The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 3 — Divine Wisdom

30 — The Chapter of The Twelve Gates

A-UM !

1. And as the Lord and his Disciples travelled the lands of Hind, led hither and thither by the Heavenly Guides, they reached one day a large and prosperous city.

2. It was a great city indeed, and high were its massive walls and richly ornamented its many gates, with fine watchtowers flanking them.

3. And as the Lord Chrishna Jeseus approached one of the gates, he saw, and beheld a small gathering of soldiers and other men, shouting at a woman, and forbidding her to enter the gate.

4. And the woman seemed to be very poor, and she was in tears, and cried out that she was a widow who wanted to take service with one of the great ones in the city, she being destitute of all other means.

5. And the Lord drew near unto the gathering, making enquiry, asking why the woman was refused entrance.

6. And one of the soldiers answered roughly, saying that no beggars were permitted entry, for this was a most rich city, where the poor were not known, for they were not wanted.

7. And the Lord spoke unto the woman, speaking kindly words, and took her by the hand, leading her through the gate;

8. So that the soldiers looked upon him in astonishment; nor did they dare to make protest, for the Lord looked very noble and grand, and his royal mien abashed them.

9. And when the woman had gone within he blest her, telling her not to fear, and ask for that which she wanted in that city, being in need, saying that an Angel would ward her and lead her to comfort within.

10. And anon he came forth again, joining his Disciples who had remained without the gate at his behest.

11. Now, the cries of the woman and the shouting of the soldiers and the murmurs of the other people had drawn several of the inhabitants to the gate, and there they beheld the Lord and his Disciples.

12. And he spoke to his Followers, and the soldiers, and the people, and all heard his words and wondered greatly, for such things as he said had never been told before.

13. And the Lord spoke in a loud voice, contrary to his wont, so that all should hear his Teaching, and take from it that which they were able to comprehend.

14. And so Chrishna Jeseus made speech as follows, saying,

15. 'Behold! As there are gates to this city, and all great Cities, great and small, so are there Gates to Heaven, which is a greater City still.

16. 'Twelve Gates hath Heaven, and a high protecting wall connecting them, and there are walls within the walls, many massive walls, very powerful and thick.

17. 'And some Gates are wide, and some are narrow; and Twelve Paths, some broad and easy, some close and hard, lead unto those wondrous Gates.

18. 'And the ancient Teaching tells that all the Gates of Heaven are for ever closed, save one, which is the Gate of Tears.

19. 'This is the easiest Gate to enter, but yet the hardest in a sense, ever standing wide; and the Path to that Gate is the broadest of all, and the shortest,

20. 'And many people throng that Path, for the Earth is the realm of tears and suffering, but those who suffer most receive the greatest blessings in the end,

21. 'For the Sons of God watch over them in their sorrow, and will take them by the hand, and lead them to a place of rest and ease when the time hath come, as come it must, to end the tears, and the lamentations of the dwellers on the Earth.

22. 'And just as the woman entered easily the gate of this city when I took her by the hand, being a Son of God, who pitied her because of her tears, and lamentations,

23. 'So shall comfort be given to all who approach the First Gate of Heaven likewise;

24. 'And they shall find ease and happiness for a space of time who enter by that Gate.

25. 'These are true words; believe in the mercy and the love of the Heavenly ones,

26. 'For those who guard the Gates are deities, twelve deities, who may be likened to the offspring of the twins descended from Akuti, the good goddess;

27. 'Twelve children, as it were, from her twin-born progeny, who married and brought forth.

28. 'And as those deities, twelve in number, are good, well-named and pure, so hath the god of Hell twelve names, and deities;

29. 'Greatly dreaded are the names of the Gates of his great City in the Underworlds.

30. 'For good and evil are weighed in the Scales of my Father, even Vishnu, the Lord of Light and Law, Jagan-Natha, the Omnipotent, Lord of the World of his Universe of Stars, and of Light, and Darkness.

31. 'Beware, all ye who hear my words, of the twelve lower Gates, which are not entered because of tears, but as a reward for Sin; most dreadful that reward.

