The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 5 — Sublimation

46 — The Chapter of Radhachrishnaji

A-UM !

1. But the Gopis at far away Vrindanan, near Mount Meru, and the Patriarch of the shepherds and the herdsmen; and the Hermits, Anchorites, and all the holy men, heard that Chrishna was on his way to Mathura.

2. And they gathered together to meet him there, and hastened to join him, together with the multitudes who listened to his Teachings, and worshipped him, the Lord of Love and Wisdom.

3. And at last, beneath the very walls of the fortress city, they found him; and there was great rejoicing when the Lord spoke to them all beneath a widespread grove of stately oleanders, scattering their nectared, fiery opulence upon them and The Three Worlds of Being.

4. And the multitudes cried out to the Lord, saying, 'We will assist thee to enter into thy rightful Capital, even Mathura, as Su'-Griva was helped to recover Kishkindhya from his brother Balin!'

5. But the Lord answered mildly, smilingly, saying. 'I shall visit Mathura only to deliver my Message to the people, but I seek no earthly Capital, nor throne, for my rulership is of the Spirit'.

6. And some cried out at this in their disappointment, for they wanted Chrishna to be their King, and rule in mercy and prosperity after deposing the queen and her black priests, whose deeds lay like a curse upon the land.

7. But the Gopis, led by Virani and Swarvithi, the daughters of Vasudeva, the Patriarch of the shepherds and the herdsmen,

8. Knelt before the Lord and gave into his hands his flute, which he had cast away before entering upon his Seven Years of Meditation within the holy Mount, and they prayed to him:

9. 'Oh, dear Master, we beseech thee, play once more upon thine ancient shepherd's pipe, that the memory of that delight may be an everlasting blessing to us all, never to be forgotten, and like a magic spell shall rest for ever upon our Souls'.

10. And the Disciples, and the people, yea, even the holy Anchorites and Hermits, and every one present, joined their prayers to the sisters' plea.

11. So that the Lord smiled benevolently upon them all, and took the flute, and placed it to his lips.

12. And a great silence fell like unto a divine cloud upon the multitudes, as for the last time upon this earth the Lord gave being to those glorious melodies, which sounded like unto a voice from Heaven, singing of the fullness of his eternal beatitudes.

13. And strange thrills were felt within the air, and a solemn radiance streamed from the Lord's being,

14. So that the people were compelled to withdraw to a distance, and Chrishna thus stood separated from the rest upon the flowery grass, in the midst of a great circle of his followers.

15. First softly, and then ever more exultantly the music resounded from that wondrous flute, as if it were a challenge, and a call; an incantation to the unknown and blessed Heavens.

16. His breath, endowed with melody abundant, was like unto great Brahmâ's timeless suspiration, centred in the core of every living being like a radiant star.

17. Beauty streamed its lovely banners in the winds, irresistibly, and all were under the magic spell of those enchanting intonations.

18. Shall the snake resist the magic of the charmer's pipe? No more could any living thing resist the Message which those ravishing resonances of Chrishna's flute sent forth.

19. Some felt as if they had embarked upon a journey in an enchanted, wonderful canoe, navigating deep waters; others, as if they sailed across the intermingled currents of moon-distilled perfumes in a fairy ship of the air, or inhaled strange and exciting odours, sprinkled over silk entwinements, delicate and soft of texture.

20. And in answer to the call was heard the sound of Heavenly harmonies in orderly array, most strange and rapturous.

21. And lo! A Presence stands within the circle, close to Chrishna and seen by all with vast amazement, beneath the rays of Ravi—the glorious Sun.

22. And from the breasts of the beholders issued such a sigh of astonishment as this world has never heard before or since.

23. For there stood the Belovèd, even Radha, and countless living sparks were weaved within her hair, emitting the breath of roses and of sandalwood.

24. And she approached still nearer to the Lord, moving enchantingly, like a holy vision wafts its way on slumber-soft feet within the opiate groves of magical dreams, and the bees of her eyes fed upon the lotus-face of Chrishna.

