire, with the colours seen in precious opals;

87. And every colour is like unto a beautiful flame, and like a fiery flower, and yet a true flower withal.

88. The Heavenly Anthems rang forth, and shone before the inner sight like fire-birds with the splendour of jewels:—and the Angels rejoice.

89. But the lower man heareth not those sounds, but only the thunder-claps of war, and is wrapped in earthly gloom, where flit the bats of doubt, and hoots the owl of unbelief.

90. And behold! The planets are hurled from their places and fall with the roars of gigantic lions into the Depths of the dire Abyss.

91. And as they drop they become like unto flaming mountains, without any form of beauty, vomiting rocks and ashes, and the Cosmos is big with the fulmination of despairing cries and lamentations,

92. Soon stilled; and then commenced the great Silence of the Cosmic Void, lit by the sun which stands immovable still within the centre—

93. To bide its time of destruction in the end: for only God is Eternal in his Supreme Majesty.

94. But within the void commence to howl the whirlwinds, followed again by the great silences.

95. May the stormy ocean of the Mind be illuminated by the Master's Sun of Glory;

96. That the golden rays of that Star may penetrate its deepest depths, and lighten its darkness; that the Mind may find the Peace, and the voices of the whirlwinds be stilled.

97. And the final words of Chrishna in that great Oration were:

98. Whatever be visible, on earth or in Heaven, or in the Hells, must not be worshipped but accepted with thankfulness, or shunned with terror: this is a LAW!

99. 'Pure Spirit hath no Form, but can assume form at will or under direction according to the great Laws.

100. 'The visible is ever a reflection of the thoughts of a God, or a Demon; but it is neither God nor Demon in itself.

101. 'The temporary homes of the evil-minded, who dwell in the lower habitations, are like unto clouds of dust through which creep monstrous shapes,

102. 'Created by the fumes of guilt, the offspring of gloomy thoughts which fear, yet cling to those illusionary prodigies.

103. 'Those who in their ignorance worship nature, or the sun, the moon or the stars, adore the garment which concealeth the wearer, but the weaver of the cloth they know not.

104. 'All that is beautiful on earth is no more than the image of decay.

105. 'Whoso in wilfulness knoweth not the Name of the Father, and the Mother, and the Son—

106. 'The Lords of Darkness shall break his teeth and cast him down; and fall upon him like a mountain, and cover him with shame and confusion.

107. 'And cast him into the Pit of Despair, where he shall lie hid for the ages of the ages as a reward for his blasphemy.

108. 'But he who is justified in the name of the Son shall pass along a Beam of Light to the portals of Paradise.

109. 'It shall seem that his feet have wings, and that great pinions are wafted up and down from his shoulders as he ascendeth; burnished as an Angel of bronze, with golden gleams and silver.

110. 'Yea! Thus is the justified one drawn up triumphantly, floating softly upon waves of varied lights.

111. 'And he shall sing melodies like unto the Songs of the Stars, and mingle his voice with the voices of the Blest.

112. 'And the Heralds will sound his secret Name for the ages of the ages; a Name that no man may know upon the earth.

113. 'Three worlds for the good, and three worlds for the wicked may be mentioned as the future abodes of men.

114. 'But each world hath many countries, and nations, and cities, and peoples who dwell therein for a while, as they do on the earth.

115. 'The first world which the wicked enter is filled with darkness; and voices lament in the air, and unseen terrors lurk in hidden corners, everywhere;

116. 'And the dwellers curse one another without end, and have disputes unceasingly until they are reborn again and sent to earth to the place and land and people befitting to their natures.

117. 'The second world is turbulent ocean; and the evil man, doomed to await his next life on earth within those waters must try to swim across the sea;

118. 'Endlessly fighting the waves which try to whelm him, so that he may be sucked down and be devoured by the monsters of the deep.

119. 'The third world is like a sea of flame, and the only way to rebirth lieth through this fierce mass of fire, which riseth up to the skies of that great underworld.

120. 'Woe unto him who hath to make this journey!