32. 'And the Second Gate of Heaven is the Gate of Faith, which is for ever closed to all who in dark wilfulness do not believe in Me, my Mother, and my Father; and such shall dwell in Badana, the submarine fire, whose god is a flame with the head of a horse,

33. 'And the Tearers, called Darbas, shall rend them in twain who are compelled to enter the gate of the Flame.

34. 'And the Second gate of Heaven is wide also, and the Road toward it is a pleasant one, it being easy to have Faith if the heart is turned toward God and Me.

35. 'And Megha-Duta, the Cloud Messenger, will bring them glad tidings, all those who have Faith, and they shall have their Faith rewarded, no longer being struck by the hammers of ignorance, for they shall know that I and my Father are Truth, requiting Faith.

36. 'To such the Gate will be opened when they knock; for the faithful receive many blessings, despite the evil men on earth who sneer upon their childlike trust.

37. 'And their persecutors shall be scorched by the flames of Karali, one of Agni's seven tongues, dreadful and terrible, and he the God of the Greater Fire, who will reveal the blasting words of his Law to the unbelievers, who enter by his Gate in the underworld.

38. 'And the Gate numbered Three is the Gate of Service; and this Gate is not wide, nor is the Way to that Gate so ample as the previous two; and it is a longer Way.

39. 'For few there are who serve without a thought of reward, most being selfish;

40. 'But the selfish ones will dwell in the forest Dandaka, after entering by the Third lower Gate,

41. And there wild beasts and demons everywhere abound, and howl around the miserable hermitages of the selfish who repent at last, but must stay within that wilderness until they are reborn again.

42. 'But those who do not repent of their selfish ways will be the prey of Bhairava and Bhairavi, even Siva and his Spouse Devi, who ride about in the wilderness, mounted upon baneful dogs.

43. 'And those who serve their brothers willingly, with inner love and no wish for recompense, will find entry into a better Realm when they reach the Third Higher Gate, and knock.

44. 'For any kindly act is Service to the Father, and to Me, his Son, and all such services shall be blest with happiness and a time of Peace.

45. 'For each true service is like unto a Golden Flower come to life upon the Tree of Paradise; and there it blooms, while the name of its cause is engraved upon the petals in letters of light.

46. 'The name of the Fourth Gate is "Peace Within"; this Gate is smaller still, and the Road to it straiter and more tenuous than the previous three.

47. 'For Peace Within is rare indeed, and few can truly claim to know its mysteries in full, or have it in their grasp.

48. 'And the Road to the Gate of Inner Peace is long; for while every man may have his peaceful moments, few there be who hold it long, for the earth is a world of strife, and unrest, and of enmity of one against another.

49. 'So that Peace is easily lost in the turmoils of worldly adversities and occupations,

50. 'And many men are like unto Kirmira, the monster Rakshasa, brother of Vaka, whose bones were broken finally in combat with Bhima at the entrance of the Kamyaka forest.

51. 'And the peaceless go unto the Fourth lower Gate of the Hell Naraka, the place of torture, to be tormented by the other dwellers there;

52. 'For the man without Peace is like unto the demon Naraka, an enemy of the Gods.

53. 'And when he dieth, his body will become the prey of Preta, the evil spirit who re-animates corpses and haunts the cemeteries; and his lower self will obey that demon gladly.

54. 'And he himself will be reborn again among the Lulindas, the barbarous tribes who rove in the woods and the mountains of the interior of our land.

55. 'But he who hath conquered Peace Within hath conquered the regions of all the worlds, and when he reacheth the higher Gate and knocks, it will be opened unto him, he having merited his reward.

56. 'Such are blest with beauty inconceivable, for such are Mine, and this is one of the Gates to my own Domain.

57. 'It is even more glorious than Amaravati, the Capital of Indra's Heaven, renowned for its sun-splendour, and situated near Meru. And the Prakasas, Vishnu's Messengers and Angels, will lead him in.

58. 'And the Fifth Gate is called "The Gate of Love"; and this is smaller still, and the Path that leads to it is hard and thorny, and many stones lie on the way, sharp stones and hard, and the traveller along this Path hath many falls.

