The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 3 — Divine Wisdom

26 — The Chapter of Travail

A-UM !

1. And among the miraculous cures performed by the power of the Lord Chrishna Jeseus, the most outstanding was that which the ignorant call 'casting out devils'.

2. Now, the wise man knoweth that the principal devil in man is the lower self, though it is equally known that evil beings can at times take possession of a weak-willed person, obtaining full control of the unfortunate's thoughts and acts.

3. Then it comes to pass that a great battle is waged within the one obsessed, should the Higher Self seek to regain his rightful domination.

4. The beholder may sense the inward struggle, as if he were present in a forest on a stormy day, the many-instrumented orchestra of trees being swayed by the frolicsome conductor 'Wind'.

5. Hark, then, at the fury of the giant trees, moored for centuries in one unvarying abiding place, their feet tied down to carpeted earth by sole and toe and nethermost branch below the soil; hark how they roar in mighty wrath as the conductor waves his mischievous baton, raging in vain, because they want to go ON!

6. They shake their heads, creaking in every joint, breaking off their own limbs in impotent impatience, and showering their bewildered leaves upon the driving wind with envious scorn;

7. Because the wind is FREE, and can blow, and howl, and storm where it listeth; the derisive and turbulent trees in the tormenting wind, tearing around 'midst their sprigs and tendrils, held by the branches.

8. Thus the wise observer witnesseth the turmoil within the mind of the one possessed by a devil.

9. He shakes his head, his joints creak with the anguish of inward battle, and he dasheth himself with foaming mouth upon the ground, like the uprooted tree in the storm, groaning pitifully in his helplessness.

10. For he is a prisoner like unto the anchored tree, unable to get Free and escape from the tormenting wind of evil, chilling the life of his blood, and racking the tendril-like nerves of his body.

11. Such came to the Lord to be cured, and he measured the strength of the evil one within the sufferer, and laid the wicked spirit low with the power of his spiritual purity.

12. But oftener it was the restless lower self that caused the pain and travail, though the outward signs were the same.

13. And then the Lord gave power to the Higher Self, raising the force of its will by means of his bracing virility.

14. And the Lord raised the dead! But not to earthly life, but viability of Spirit; for that is the truer existence of the two lives; for those who walk the earth exist within an even deeper dream than the dreams of the 'dead'.

15. For Earth and all the Realms are dreams and fantasies, though there is too a Life beyond the great Illusions.

16. No liar could approach the Lord and be believed by Him.

17. For to the all-seeing eye of awakened Spirit all men are like glass; the writhing tentacles of the thoughts of the lower self are visible in all their tortured twistings.

18. But the wise man, beholding this, is silent and passeth along, unheeding and unheeded.

19. The superior man detects the presence of an evil man or spirit in a flash, but remains tranquil and at peace.

20. For the great in mind and spirit control the keys of danger and of death by Will and Wisdom, knowing the secrets of the seen and unseen, biding in serenity.

21. In this is nothing strange, nor supernatural, as the foolish do believe.

22. And the Lord Chrishna performed his proficient operations by means of Peace and Inner Power, gained by meditation and control of lower self.

23. Such actions are like acts of God in truth; all-pervading, ever present, taking on the burden of the weak and sinning; self-concentrated, but serving all.

24. Untouched are such by all things wrought and un-wrought; yet do all things depend upon their Wisdom, seeing through the screen which hides the lighted fire or smouldering spark in things alive or still.

25. This is the higher wisdom, the opposite of reason of the lower kind.

26. Yet should the powers of lower reason be used on all occasions; for if they lie in idleness they rot away, becoming lost, and absent when in present need.

27. The ancient story tells how once the bees held all the world in thrall by means of their superior gift of industry and organizing reason.

28. But soon the hives were over-organized, the need for reasoning done, for each did know his task allotted, so that for reasoning and enterprise there was no further call.

29. And so their powers of good reason dropped into the durance of forgotten things, and every bee became an unpropitious unit in the Bees' Society, without a single thought original in form, or any gleam of inspiration.

30. Then other, thinking beings took away their rule, which was no rule, nor even kingship, but a mindless mediocrity, or less, of droning slaves of slaves,

31. Now slaving for the good of thieves who thrive on the results of all their slavery, and the workers getting no reward but death,

32. When six weeks' servitude have run their course, and honey-laden victims sink exhausted by the way and strew the countryside with shrivelling brown and golden bodies,

33. And withered, broken wings; their kin remaining everlasting bondsmen of their self-made constitutions which the thinking ones outside disdainfully uphold, encouraging the slaves with sugared bribes, and reaping the reward in ease of other servers' labour.

34. Without the mental efforts of the Higher Self there is no spiritual elevation, no union with the Soul, no final Liberation.

35. But do not let the lower self lie like a rusty nail within a gutter, but keep it bright and shining too with constant use;

36. For both the Higher and the lower are dependent on each other, now and in the ultimate, and theirs the task to rub against each other, giving polish to the two so fast entwined in everlasting life, or lost in everlasting separation.

37. God hath no use for mental tramps and beggars; for such are sent again to that drear workhouse called 'The Earth', when Death has seemingly freed them from its wearisome chains for a short span of dreams in other regions of the Spirit.

38. By works alone, of hand and brain, of lower self and Higher, did ever any Saint reach blessedness.

39. The superior man who knows this sets the tasks the inferior most accomplish.

40. The wise in work and wisdom make decisions, and the ignorant shall take dull slavery for their reward.

41. The wise in deed and reason, high or low, shall rise in freedom to the highest Heaven of the Sun.

42. The lazy and the ignorant are helpless tools in Fate's relentless hands, and must at last descend to lower places.

43. But the greatest in Wisdom and in God-like deeds is he who comes to Earth by choice—not driven;

44. Enacting deeds of mercy, ever watchful of the needs of those who take him as their Guide; unwinking, without slumber, lest he fail them at the hour which comes to all.

45. He it is who brings deliverance and bliss, and taking on his back the load of weaker men's despairs.

46. This is 'Becoming-One' with God the Father: to pass this boon unto the Followers, becoming one in turn with their Master in reciprocal love and tenderness of heart and mind and Soul.

47. Regard the Teaching: "The three Gunas are Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas, which are the components of Prakriti, or Primeval Energy. (* see sidebar note)

48. "Beyond which is the One Eternal, immovable Cause, pure and holy, and the divine witness of the unfoldment of the Higher Mind until it reaches mastery and blends with holy Soul".

49. And by his great example, and by his Teachings of the Laws, and using them with Wisdom, thus producing 'Miracles', the Lord made converts, liberating worthy ones in token of his Mission;

50. Standing aloof from his Acts, shedding Light, and heedless of the issue, knowing that rewards and fame on earth are foes.

51. But to be persecuted, aspersed with cynical invective, and slain when striving in the Cause of God leadeth to the Great Reward; beyond the dreams of life among the spectres of the magic-lantern show called 'Living Cosmos', or 'Manifested Universe'.

52. And this is the quittance and the compensation of those who act on God's behalf on earth and shed the blood of their Spirit in divine travail.

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