The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 1 — Youth

10 — The Chapter of Vasishta's Prophecy

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1. But word of Chrishna's valiant deeds had reached the ears of king Kamsa, and it was told unto him that his sister Devaki, whose name was changed to Maia, was again living with the shepherds and the herdsmen, and that with her bided her son.

2. And the king was wrath, and terrible was his anger, and once again he sent his soldiers and his spies, to hunt the two and slay them.

3. But now, one day, the venerable Master of the Anchorites, Vasishta the Blest, made his way to the Fortress City of Mathura, though he had reached the hundredth year of his age.

4. And being totally blind, he was led thither by a gazelle, which guided his faltering steps.

5. And all the people were greatly astonished at the wondrous sight, and the guards at the palace gates bowed low before the Holy Man, and gave him entrance.

6. So the gazelle pulled at the leash which Vasishta held and led him right into the great Audience Chamber, where the king sat on his crimson throne, the Serpent queen, black Kadru, by his side.

7. And the divine Rishi spoke unto the king, saying, 'Woe unto thee, O son of the Black Bull, thou tyrant and oppressor of the innocent, and the wise, and the holy.

8. 'And Woe unto thee, thou evil queen, thou who hast filled thy Lord's heart with bitter hatred against his own flesh:

9. 'Know that thy sister's son liveth, and the payment for thy joint crimes draws near, slowly, like the giant forest snake which encircles his prey, slowly crushing him, so that he chokes in agony and despair.

10. 'For the blood of the innocent, and the wise, and the holy, crieth out against thee both, and the spirit of thy sister hovers over thee, watching, and waiting for the accomplishment of thy Fate.

11. 'But her Son liveth! And lo, he will be on the way and shall surely come; and armed is he with the Power of God, and his armour is invincible, and he shall enact Justice upon thee, both: Yea! the Justice of God.

12. 'Woe! Woe! Woe! unto thee! Thy Destiny will be fulfilled in the end; thou shalt reap the fruit of thy deeds, and thy days shall be passed in trembling, and thy nights in fear....for the punishment of God will be meted out unto thee, and the chastisement will be dire;

13. 'For that blood of the innocent, and the wise, and the holy, and the tears and lamentations of the "Not Guilty" have ascended to Heaven, and will descend anon like unto great rocks, and crush thee both with merciless terror:

14. 'O, thou, who art both utterly vile, who shalt be the very sport and glee of the demons of the underworlds!'

15. And the Courtiers, the Ministers of State, the soldiers and the warriors within the palace heard the dread Prophecy, and fell down, worshipping the holy Master of the Anchorites, sobbing, and crying,

16. 'Woe! Woe! Woe! the blood of the innocent, and the wise, and the holy, will fall upon us like an unleashed tornado of crimson disaster, and Fate will crush our king and queen'.

17. And that sad cry was taken up without the palace, and the people heard, and moaned, saying, 'Woe! Woe! Woe! the awful blood; the tears of the innocent, the pains of the wise, and the agony of the holy! The great rocks thrown by Fate will descend upon the palace, and the city, and all the land, in token of the vengeance of God'.

18. And as they all cried, as if with but a single utterance, the king and queen sat upon their throne; turned to stone with surprise; ashen-hued their countenances, and fear-besotted were their evil hearts and minds.

19. But at last that female Serpent, black Kadru, recovered her wits and called loudly upon the king to punish the Holy Rishi for his daring accusation.

20. But he was nowhere to be seen, having vanished like the sigh of a sad-sounding waft of wind in a ruined and ghost-haunted mansion, filled with the regrets of the past.

21. And though the king sent many spies unto the various regions of the land, none could tell them where Maia's Son had his abode, or what was his name, or what his acts or plans, for the secret of Devaki had been well kept, and none of the shepherds and the herdsmen knew, whilst the Patriarch kept silent.

22. But Kamsa and Kadru took counsel together, and weaved a plan to kill the Master of the Anchorites, even Vasishta, the Holy Rishi, and by means of this to lure the young Lord from his hiding place, and capture his freedom and his life away from him.

23. And Kamsa thought deeply, speaking unto his inner self, saying, 'Ah! my first need is for a valiant man, who will defend me from my Fate and does not fear the terrors of the Anchorite and all his crew'.

24. And not realizing in the bewilderment of his darkened mind that Chrishna was his sister's son, he charged a message with injunction unto Vasudeva, the Patriarch;

25. Bidding him to send to Mathura without delay the hero, Chrishna, he, the brave slayer of Taptakumbha's great Serpent, of which the king himself had been in terror while it was alive; and he commanded that Chrishna should take service with his majesty, and drive his chariot, becoming also his first Minister of State, as was the custom in those days. And the Patriarch knew where Chrishna bided, and did not dare to disobey the command.

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