59. 'For perfect love, unselfish, is the rarest attribute of Man, for this is not the love for one or few, but love for all, for good and bad alike, and what man can truly say that such love is his?

60. 'This is the undying love of the Saint who blesseth his persecutor and asks for no revenge against his bitterest enemy.

61. 'Who hath this loving attribute is blest indeed, and a crown shall be placed upon his head: a Crown of unfading flowers, white and pure,

62. 'And their aroma shall fill his Inner Self with bliss after he hath knocked upon the Gate and entered.

63. 'He shall enter that Region where towers the Golden Peak of Meru in full majesty. And Pavana, the God of Wind, and the soft wind himself, will blow upon his brow; and the wind will be laden with the scent of many flowers, while the Malina-Mukha, black-faced demons, will bark outside the Gate in vain.

64. 'But they shall capture and take away all those who approach that Holy Gate who have not perfect love within their hearts, but hatred against all, and take them down to Gate Five of the lower Hells.

65. 'The Sixth Gate is the Gate of Harmony, a small Gate, and the Way to that Gate is macilent and steep, for it is the Gate of a Higher Heaven than all the previous ones.

66. 'To seek harmony and quietude, concordance and sympathy in the silence of a forest or on a mountain top, dwelling alone in a cave or flower-covered hut, that is not hard, and many have found it there.

67. 'But Harmony whilst every man is antagonistic, in a world where every purpose clashes with the schemes of other men, this needs the fortitude of heroes whom no division, split, or rupture will disturb.

68. 'The holy man who hath this Harmony, and holds it, stands high above all other Saints, and Lovers, and Men of Peace or those who serve in faith or dissolve in tears.

69. 'When such a valiant man, and good, surmounts the perils of the narrow Way and knocks upon that Gate, it will be opened unto him with a key of gold, encrusted with jewels,

70. 'And he will receive blessings and rule within a high region, sending blessings thence, and Harmony, Peace, and Love, to all the faithful stragglers upon the other Paths,

71. 'From Amana-Kantaka, the Mount of the Immortals within his Realm.

72. 'The eight-and-twenty Mansions of the Moon will shine with his reflected ardour and they will rejoice in the form of the daughters of Daksha, the able and competent, who once were married to the God of the Moon.

73. 'And Daksha is a Son of Brahmâ, sprung from Aditi; which means that Daksha is the Father-Spirit of the Realms of Moon, and Aditi the Great Mother of those Realms:

74. 'Spirit in Matter and Spirit and Matter, there as in all the other Realms;

75. 'Each subject to eternal Law. Take heed of those Words of Truth and treasure them Within, you who listen to my words; for thus are Indu and all her Realms created.

76. 'But the inharmonious ones, the causers of strife, will depart unto the Sixth Gate in Hell, and fight an everlasting battle against adversity, and succumb a thousand thousand times after every combat waged against the fiends of that Hell.

77. 'A gate of less dimension still is Gate the Seventh, called Justice, and the Way to that Gate indeed is dire and full of unseen snares.

78. 'For the man who hath the power and wields true Justice, enriched with Mercy and kindly Understanding is wise indeed, and few there are who do not err in Justice at some time of trial and of test.

79. 'Within the Realm of Justice, there, on a golden dais in the centre of Virasana, stands a beautiful Throne, decorated with jewels and flowers, and overshadowed by the Tree of Heaven—Kalpataru;

80. 'And from the seat of that Throne the wise dictate Justice, and they are surrounded by the Saints, and thus expound supremest Truth.

81. 'How very few can reach that Gate! Lo! They hold the scales in trembling hands, and some be cruel Judges, who reach the Gate of Injustice in the lower worlds instead.

82. 'I say unto thee, giving solemn warning, Woe unto him who deals in Justice unjustly and without due lenity, for his Fate is terrible indeed.

83. 'The few who succeed will rule in Heaven and see the deeds of men on earth, sending forth decrees of jewelled vindication of right and wrong,

84. 'Restoring the poise of the ponderous weighbridge of these Rights and Wrongs.

85. 'The wise and kindly judge is like unto Emusha, the sable Boar who with his hundred arms supports the earth symbolical and raises it upon its circuit in the sky.

