The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 3 — Divine Wisdom

31 — The Chapter of The Moon

A-UM !

1. And after the great Sermon of the Twelve Gates, the Lord Chrishna took up the staff upon which he had leaned, and walked away from the City;

2. But the soldiers and the people stood still, afraid to follow him, who had spoken about the tears and the thorns of the Paths to the Heavens;

3. For it seemed to them as if he were a very God come down to Earth, and they feared the might of his Wisdom as it shone from his eyes like twin flames, lightening up the dark corners within the minds of the listeners.

4. And even the Disciples were dumb, and hung their heads, for they were overwhelmed with strange emotions, and saw visions in the air: such was the Magic of the Lord.

5. But after they had gone on in silence for a long while, one of the Disciples, whose name was Pratas, signifying Dawn, looked up at the Master,

6. And in a timid tone of voice she spoke to him, softly saying, 'Lord!'

7. And Chrishna beheld her and saw the question hidden in her mind, and made reply to the unspoken words, and said,

8. 'There are Heavens of the Sun and Heavens of the Moon, my child.

9. 'Untutored Man is verily a slave to Soma's Principalities, which are dominions of Illusion in their highest constitutions, and the abode of forthcoming death in their lowest.

10. 'Within those regions are the shadows of all deeds undared, and faiths frustrated;

11. 'Of hopes which never bore ripe fruit, and now forgotten as the vain ideals of witless wills;

12. 'Bone-clanking like a skeleton strung upon the bough of some dreary tree of fate;

13. 'Fleshless, bloodless, some stringy sinews clinging to its bleaching frame.

14. 'Or robed in ragged love-remains of lowly longings, no sooner satisfied than damned: the humbled Bondman of the Moon roams sadly amidst the marshalled throngs in those dim Mansions;

15. 'Sighing, and often shrieking in despair, or babbling in tuneless mutterings, mumbling like the lonely leper, shunned and dreaded by the 'sound-in-limb';

16. 'Gibbering of the 'might-have-beens' of wasted lives among the other slaves on earth.

17. 'Thus do the dwellers mourn in those ill-lit empyreans of silvery, ice-cold Soma.

18. 'No dreamful death for them; no sleep in sable, lullabied soft shadows—but endless wanderings to and fro in shapeless, drear nihility;

19. 'Until an unseen hand draws close the Veil, and, suddenly, the shuddering wail of new-born babe resounds in accents animal and shrill when 'Breath-of-Life' unwilling enters 'lower-self', precipitated from the womb of suffering dam;

20. 'Spilling the wine of her blood in tears and agony.

21. 'Behold! A new 'life-in-death', supine but solemn, has now commenced in payment of transgressions in a former, similar 'life';

22. 'And may the reckoning be short, and swiftly settled beneath the watching eyes of Soma's Lords!

23. 'But lo! The crested Serpent-Eagle, raptore of frogs and snakes, whose name is 'Vengeance', hangs ready in the sky of Fate, lusting to strike the babe;

24. 'To take full payment for the errors of that former life; and Woe if the account runs high!'

25. And suddenly the day was ended, and the night fell like a swarthy cloud upon the earth.

26. And the Disciples drew closer to the Master, seeking comfort, for his words had wove a sibylline spell, and they were sore afraid.

27. Strange, wild cries of unseen birds rang in the air, for the speech of a God is thought made manifest, and the Lord had spoken with the voice of a God-like Angel.

28. Anon, great stars appeared and were mirrored in his luminous eyes, filled with the Wisdom of far-flung futures.

29. And a twisted cross of stars hung slanting in the sky, as if great demon hands had tried to tear away that holy symbol of the Messenger.

30. The air was heavy with the smell of trodden flowers, and from afar the musky jungle smells came drifting by, savage, intoxicating with some lurking fear.

31. The phalanxed hordes, the countless legions of spirit entities from lower worlds could now be felt nearby: dark shadows, panther-graceful, swept swiftly through the gloom.

32. 'Truly', said the Lord, 'the strange fantasies of life are engineered by hidden, living Powers; and no man knoweth all the properties thereof.

33. 'The mind of man is but a fabric of simulated wisdom; But Wisdom stands aloof and smiles benevolent and patiently; waiting for the time when Mind attunes at last with veritable Knowledge;

34. 'Which leadeth to enlightenment, which is the splendid Path to Wisdom in the end.

35. 'And thus it is with all the Virtues; with Love and Beauty; far above ephemeral imaginings of what they be.

36. 'Such knowledge lies beyond the boundaries of lowly reason; be it the reason of the earthly one or the reason of the dweller in the Mansions of the Moon.

37. 'The lower self of man is like unto a wilderness where pre-historic terrors still abound in horrible, untamed proximity;

38. 'But as Wisdom pursueth the Wise, so do the ignorant run after folly.

39. 'The Lord Brahmâ once uttered Twelve Divine Words, and Twelve secret regions sprang into being, in the midst whereof there floats a speck of dust, pitiful to behold.

40. 'Each word he spoke was like a speech divine—but the speck is full of woe, and covered with woeful beings.

41. 'There are six Blessings and six curses concealed within those Words—and the Balance is even;

42. 'But the speck drifts forlorn within the twilight, and sways from the Words of Darkness to the Words of Light, and back again: never attaining quite to either.

43. 'And that Lord beholds the Words, and the speck of dust, and ponders....'

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