121. 'For the un-evil person, but who has never done a kindly deed, there is a world of semi-gloom, with darkened cities, and hovels in which to dwell.

122. 'All is chaos and confusion there, and at all times alarms are sounded which never lead to anything;

123. 'But anxiety fills the heart and mind so long the dweller hath to stay within that loveless region, to which his love-less heart hath drawn that man.

124. 'For the kindly man, but lacking in true enlightenment, because being satisfied with the earth he doth not desire a Heaven in which he is too inert to believe,

125. 'There is a world which resembleth earth in many ways, and there he dwells according to his works done here,

126. And receives some slight rewards, or simple punishments. This is the second world.

127. 'The third world is a place of beauty, approaching to the splendours of my Paradise in many ways, but never reaching true perfection.

128. 'Here dwell the wise and good, and those with some gift of vision, though not yet ready for the final liberation.

129. 'These must return to earth again to complete their education and their work, and finally come to Me to be released from birth for evermore.

130. 'Those who depart unto the first Mansions which lie nearest to the earth, rise up one step, but are not subject to the Test of Initiation.

131. 'But if they wish they may proceed from thence to the second higher place; but then the Seeker must pass through a region of blinding Light,

132. 'Which is not the Great Light of the highest Realms, but seems to be to him who hitherto dwelt in the twilight.

133. 'To pass from second to the third, the Traveller must cross a rapid River of shining waters, which gleam beneath the golden light of Sun.

134. 'He cannot cross it by himself, but be he worthy, a kindly Guide will take him by the hand, and cross with him the river like a flash of light.

135. 'To reach the next Domain needs spiritual wings, for before it stands a great and empty space of scented air.

136. 'And rosy, green, and golden clouds float in this vast abyss; serenely and calm.

137. 'And from the clouds sounds music and the songs of the Blest, invisible to the eye, though the Mind knows their proximity.

138. 'No Guide is here to aid the Seeker, who by himself must find the means.

139. 'But Inner Peace is the Key which unlocks all Spiritual Portals.

140. 'Heed well these words, which are the words of Truth; and may thy Soul enlighten thee, oh, Aspirant to Paradise.

141. 'But whether thou seekest the Heights or the Depths, the Threefold Test awaits thee:

142. 'Fire, Water, Air; or Darkness, Water, Fire; who shirks the Tests remaineth chained to earth for untold centuries.

143. 'But there is no escape in the end: for thy Gods who made thee will call for a reckoning at last, and requite thee according to thy works and thoughts.

144. 'The heart of the evil one is consumed like dry grass in the fire, or like a stone he sinks down in the troubled waters of his uneasy conscience.

145. 'Impassable oceans of rolling light protect the Domains of God; but he who is guided across by means of good works and thoughts: his heart shall melt in delight.

146. 'Art thou afeared of the Hells? Why—these are for the doers of evil!

147. 'Search within thyself and know what is thy fate.

148. 'The prayer of the good soars up like a Song, right into the Heavens, and they bear the Name of God within their hearts; and upon their brows shall be placed the Magic Signature.

149. 'Every Son that is accepted shall be tested many times, and according to his victories, so shall it be to him who conquereth.

150. 'For it is no light thing to seek to qualify for Heaven; though the Eternal Reward is beyond all the imaginings of Man.

151. 'The easiest way is the way down to the Pit, but yet the most difficult, for the reward of him who descendeth is equally great—but contrariwise to the Bliss of Heaven.

152. 'The home of Wisdom is in Heaven; the home of Folly is upon the earth: which is thy choice, O, Seeker?

153. 'Wisdom buildeth up; Folly breaketh down; art thou an Architect or a Destroyer?

154. 'Who would exchange the garden for the desert?

155. 'Let not a wise man receive a gift from the mean; for there is pollution in the gold of the sordid.

156. 'But the smile of Wisdom is as beautiful as the half-open rose in the light of the summer sun.

157. 'Likewise is the countenance of him who spareth innocent life, as bright as the lily of the waters.