86. 'Or gently lowers it when from the Sun it runs its downward course according to the Seasons.

87. 'The haughty Judge who rules in prideful power is like unto the warrior king whose name was Dambhodbhava, unfailing conqueror of foes.

88. 'Who, when they told him that with all his might he could not win away the stronghold of the Hermits and Ascetics Nara and Narayana, who dwelt in Peace upon the Gandhamadan mountain,

89. 'Went hence with all his army and challenged them. By peaceful means and honeyed words the Saints addressed the pride-filled king, to dissuade him from his purpose.

90. 'But all in vain, and to attack he went, till Nara took a heap of straws and threw them at his enemies.

91. 'And they whitened the air, and flew into the eyes and ears and noses of the warriors, until the king fell at the holy Hermits' feet and begged for peace and mercy.

92. 'Thus shall the unjust prideful Judge be met at the lower seventh Gate; yet shall no mercy meeted be to him, but retribution by the merciless who keep that Gate.

93. 'And if he then repents, and prays for succour to my Father, Vishnu shall be sleeping on the Waters of the Universe as Jala-Sayin, dreaming on his serpent couch, and deaf to all appeal.

94. 'But the Blest who enter that higher Seventh Gate shall send their wise decrees to earth like prosperous boons and weal, and consummation of all Rights.

95. 'And that Throne of the Heavenly Judges is placed at the foot of a sacred Mountain by the river of the sweet-smelling waters of Clemency.

96. 'And the waters of the river make to sound the Melody of Mercy, which rises up into the Heavenly skies like unto a golden Light.

97. 'And like a glorious Temple does the Mountain of Justice soar up into the flashing firmament, most wondrous indeed. How divine is perfect Justice!

98. 'Gate Eight is the Gate of Attunement with the Minds of those who reside in Paradise, and such are the Angels of God on Earth, who hearken to the thoughts of the sweet Inhabitants of Heaven.

99. 'The Way to that Holy Gate is like unto a ray of the sun as it stands in the sky at noon, so steep is that Path, and the width of the Path is not wider than a ray of light which gleams through a small chink of a shutter.

100. 'It is a Golden Gate; no mortal man can ever hope to reach it, but open are its doors to the Spiritual Man in his highest consciousness of lineage divine and generation from his Deity. A Mystery, profound and holy.

101. 'The Pathway to the Gate is long indeed, and incarnation after incarnation must flash by in hard apprenticeship before the Mind is sensitive enough to tune to its vibrations in fullest comprehension.

102. 'Yet can emancipated Spirit traverse it like a streak of aureate Light; nor is there any need for knocking at the Door, for to sagacious comprehension it will fly wide of its own volition.

103. 'There is no Watcher at that Gate, no Key lo lock it fast, for no-one reacheth it unless that one is qualified by sapient luminosity of Mind to enter.

104. 'No blessings there are given, nor required, for to enter is a blessing in itself, and only the Blest can enter, roaming free at will within the precincts of that fragrant Kingdom, full of celestial Glory.

105. 'Concupiscence of mind or flesh are ever barred from that great Region, for Gate Eight of the lower Realms is that of the city of Bhogavati

106. 'Which is the Capital in which the Nagas in Patala bide the coming of the prurient and lewd, whilst in the Empire of Divine attunement, voluptuousness lakes on a purer form; decorous, virtuous and chaste.

107. 'But though no Watcher keeps that Gate on High, the waving wings of Cherubim do cleave the air above that wondrous Gate, and these Angels emit rays of light, welcoming the worthy Traveller who is returning Home after much travail.

108. 'But should a stranger seek to enter, the feet of the Cherubim are clothed in thunders, and lightnings strike from their wings to drive away the presumptuous one.

109. 'And it will seem to him that in the skies the clouds of war roll on, violently;

110. 'And the clouds take on the semblance of angelic warriors, whose shining spears gleam redly in the dusk, embittering the mind with deadly terrors.

111. 'Thus is the Gate for ever barred from the pretenders to Attunement, and they enter not, but return hence, ashamed and mortified, their heads diminished and conscious of disgrace.