25. The oriflamme of her divinity waved like a fantasia of beauty in auspicious colourings; radiant Radhika, of virgin Bloom!

26. Her golden effulgence emitted a sweet-smelling odour, nay! a veritable bouquet of balsamic perfumes, so utterly entrancing.

27. Golden orioles fluttered around her head, and in the oleanders was heard the cooing of the turtle-dove who addresses his mate.

28. Hark! The far sounds of the Kukil and the Poshinool! as they say: 'Where art thou—my belovèd?'

29. And they sing, 'Dwellest thou in the distant glades, performing the Samadhi dance of serene devotion?

30. 'Weaving thy beauty into a wreath of faithful worship, interceding for thy Lover? Thou—who art like unto the heart of Brahmâ and the Soul of Vishnu...I love thee!'

31. Thus sang the Kukil and the Poshinool in the distant trees, answering one another and blending their luscious notes till they became one sound.

32. For where there is true love, the lovers are equal in their natural strength and inspiration, and their union becomes a ritualistic sacrament.

33. True love is like the Sinjib tree, with silver moon-leaves and golden sun-buds, growing upon one rugged stem.

34. And there stood Radha, in the midst of a great aureole of the most wonderful colourings; like unto a mass of many-hued flames.

35. And through the luminescence of that aura there appeared a dewy landscape of unbelievable beauty;

36. As if her nimbus were a magic window, dissolving the airy illusions of earthly sight, so that a higher world came into view through its transparencies.

37. And that blessed land was full of flowers, and singing birds flew through the air, jubilating;

38. And everything shone with the splendour of a million diamonds, flaming with astounding colours beneath the light of a huge sun.

39. And shimmering forms of angelic beings floated above the flowers, not treading them, and turned their happy faces, luminous eyed, towards the Maiden, even Radha, as she stood, visibly, upon the earth.

40. And lo! It seemed as if all nature were performing a mystical ballet of grandest figurations in that lovely land.

41. Oh, that colourful Garden's blossoming time! A spate of flowers strewed upon its joyful earth, ripe with the rising sap of eternal spring-time, rushing upwards to the light of the Sun of Suns in mighty potency.

42. As if music were taking shape out of the tones of Chrishna's flute, with unquenched, rare delight, and the perfumes of the flowers became waves of painted perfection;

43. As if the echoes from a poet's mind reflected were from verdant mountain sides, gold and silver veined, and leaping to the sky as it were with marvellous joy beneath the azure spell of heaven.

44. Hark! The hymeneal lilt of clouds of birds, like unto a mintage of jewelled song, resounds within the smiling air which listens with almost unendurable rapture!

45. Radha, the Maiden, was like unto a sparkling crystal chalice, reflecting the light of the sun, and overflowing with perfection.

46. And under the spell of her beauty, and the luminant tones of the flute, the pale-gold flowers of a nearby tulip tree turned crimson as her loveliness enfolded the Lord with adoration, as a flower unfolds when caressed by the sun at dawn; and she glowed like the rose of innocent devotion.

47. Ah! If love be yet an illusion, make permanent that wondrous dream, O, Lords of Pity, that it may never fade into a nameless insufficiency.

48. This was the inviolate faithfulness of true love which no passion can ever soil, though there is no cure for love but the ambrosia of love's embrace, which maketh love divine and everlasting.

49. And as the Lord beheld Radhika, profound enchantments swept through him with the fervour of a brook in full spate after the great rains; and the melodies of his inspiration resounded still more gloriously within the air.

50. The colour of peach-bloom was his body's; hers like the jessamine.

51. And the tones of the flute became like words, and the people heard them as they sang, 'Thy countenance, Belovèd, is as glorious as a garden in full bloom; O, thou narcissus-faced Solace of my Soul!'

52. He, yea even that great Lord, felt as if he were drowning beneath the ferment of the turbulent waters of Love's deep inundation; who, then, shall say that true love is a thing of small account?

53. And his thoughts were enshrined in the lavish aether of the Land of the Gods, hymned by the blessèd choirs of Heaven, and incarnated again in the notes of his mystic flute.

