The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 5 — Sublimation

47 — The Chapter of The Rainbow-Scaled Serpent

A-UM !

1. And after that great shout of joy, when the people, unable to restrain themselves any more, ran up to the divine pair,

2. Lo! the vision was gone with the last notes of Chrishna's flute, and he handed back that hallowed instrument to Virani and Swarvithi, who reverently accepted it and wrapped it in a silken cloth.

3. The time of evening drew near, and a slight rain began to fall, and in the sideways striking rays of the sun the rain-drops gleamed like golden pellets.

4. The day was turning into dusk, because Radhika was gone and the amphora, filled with the perfection of her Presence, was overturned upon her departure.

5. Who shall tell of the rose-scented nectar of the night-shrouded hours of love? No more can words describe the wonders of her being.

6. To do this, one needs to be as wise as Ribhni, the Kumara, who is acquainted with true Wisdom and has at his command the use of the superior tongue of god-like poetry.

7. But one is permitted to say that the Alchemy of a god-inspired Vision transmutes the darksome silence of ignorance into the grand Symphony of Wisdom-inspired Light.

8. That day there was a ravishing sunset after the rain had ceased, flaunting the colours of the peacock and the dove, and its silken threads of fire did shimmer like jewelled strands, glistering in the elfin light.

9. And there stood the Lord; and clear rays, like the brightness of a blue-coloured sun, warm and love-glowing, shone from the ovals of his lotus eyes. Shall the poet not sing his beauty?

10. And slowly the people departed to their sleeping-places, and at last the Lord was alone again with his Disciples, and Akruna, and the two maidens from Vrindanan who refused to leave, even Virani and Swarvithi, the daughters of Vasudeva, the Patriarch of the shepherds and the herdsmen.

11. And they all retired to a nearby lotus-pool, ringed with a wilderness of witching fuchsias, and it was as if their crimson campanulas sounded soft fairy music, most dulcetly, and nectared like unto wild, red honey.

12. The silver-belted moon's aureola sent argent spirals through a few restless little clouds.

13. There was a purple halo around that golden moon with its silver armilla, in a sky of deep violet hue. Silver, gold and purple, magic colours; and a snow-white haze lay over the fields on which pink rose-leaves seemed to lie.

14. And thus the silvery silence of the night lay heavy upon the tropic atmosphere when Chrishna and the Disciples prepared themselves for rest that night; a silverous luminescence, smiling subtly, as it were.

15. The Disciples and the two maidens felt ill at ease, nevertheless, in spite of all that beauty, and Niatha, meaning 'middle', a female Disciple, asked plaintively of the Lord:

16. 'What shall we do, O, dearly beloved Master, when we are presently consumed by the fires of separation when thou art gone?'

17. And the maiden Vyushta, meaning 'end', said, 'All we shall be able to see will be the dust of thy chariot wheels when thou departed from us who love thee so!' And she burst into tears.

18. And the Lord replied, 'The future is like unto a folded rose: who shall dare to tear apart its sepals, and rape the virgin sepals within their protecting bed?

19. 'Shall one destroy that flower-cup of Time, or pluck the bitter buds of doom before their grim unfolding?

20. 'When the rainbow-scaled Serpent raiseth its head to strike, lo! all will be dissolved in Naught,

21. 'And I shall be far away with mine own in the Abyss of Glory, which is higher than the highest Heaven man may hope to reach.

22. 'But for thee there is much work to do, and I shall be watching from afar, yet near—and send protection, and blessings on thy task.

23. 'Grieve not: for between the moments of parting and reunion there lies a space as small as the needle's eye;

24. 'And the time between the flower's unfoldment and its recession into dust is as short as the instant the sickle needs to shear the grass; so we shall soon meet again'.

25. And after those words of the Lord they went to sleep, safely beneath the protection of the heavenly Lords and Chrishna's Angels: as the clustered Keoras guard the nestling's slumber beneath the parents' wings.

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