112. 'The Ninth Gate is sublimer still, for it is the Gate of Inner Light which leads unto Mandakini, the Heavenly Ganges in the Higher Realms;

113. 'The River of Luminous Effulgence; and equal is that Light to all the Lights which shine in the presence of God within his blazing Tabernacle.

114. 'There stand the blissful bowers of initiate trees and flowers, radiantly blooming and shedding irradiate gleams of splendour upon the Mind which hath the Light Within;

115. 'The Light which quells the lower fires of the place of torment and the House of the Fallen in the underworlds and in man.

116. 'The Light which melts the brimstone of the Pit and makes it into pure white liquid; the Light which soothes the anguish of the wicked in the Place of Wailing;

117. 'For it is a Light of gentleness and clemency, forbearance and compassion.

118. 'A Light of Understanding which greets repentant Sin with kiss divine in knowledge full and tolerant of that weakness inherent in God's creatures,

119. 'So does that Light enclosed, yet free, by the Gate called Nine send magic draughts of fulgent blessings to every place where waits the man or woman for its Message.

120. 'This Gate is made of pearl and amethyst, and Jacinth its foundation stone; and the width of the Way to the Gate is as slender as a silver thread stretched from the Heavens to the few enlinked with that great Light.

121. 'Mighty are they who pass that Gate, and they shall be given to carry torches which flame like unto fine Stars;

122. 'And their robes gleam and glitter like unto the waves of the sea when the slanting sun illuminates its rippling surface.

123. 'Vast hosts of angelic ones pass to and fro within that Realm, and their helmets are masses of emeralds and rubies and diamonds, which shine like lights within the Light, inexplicable in splendour.

124. 'And Gate Nine is the opposite in every way of the Ninth Gate of Hell, where the burning Flame roars for ever, hungry for the victims of the Dark, who willingly embrace the tenets of the Demons of that Realm.

125. 'Gate Ten is called The Gate of Inspiration, and this is an ever shining Gate which closeth fast the Realm of utter dazzling glory of every high Ideal of form and grace and symmetry of thought and act and all the Arts which mankind knows.

126. 'Delicate and refined is that Tenth Gate too, and only those whose many lives have dedicated been to Art and Music, Poetry and Sculpture, fine Letters and every form of loveliness can enter it; partaking from the riches freely and unstinted which are gathered in this Region.

127. 'Threefold is this amazing Gate, with stupendous Portals, dedicated to Music, Art, and Poetry.

128. 'And it seems as if blazing torrents race through its wide open portals, for ever and for ever;

129. 'Torrents of Inspiration, which constitute the Mind of the Supreme Deity of the Universe.

130. 'Sparks and flashes leap from these mighty streams, gleaming effulgently; each flash or spark a new creation in the ever evolving Empire of the great God.

131. 'No man with ugly thoughts, deformity of mind, distorted longings; no scarecrow, hag or harridan.

132. 'No witch or satyr, toad, baboon or monster in thought or deed can find his way unto that Gate, so blest with radiant magnificence;

133. For suchlike enter into Gate called Ten within the underworlds, to meet their kin and suffer for their hateful works and thoughts.

134. 'No need to knock, or stumble on the Way unto the Higher Gate there is for those who herit this sublimity: but few indeed do find it.

135. 'But he who finds is crowned with the diadem of happiness, enthroned on purple seat or golden; his thoughts resembling pavonine gleamings, and glistening with dewdrops in which the rainbow mirrors its enchantment.

136. 'Eleven is the Number of the Gate of Wisdom; an ever hidden Gate to those who live in sloth and turn to ignorance for information: for such go to the eleventh gate of the hell of witlessness.

137. 'The higher Gate is barred and narrow in extreme, though Wisdom be as wide as the blue firmament.

138. 'Its Key is nigh invisible, for being the essence of that Light which is a darkness to the unevolved mind, mind knows it not, but plays with many other keys which lock and open the places of dullness and despair.

139. 'This is the supremely Hidden Gate; and vain it is to seek its doors with vapid mind and intellect, bemused with idle fantasies or fancies.

140. 'Its Path is jungled with the darksome shrubs of superstition and the undergrowths of vanity.

