The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 3 — Divine Wisdom

25 — The Chapter of The Heavenly Nymphs

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1. And as the Lord and his Disciples went about the Land of India, the fame of his holiness spread and great multitudes began to follow him about.

2. And to him came the sick in mind and body, and he cured their disabilities in the Name of that Father who is enthroned in the Fourth Heaven of the Golden Tabernacle, and whom the people knew as Brahmâ.

3. And one of his first cures was the healing of the leper who came to him, full of trust, worshipping the Lord.

4. And Chrishna, hearing his confession of Faith, placed his hands upon the unclean one, and he was purified.

5. And one day the Lord saw sitting by the wayside two beggars, and some thoughtless youths made sport of them, teasing, and calling them evil names.

6. And they reproached the beggars for being blind, and useless encumbrances upon the earth.

7. And the Lord stood still in front of the beggars and stretched out his hands towards them.

8. And a living stream of fire came from his fingertips, and the blind men saw a vision of Heaven, most beautiful.

9. And the two beggars exclaimed aloud at the glory they beheld, and knelt down at Chrishna Jeseus' feet, blessing him.

10. And then the Lord turned to the youths, speaking to them, and saying, 'Lo! the blind see that in their blindness which you cannot behold with sight.

11. 'For God taketh pity on them who suffer and are persecuted, granting unto the sufferer the blessings which the cruel in mind shall never receive.

12. 'For it is the cruel, and the thoughtless one who is truly blind to the splendours, the Light, and the Love and Life of God;

13. 'For that which the cruel behold with their earthly eyes is darkness, peopled with phantoms of their own creation—though they know it not.

14. 'But when their sight is truly opened at last, then will they behold the terrors to which their cruel words and deeds have led them.

15. 'And at that dread moment there will be no Saviour present to give them light and comfort in their tribulation;

16. 'And save them from the results of their own wickedness, so that they too may see that glory these two blind men have now beheld, and will never forget in all eternity'.

17. And the youths felt sore ashamed and fell at the beggars' feet, and asked their pardon.

18. And the Lord smiled sweetly upon the repentant ones and comforted them with soft words, so that they wept, and sinned no more.

19. And they looked upon the Lord's face beseechingly, and said, 'O, holy One, let us in future be these blind men's eyes, and see for them the things of this world, and keep them in ease;

20. 'So that in the future life they will be like unto eyes to us, for they have seen the glory which is hidden from our sight'.

21. And Chrishna Jeseus spoke, saying unto them, 'So be it, Amen'; and it was so.

22. And as the Lord and his Disciples proceeded on their Mission, more and more did the multitudes follow them about, and the rumours of his coming spread before them, and eager throngs awaited him, hanging on his words and beholding the miracles he performed in many ways.

23. And he was overshadowed by an unseen Guard of Protectors, and they were eight in number, four being on guard in turn.

24. And they were the Heavenly Nymphs Rukmini, and Satyabhama, and Jambavita, and Charuhasini; These four were the Guardians who sent protection by day.

25. And Rohini, of beautiful form, and Kalindi, and Lakshmana, of lovely smiles, and Bhadia; these four Guardians sent protection by night.

26. But the Divine Mother guarded those Guardians in turn with the blessings of foreknowledge and wisdom, so that they should not err in their splendid Task.

27. For it is one thing to guard and protect, and another to know when to refrain from doing so, so that Destiny shall not be interrupted on its course of that experience which leads to mastery and right evolution of the Higher Self—though in the case of Chrishna this latter was not really necessary.

28. For unlike ordinary men, his Fate was fixed by the Lord of Lords, even Vishnu, and in no particular could it be avoided, as may come to pass with men of clay, who have a modicum of free-will to escape that Fate.

29. Yet—even He, that Lord Divine, had need of that protection from the evil ones until his Mission was fulfilled; and thus the Pattern was perfected: as the craftsman or the artist builds his pattern or his work of art according to his genius.

30. But in later times these eight Guardians were confused with earthly wives, the supposed consorts of Chrishna, and many additional ones were thought to be such wives, in great numbers.

31. But such are not true words, for there was only one Belovèd for the Lord, even Radha, who dwelt not on earth; and to her alone was given all the truth and loyalty of true Love, and no earthly wives did share his couch with him, He, the pure and undefilèd Lord.

32. But those there were of the female sex who dedicated their lives to Chrishna Jeseus, becoming his Brides in Spirit, whilst still on earth.

33. And the first of these were Vasudeva's two daughters, even Virani and Swarvithi, most lovely to behold.

34. And such Brides exist and have existed throughout the ages, being known as Bogam Sani, who serve the temples and perform the sacred dances in honour of the Gods.

35. True servants of God they are, and Brides of the Lord Chrishna Jeseus, to whom their lives are dedicated. (* see sidebar note)

36. And seated on the grassy banks of holy Ganges, Chrishna taught the multitudes with words serene and wise, and simple.

37. And his love enwrapped them all, unselfishly, for this is true love which embraceth the small and great without distinction.

38. True love for all is like a stream which laveth the Chandâla and the Brâhman alike; for it knoweth neither outcaste nor sage.

39. And as his listeners drink in every word, lo! the Gates of Vision open up to show unto entranced beholders great revelations of the Inner Truths.

40. What are these Gates, and where their situation?

41. They are within the Self, and not without; but the lower self, the watchman, grim, is he who bars the threshold and prevents with all his might the Higher Self from entering.

42. And when that Higher Self is weak in Will and Purpose, supinely bowing to the Tyrant at the Gate,

43. The Quest is vain, and the Apocalypse of Truth a book ensealed and bound with seven iron fetters: the trammels of the passions.

44. For such there is rebirth on earth; for instead of steering the chariot of the senses, they join the team embedded in the fleshly lusts, helping to pull the coach, not gripping the reins and guiding their Chariot unto Salvation.

45. Both High and lower Self have their allotted tasks, both good in nature if attending to their duty's rota.

46. But if the twain change place, lo! the lords of evil do rejoice, for both pervert their natures.

47. Let Higher Self keep fast in thrall the lower, speaking softly to the steeds which pull the coach, and to the watchman at the Gate, the lower self.

48. Yet being ever firm, and masterly; for Higher Self is Essence true of that high God whose Will brought forth that Self into its primal manifestation.

49. Be worthy of that God, and rule the lower self with wisdom and full understanding, and the watchman at the Gate will bow before thee,

50. Handing over the Key which opens up the Door unto thy Light and Life and Love, leaving darkness far behind; thus freeing from the bondage of that Watcher at the Threshold of desire, the Terror who prevents thy Liberation.

51. Thus did Chrishna speak unto the multitudes upon the grassy, sunlit banks of the Holy River.

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