158. 'No man can make himself wholly pure and wise: for without the aid of his Angel he is as a pebble in the desert-sands beneath the elephant's foot.

159. 'But he must not lie inert in the sands of life like a pebble; but work with all his will to be worthy of the Angel's aid,

160. 'Lest the elephant of Fate places his foot upon him so that he be crushed into the dust and ashes of that desert which men call 'The Earth'.

161. 'The untutored mortal who seeks to read the Book of the Mysteries of God is blinded by its luminous pages.

162. 'Behold one page! Its purity is as a white flame of unendurable intensity.

163. 'It is bordered with a golden fire; the chapter-headings are like unto seething emerald lights.

164. 'Its capitals like incandescent rubies; and its text is writ in letters of glorious, living sapphire; dazzling, bewildering sight!

165. 'The secret characters leap up and dance with joy; too swift for the wavering glance of the impious gazer.

166. 'He turns his eyes to earth again, to rest them; but lo! the sockets are empty, and the mind is burnt to ashes.

167. 'Oh! The impenetrable secrets of God!

168. 'Fall upon thy face, O man; lest thou too be destroyed when standing before thy Lord,

169. 'As it will be in the end if thou art worthy to be led into the Presence as an Angel: that thou mayest receive the Power to behold the Light.

170. 'The mind of the wise is filled with understanding; but Wisdom, to the foolish, is but a mockery of empty errors.

171. 'For in error there is no substance, it being but the shadow of the Lord of the nether worlds, himself a shadow; whilst wisdom is the substance of the most high God whom the wise behold with reverence in thought.

172. 'The true Teacher, bathed in that Wisdom, is like unto a pure fountain, and his Precepts are its waters.

173. 'And when the waters ripple beneath Wisdom's Sun, it is as if a sea of emerald flashes with divine pleasure.

174. 'Taste, then, of the sweet waters of that fountain; that thy Mind may be satisfied and thirst no more after Error.

175. 'He who sendeth forth the Master's Message shall be like unto a Light unto the World;

176. 'And his followers shall do the things he ordains, and listen to his admonitions when he singeth the Song of the King of the Spirits.

177. 'For he shall be unto them as the morning light and the dawn, and like unto a golden sun, which is the fountain of life upon earth and in Heaven.

178. 'But the true Teacher shall be concealed in God's Splendour—that the unworthy may know him not;

179. 'Though he came forth from the Holy One in His Name, to bring the Light of the Mysteries of his Lord,

180. 'And reveal that which may not be told to those whose minds prefer the Darkness.

181. 'Such is the Will of God; and Divine Will is stronger than the collected force of a thousand tempests.

182. 'The persecutor of the Wise shall be smitten with the abomination of desolation, and the smoke of the evil abodes, where the Fiends snarl maledictions, shall cover his threefold Self.

183. 'But he that sealeth the Book of his life with the blood of the Spirit and the sweat of his Vision,

184. 'Shall be chosen of God to abide in the Land far beyond the false honey of earth and the delusive essence brewed from Moon-stones;

185. 'And slake his thirst of the Soul with the Cup of Gladness. Amen. A-UM, in the name of the Father, and the Mother, who rule the Universe'.

186. And priestly men, who had come forth from their hiding-places in the city, where they had practised devotion in secret,

187. Joined by the Hermits, the Anchorites, and all the holy men from Meru,

188. Prepared for the Lord the RÃJÃ-SUY×the Royal Sacrifice of prayer and worship.

189. Gold-coloured incense rose from green-veined vessels, clear as the crystal pool where bathes the young maiden, wrapped in rosy dreams of her lover.

190. Scarlet wreaths of nenuphar were laid at Chrishna's feet, and they carried to him regal mantles woven upon the royal looms,

191. Pearl and silver broidered, most sumptuous to behold.

192. But the Lord waved aside the gifts with a smile, and all he would take was a crimson rose—the symbol of Radhika.

193. But in an inner chamber of the palace, thoughts of hatred danced a black morisco through the mind of the queen as she heard the sounds of the celebration and rejoicings outside.

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