The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 3 — Divine Wisdom

32 — The Chapter of The Demon Horse

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1. And as Pratas, whose name means 'Dawn', and the other Disciples stood in silence around the Master, when he had ended his Teaching upon the Realms of the Moon,

2. Kesin, a fierce demon, was speeding towards the spot where Chrishna stood with the others; and he came hastening along in spite of the warning the Lord had given to the Black Bull, in a last attempt to destroy the Lord and his Disciples by means of his devilhood.

3. And from afar there sounded a tumult, like that of the stamping of a harrase of horses, screaming with rage,

4. And the demon, who had taken on the shape of a stallion, came roaring along, determined to destroy the Lord, for thus he was bid by his Master, at the prayer of Kamsa and his black priests with their great magic;

5. For that evil-hearted king had not forgotten his vengeance against his erstwhile Charioteer, ever spurred on as he was by his serpent-minded consort, who hated him who had dared to repulse and threaten her with an unearthly hatred.

6. And now was seen in the distance the form of a gigantic horse in the light of the Moon, which had risen on high, as if eager to behold the coming spectacle;

7. And as he came galloping along, he churned the earth with his hoofs, scattering the occasional clouds with his mane, and springing high into the sky in his paces. Swift of foot he was—far-snorting—and his wild shrieks of fury reached the very stars with their clamour.

8. And all the Disciples, male and female, yea, even Arjuna, the beloved friend of Chrishna, were struck with terror, and crowded round the Lord, calling upon him to save them.

9. But Chrishna, speaking in a voice as deep as the roaring thunder-cloud, said unto them,

10. 'Away with those fears! Art thou, my Disciples, scared by a mere horse, even though he be a demon?

11. 'Shame upon thee all, to shrink from one whose neighings are his only terrors, oh, thou mournful singers of sighs!'

12. And addressing Kesin he said, 'Come on, wretch! I am Chrishna, and these are my Disciples.

13. 'As Pushan, the Nourisher, whose other name is Providence had his teeth knocked out by Rudra, so will I punish thee, O, slave of evil-doers!

14. 'My warning unto Arishta, the Bull, hath been ignored by thy Masters to thy detriment, as thou shalt learn, and my Cup of Mercy is quite empty on that account; come on!'

15. But in spite of this final warning, the demon horse ran upon the Lord, and opened his evil-smelling mouth to rend Chrishna and the Disciples.

16. But the Lord rushed upon the oncoming enemy and thrust his arm into his mouth, breaking his teeth, which fell like scattered melon seeds upon the ground.

17. And to the amazed Disciples it seemed that Chrishna's arm became enlarged in bulk as he thrust it down the throat of the demon.

18. And from the horse's torn lips there spouted streams of blood, and its eyes rolled in agony; and its joints gave way, and it fell down, rent asunder, like a tree struck by lightning, so great was Christina's strength:—and it died.

19. 'And the Lord stood unharmed and smiling after the demon was destroyed, and his Disciples were filled with astonishment, and glorified Him with the lotus eyes.

20. And above the drifting clouds the forms of the night-watching Ascetics of the Higher Mansions of the Moon had beheld the sudden combat between the demon and the God-like Man.

21. And they hailed one another, full of delight, saying, 'Well done, well done, thou brave warrior of the spirit,

22. 'Who, as in jest, hath destroyed the evil Kesin, the oppressor of the denizens of the Earth and of the lower realms.

23. 'How wonderful are the works thou doeth upon earth, even as thy works in Heaven are beyond the telling'.

24. And Chrishna heard the words, and smiled up at the sky with the moonlit clouds, and he looked as beautiful as the purple Sunbird when it sits basking in the light of Surya.

25. For he had slain the great horse like the swift-striking Merlin who killeth the Starling.

26. And it was as if clouds of stars had descended upon the land, like a many-jewelled mist, and each jewel like unto a song of praise.

27. And the flowers were aglow in the dark with phosphorescent shimmers.

28. And there hung a heavy perfume in the air, of cinnamon and rose, mixed with amber.

29. And it was as if a Spell were laid upon the landscape, and all were under the enchantment of its mystic wonder.

30. At last the Lord withdrew his gaze from the sky, that was now filled with the spirits which drift for ever beneath the stars,

31. And he turned again to his Disciples, gently rebuking them, speaking to them, and saying,

32. 'Life is but a tracing in the sands of Time; what matters it if today the mud of Fate obliterates the Pattern?

33. 'Tomorrow a new one will be formed, even better and more beautiful if we have faced the God's decrees with courage.

34. 'Never fear the blast of evil: for it cannot touch Thee, but only thy temporary house of flesh in which thou lodgeth for a while'.

35. 'Shall thy great Deeds and Teachings endure for ever, dear Lord?' asked Pratas, whose name means Dawn, of Chrishna.

36. 'Nay, indeed that they will not', answered Chrishna Jeseus. 'They will be called mere Pagan tales by the heathen who shall come to birth in later times, and heathenish by the Pagan.

37. 'The stirring songs describing my Messiah-hood will be denounced by mitred prelates and snivelling priests and ignorant fanatics.

38. 'The memory of my sacred song and music turned into ribald rollickings of sex-mad ideologists, to glorify successful lust.

39. 'The Holy Laws I bring will be perverted into epics raped from ancient lore by wandering tribesmen's maddened prophets,

40. 'Pretending to receive my words direct from God upon the mountain, or in the flaming bush.

41. 'Philosophers will invert my sayings, to be proscribed in turn by priests, condemning poets inspired by Heaven's Messengers, unseen, but heard within the echoing caves of memory, retaining Wisdom of the ancient incarnations.

42. 'Dry, churchly clerks will turn to yellow parchments of our Saints, transcribe my words, recorded by our later Sages,

43. 'Redact, emend, and classify, and prune the Inner Knowledge, and write symbolic Masques which none can understand, replacing facts with wonder tales.

44. 'And I, and you, my sweet Disciples, will soon be dispossessed of every virtue, becoming devils in the eyes of rabid brutes,

45. 'Whose sodden minds, without the leaven of clear-sightedness, will drape our models with a cloak of many colours,

46. 'Disguising every verity they cannot bear to see within the light of day with illbred fancies of the lower man, that creature of the Moon;

47. 'Uncouth, with hate enflamed against our gracious Emblems, that mantle with divinity the beauties you and I behold within the radiant, wakeful Self.

48. 'Such is our fate; now wilt thou bide with me, or go thy way; or tarry here with me to bring the ancient Message once again?'

49. And the inspired Prophet, even Chrishna, gazed through the crystalline lenses of vision, and saw the gorgeous Presences who swarmed within the silver-streaked solitudes of night; pervading the spaces of the air with bright beauty.

50. And as he was thus lost in wonder, his Disciples bowed before his Saintliness and kissed the hem of his cloak in token of their loyalty.

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