The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 1 — Youth

8 — The Chapter of Song

A-UM !

1. And it came to pass one day that the Lord Chrishna, the Light of the world and the Worlds, was seated by the Cedar trees, leaning against one, and mused upon the illusion of human thought.

2. He weighed it in the balance of his Wisdom and found that most men are dreaming, incapable of two consecutive thoughts, knitting them together, and thus coming to a safe conclusion; and they are void of poise and filled with envy of the other dreamers' miseries.

3. And as the autumn moon rose up above the forest and the hills, and night-scented flowers sent far their odours, he thought how most men shun the light, like verminous bats that cannot bear its radiance.

4. And he knew that man's first instinct is of the lower self, which rules all earthly appetites, ruthless and mean, and full of reckless greed, but empty of thoughtful compassion and unselfishness.

5. But he knew too that he had to send forth the word of Beauty and Truth, lifting up those who respond, while the rest must sink into oblivion—their rightful goal.

6. Then descended upon him a cloud of living visions, and with regret he remembered his own endeavours to quell sin, and fight the demon who resides within the unclean minds of lowly men, reflected, in a way, in brute creation; though animals are free from punishment, for there is no Higher Mind to guide them to the Light, as there is in every man, if he but listens to its positive advice.

7. This is a blessing for those who are worthy, and from his inmost heart ascended a hymn of silent praise to God, and then it found utterance in song, divine and filled with splendour.

8. And that glorious Song resounded like an Angel's blessing, and found its echoes in Mount Meru.

9. Then the Gopis who are the wives and sweethearts of the shepherds and the herdsmen, came forth from their leaf-covered tenements, drawing near, as if that Song were a mighty Magnet, irresistible.

10. And they cried out excitedly, saying, 'Chrishna, Chrishna! the divinely inspired singer!'

11. After which, in fright at their own forwardness, they retired in confusion, only to be drawn forth again, surrounding him, and listening with bated breath.

12. And they resembled the timid deer that beholds a glow between the woodland trees, and is drawn involuntarily to its mysterious luminosity.

13. Thus they crept towards him, completely charmed by that heavenly Song.

14. But he, adrift in other worlds where dwell the gods, was not aware of their presence, and he sang on, more divinely than ever, and a great halo surrounded him, and dancing lights in many colours cascaded from above, and mingled with his Aura, like darting fish in a lotus pool, or whirling petals in the wind, gay and fresh, and fiery.

15. And the Gopis were like things bewitched, and became full of impatient ardour at his inattention.

16. And one, a daughter of Vasudeva, known as Virani, was like unto one who is about to swoon with ecstasy, and swayed before him like a young poplar in a turbulent wind, her eyelids closed, her mind adrift upon the golden and multicoloured waves of light of that great Aria.

17. But her sister, Swarvithi, more ardent in spirit, came gliding close to the Singer, addressing him caressingly, speaking to him, and saying in languid tones,

18. 'Oh, Chrishna! Behold, dear Lord, we are here, having left our dwelling places, having been awakened by thy sweet singing. We are thy slaves, being utterly thine, enchanted by that Voice and that Song.

19. 'And we cannot exist without thee, dear Lord, and we are like unto those who are bathed in Light and fear to return to the Darkness'.

20. And some of the other maidens joined their pleas to that of Swarvithi, and exclaimed entreatingly, speaking to him, 'Teach us how to dance to thy music, and make us to mingle our voices with thine, in praise of Mahadeva'.

21. And the young Lord, even Chrishna, heard their words and returned to this world from above, beholding the Gopis with benevolent eyes, in full understanding of that which had filled them with such eagerness.

22. He addressed them with gentle speech beneath the light of Soma, and told them witching tales of the gods he had seen in his vision, and the holy war of the Lord Indra, and the great deeds of Rama.

23. All that night he spoke to the Gopis, and they were magic-bound with wonder.

24. At last the dawn came gliding along on rosy feet, pearly-toed, and the choirs of birds mixed their liquid tones with the voice of the divine speaker.

25. And with a sigh of satisfaction the maidens and the wives of the shepherds and the herdsmen rose, wending their way homewards in silence, when the Lord had ended his discourse.

26. But the next night they returned to him who was again seated beneath the cedars as before, demanding more with eager voices, but the Lord Chrishna beheld them, deeming the time had come to lead away their minds from tales of wars and heroes.

27. And he caused musical instruments to appear in their hands, even the soul-entrancing Vina, many-stringed, and emitting sounds rhapsodic and clear.

28. And in the hands of others appeared cymbals, softly to be struck, from which would rise the silver clouds of sound, and golden.

29. And deep-booming drums, to underlie with rolling rhythms the celestial orchestra he thus created in their imagination.

30. And from his mind he sent them inspiration, the voice of the gods, and they began to play like unto Tumbura, the celestial musician, who dwells amidst the splendours of Paradise, ringed round with nymphs of the upper heavens where he performs in honour of the God Indra.

31. Unheard-of rhythms; the shimmering rustle of the sigh of cymbals' kiss when they are gently rubbed together, as if an Angel's benediction was laid upon the sounds harmonious that soared towards the light of the moon from trembling strings of Vinas, plucked by agile fingers, flower-like in their slender beauty in the moonlit night.

32. And the rest of the Gopis began to dance a sacred ballet, and it was as if the Majesty of Varuna descended upon the earth, or if great Indra slew the Serpent, or Maya was abandoned in despair.

33. Thus leapt great magic from the mind of Chrishna, the divine, the future Light of Man; the Blessing of his Father taking human shape below.

34. And the concert and the dance continued the whole of that night, and all were sanctified with beauty.

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