The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 3 — Divine Wisdom

24 — The Chapter of The Belovèd

A-UM !

1. And as they thus stood silently within that much-blest region, absorbed in beauty,

2. There shone a sudden beam of light down from the heavens, obscuring with its brilliancy the rays of the dying sun. And the light was stronger a thousand times and purer than the golden rays which slanted between the evening clouds.

3. And it was like a million lights in all colours, for that light was full of little specks of all the hues one can imagine, dancing and swirling within that Beam.

4. And the specks consolidated, drawing rapidly together within the centre of that great Light.

5. And anon a Shape appeared, made of all the coloured specks and shining like unto the massed jewels in all the world, jewels of every kind, each perfect in itself, yet forming a complete whole.

6. And Chrishna, the Lord, stood as one transfixed with surprise, and he became filled with an unbelievable joy.

7. And the Disciples reeled about as if they were intoxicated with a fiery spirit, in which most potent narcotics had been brewed.

8. And they held fast to one another, for the Beauty of that which they now beheld was almost unbearable.

9. And even the flowers seemed dazed, and the creeping weeds stood upright, as if struck by the lightning bolt of a sudden amazement, never experienced before,

10. And swayed to and fro in that Light, stiff with a hitherto unknown happiness; and the hidden lights within their stems, and leaves, scintillated in an unavoidable response to that glory.

11. For there stood now a Maiden—such a Maiden as was never seen on earth before, and even the Lord himself was unable to say a word or make the slightest movement, as if he were a carven statue.

12. And glorious rays shone from him, circulating round his head like a celestial halo, filling the air with an added splendour.

13. And there was a dead and utter silence, even the slight winds standing still, magic-stricken with surprise.

14. Thus the Maiden and the Lord beheld one another, and their glances met, and mingled, as if two Angels had blended into one Holy One.

15. And around the feet of the divine Maiden there sprang up many new flowers, unknown in that land before, as if they were drawn out of the earth by the irresistible magnetism of that Heavenly One; or self-created in a sudden spate of restless, vital energy.

16. The beauty which resided in those flowers can never in mere words translated be; it was like unto music's sweet tongue speaking in soundless utterances, only heard within as it were, and drawn from the creative miracle of a prodigal mind, erupting marvels like a volcano of inspiration;

17. Which rings within the Soul's own modulations and cannot be writ in hieroglyphic characters or lettered symbols, or earthly music's quaint notations.

18. Here, mysterious beauties were expanded and revealed, intangible to the material mind, yet fully understood and true translated by that Higher Self which dwells in animal man, evolved, or even low at times in evolution.

19. A foretaste of that immortality and joyful, bright existence, brought to birth Within the Self.

20. And even rudest apperception of brutal men, yea even of the beast and every living thing can oft be charmed into submission by means of lofty plenitude of splendour, visioned raptureful at times, when unseen company of Holy Angels waft in the air their pinions, scented with divinity, their bloom of glory falling like a benediction's cooling dew upon the listening inner ear or seeing inward eye:

21. When flaming fairy flowers rise up to charm with passionate loveliness of form and colour, each colour sending forth its call, so musical; or its luring scent, enthralling even lowest senses.

22. Thus sprang those flowers from the mellow earth and raised their gold and silver chalices, or blue or rosy ones, on strong stems, yet fragile withal.

23. Jewels of a moment, undrooped, untroubled, rich in vast variety, tender or regally proud, chequered with fairy lines of Deva inspiration.

24. Potently fragrant with rich and musky scents, a delicate delight for eye and mind; breathing blessings far away across protracted sweeps of undulating landscape.

25. And amidst the fairy ones there bloomed the Lychnis and the Stock; Pulsatilla and Gentianella; Ornithogalum and Cretan;

26. And full blown bushes of victorious Bay, revered by all the Sages, worn by Emperors, triumphant.

27. Encradled in that Beam of Light, dreamingly yet full aware; virtuous and chaste, bestarring the grass and other flowers, tusseled like the Larch and Lime, those graceful trees, thus sprang those flowers from the mellow earth.

28. Some looked like marvellous moths, like silent Tone-Poems of lordly minded composers;

29. Or like flashing butterflies with great shields of cobalt, violet and purplish metals, flickering in and out of the shades, or within the golden beams of sun in glens of virgin forests;

30. Like waves of light across the dew-beds, lush in early morning sun;

31. So waved the flowers gently at the Maiden's feet, caressing her glittering robe, surrounding her with an impassible barrier which even Chrishna could not cross.

32. And even the sacred lotuses in the pool nearby, rising and dipping upon the waters' undulating movement, graceful they, and pure, seemed now to make obeisance to the pair divine, who gazed at one another in the deep silence.

33. And Chrishna and the Maiden shone like two great jewels; flashing peacock-coloured lights.

34. And it was as if the flowers now chaunted aloud, golden-winged like singing Angels: the dew-sipping blooms, earth's peerless arabesques, embellishing lordlings, reflecting the Lordly Imagination of their Makers.

35. And Chrishna thought, his thought becoming visible within that hallowed Light, but only to the eyes of the Maiden, and to no-one else:

36. Saying to himself, and yet to Her, 'O, the blessing of that hour in which I shall have fulfilled my age-old Mission once again;

37. 'Departing speedily from this sore desolate abode, called Earth, following and rejoining Her.

38. 'For I know my Belovèd, whose name is Radha, the radiant Light of my Soul and Mind and Heart, come down to bless me on my Way at this great, sacred Hour'.

39. And the Maiden's Mind made answer, appearing like a line of golden Sigils on the silent air within the Beam, invisible to all but her Belovèd, saying,

40. 'Thy Mother and that Purple-haloed Sage send greetings and encouragement.

41. 'Hard is the Way, but great the Victory, O, Heart of my Heart of all the Ages.

42. 'And I await thy coming, biding in patience and Peace for Thee, O, Soul of my Soul, and utterly Adored.

43. 'The blessings of great Mahadeva are thine, and his Protection, until thy work be done'.

44. The Cosmic sun had fled away, and with a violent clap of thunder, as if the heavens had collapsed and dropped in ruins, the Light went out, and the Lord and his Disciples stood speechless in the darkness of the earthly night.

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