54. If was as if the tenderness of many wild flowers trembled in his mind, as within the eyes of his Belovèd he saw the heavens in all their glory.

55. How strange a mystery is this: the most sublime and wonderful star may mirror its beauty in the eyes of the Mistress of the heart, and dwell within the image of its temporary home in bliss!

56. For both the star and the Belovèd's eye are mirrors of the beauty of their wise Creator, and therefore kin; and inner kinship bringeth Peace, which is like unto the breath of roughly ruffled roses.

57. Some lovers think it possible to mate mortality with divine, eternal Essence.

58. Not so—for the mortal part of lovers mates with its mortal counterpart,

59. Whilst Essence of the Spirit can only mate with equal Essence, though opposite in quality of positive and negative power:

60. Thus completing one another and becoming One Being, as it were; though both the counterparts retain their Self-hood.

61. There is a mortal passion and a spiritual passion;

62. But though the mortal parts can company for a while on earth or in a Heaven, the parting comes anon, and 'twere foolish to say otherwise.

63. But two of equal worth, mortal and immortal, can meet, and mate, and this is paradise on earth and everlasting Paradise in Heaven.

64. Such are true Mates, and nothing separates those happy beings—nor life, nor death; nor sleep, or waking dreams of life.

65. Though correlated in the flesh at certain periods in time: divine Spirit and the body are not composable in such a way that they be ONE, except the flesh and lower mind of man and beast, unless the spiritual counterpart of true Mates resides within the embracing materiality of each....

66. Like unto a glorious star stood Radha beneath the rays of that golden Sun which shone from Heaven upon the earth for the only time in history.

67. And the minds of men were bewildered and confused by all this utter radiance, and knew not what they saw any more, except in the memories which remained.

68. Golden reflections flashed from Radha's gleaming tresses; while rose and bluish lights shone from her being, and jewelled thoughts streamed from her mind with the splendour of a thousand angels, and filled the world with the content of happy cherubim.

69. And out of the tones of the flute sang forth the words:

70. 'Radha, Belovèd, my Radhika, I worship thee who art the perfection of my Inner Self, as the Higher Mind adores the Soul;

71. 'As the emerald sparkles in answer to the rays of the sun, thousand-crested, perfused with lambent fire—keen and penetrating'.

72. Thus spoke the music of Chrishna's flute to his Belovèd; She, the lustered Dawn of his indigo Night;

73. She, profoundest mystery of tenderness, showering life and inspiration;

74. Splendid as the East when opal morn sheds clustered lines upon expectant earth, and nectared veils of mist, permeated with the breath of fresh-awakened flowers rise joying to the sky,

75. To be dissolved within the aether; a pearly waft of paradise, nymph-enchanted with transparent lustres.

76. And it was as if all the perfumes of ambergris and myrrh, bergamot and attar of roses, blended in golden alembics, rose in the air and swayed with envy at the odoraments exhaled by the nidor of Radha's aura, luscious in muscadine perfection.

77. What were the famous loves of Bombur for Lorali, of Nâgrâ for Himal, those ever-famed volcanoes of passion in ancient legends, when compared with that which bound Chrishna unto Radha?

78. The very nature spirits fell down and worshipped her beauty: and as her radiance increased ever more, they fled and hid themselves in the shadows of the woods, unable to bear that splendour any longer.

79. The nymphs of the day and the Sibils of eve, and the spirits which dwell in the night, they all joined hands with the dryads of the morning and performed a nautch of matchless fantasy and dithyrambic joy.

80. Like unto a Samadhi in wakeful activity and utmost jubilation.

81. And all of nature, yea! to the very rocks and stones, awakened from its age-long sleep and opened its eyes with glad amazement as it beheld this wondrous performance.

82. And the people, the Hermits and all the holy men, the shepherds and herdsmen and the Disciples,

83. They shouted as with one voice, 'Radha, Radha, Radhika; Oh, Chrishna... Radhachrishnaji!'

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