141. 'For many there be who call themselves wise: yet are their minds vacuities of knowledge true and holy; whilst of Wisdom there is no trace.

142. 'They know not where to turn for just enlightenment, nor can they find a kindly Guide, not being worthy of such bliss;

143. 'For the wise avoid the stupid and vain in their wisdom; a fool being but an empty vessel or hollow drum, which soundeth loudest when struck hardest by the brazen tongue of idle praise from even greater fools than the incompetent themselves.

144. 'And the empty of mind does ever love to listen to the lying echoes of his own illusive nullibility;

145. 'While solid wisdom, based on God's, is like a granite wall which holds encircled like a fortress the priceless treasure of God-like Wit the wise preserve from folly.

146. 'Blessed is he indeed who finds admittance by this Gate; for he will sit among the Sages, imbibing wise discourse with profit and answering with dignity.

147. 'There, the great Sages are placed upon altars made of precious gems; beautifully clothed are they, and their robes sparkle with the many jewels of their thoughts.

148. 'Radiant flowers are laid there upon Bilva leaves, and emit rainbow lights and incense which shines with fascinating rays of light.

149. 'Strains of divine music resound; of lutes and horns, harps and tympanies and softly clashing golden cymbals;

150. 'And of flutes and oboes; and the vina and mridanga sing for very Joy.

151. 'This is the Gate through which pass the Spirits of Heaven on their orient way; and they follow a path which is invisible to all but they, and they are brighter than the brightest stars.

152. 'The final Gate is Number Twelve, and this is the Gate of Illumination.

153. 'It hath no doors nor locks, and only Wisdom is the Path that leads unto its Splendour.

154. 'And he who enters by that Gate shall lead the wise in heart and mind with Knowledge lit by the flames from God's Imagination.

155. 'There are no words to paint its plenitude, for none can paint the depths of the ocean or the glory of the heart of the Sun.

156. 'Its opposite is the Gate of Spiritual Death, everlasting and terrible for those who merit it.

157. 'But true Illumination is as glorious and as deep as the splendours of the Higher Gate.

158. 'The Sage whose Mind is bathed in that Illumination hath solved the riddles of existence in the Universe, and hath his place at the right hand of the Father.

159. 'Ringed with wondrous lights, which are the planets and the moons encircling His brow; and divine Omniscience streams forth from within his Erudition.

160. 'There are no secrets hid from his cogitative apperception; no mysteries his observation does not solve; no conception from another Mind his consciousness cannot embrace with rational understanding.

161. 'He is All-wise, inspired by Inner Light, attuned with harmonious love and peaceful justice; serving the faithful and drying the tears of those whose hearts are weighed with sorrow.

162. 'He dwelleth for evermore in Ganhda-Madana, where stand the Mountain and the Forest of Ilavrita, the central region of the cosmic worlds in their highest state of perfect manifestation.

163. 'The Clime where stands the real Mount Meru, rising up to the divine Spaciousness of Vishnu's Habitat;

164. 'Where every breath of air is like unto an intoxication of sweet fragrances; the Higher Sun-paradise, remote from my Heaven as my Paradise is removed from Earth.

165. 'Its air resounds with celestial music of viols and harps, of flutes and golden trumpets, carried by tympan's deep and resonant rhythms.

166. 'Every note a star, and all those stars combined a Universe of symphonic beauty, where Gatu, the Gandharva singer, breathes melody with every breath,

167. 'Enraptured, and intonates the Gayatri verse, most sacred, in praise of the Higher Sun resplendent, that its Power may guide the Intellect of the Risen; that their works may prosper and increase in the Essence of Vishnu.

168. 'Such are the Twelve Gates of Heaven, and their counterparts; and such are they who enter them upon due qualification, that they may glorify the Creations of the Most High God, and for ever Bless his utter Holiness; Amen.'

169. And the Lord ended here his Sermon of the Gates; and his Disciples, the people, and the soldiers stood spellbound at what they had been told,

170. Each resembling the lone Spirit who roams forlorn in Soma's nostalgic Domains,

171. But suddenly beholds a shaft of Light in the sadly heavens, wielded by some winged Angel: the proclaimant of the Decree of his Salvation.

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