The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 1 — Youth

6 — The Chapter of Slaughter

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1. With those words, the holy man suddenly disappeared, and a purple cloud ascended in the sky, the Sign of the Holy Spirit, and he was an impersonation of that Principle, as are all men who come to Earth from the Higher Realms of the Father, the Mother, and the Son, which form the highest aspect of the great Trinity of the Spirit in Excelsis. To do their work on earth, or in the Heavens, is to blend with that great holiness, and to become One with it.

2. And Chrishna stood upon the mountain top like one who, in a great and unexpected Vision beholds the Glory, and is the Glory, which is the Son of God the Father;

3. Even He, that pure Redeemer and Saviour of all those men who wish to listen to his divine Mandate.

4. He it is who takes on the burden that lies like a heavy rock upon man's feeble shoulders if he but will beseech the Lord to lighten his unbearable load, that his trust in Him may not lead to the shame of disappointment in his goodness and his Power. And those who attune with his divinity are at-one with his very Soul. And this is meant when the Teaching tells that the Son of God is verily and indeed the Victim of that marvellous At-one-ment.

5. For by permitting man to be at-one with Him, like unto Himself as it were, he cedes unto that man a part of his Holiness and Purity, to enable man to overcome the evil of his nature and the negativeness of the earth by means of that divine Power.

6. And there is no other way by which this may come to pass.

7. And man atones in turn by ceding part of his Higher Self unto that lower spirit who is his unseen companion throughout life or in the heavens so long he needs a body in which to manifest himself.

8. Then—both the Son of God and Man become God Incarnate, and the Heavens do rejoice in the victory.

9. For both He, and Man, are Sons of the Father, and to that Father they must return in the end, though the Way of Sorrow be long and hard. These are words of Truth. Let all well listen to this Counsel.

10. When on the way down from the mountain, Chrishna was met by Maia's dearest friend, even the wife of Vasudeva, the Patriarch of all the shepherds and the herdsmen; he, who was the loyal friend of the Anchorites and other Holy Men, and her name was Sunitha.

11. And she took him by the hand, speaking consoling words to Chrishna, saying, 'Behold, your Virgin Mother has now returned unto her celestial Home, where she will await thy coming, guarding and protecting thee whilst thou livest on earth.

12. 'Therefore I say unto thee, dear son of my dearest friend, Rejoice, and be worthy of the love of that pure Maiden and Mother, who loves thee dearly in heaven, as she did upon the earth'.

13. And tears stood in Sunitha's eyes, but Chrishna vowed he would do as the holy man on the mount bade him. He, Chrishna, who was to be the Light of the World.

14. He appeared like unto one who has bathed in the Clear Fountains of the Spirit, and like the Neophyte who has withstood the Test and come forth as a Master.

15. And he gathered together all his friends and companions, speaking to them, and saying, 'Lo! I have received the Divine Command. Follow me then, and let us destroy all evil things, the serpents and the bulls who have come from the lower worlds: that the good and the just may find in us true champions, and the wicked be overcome by the might of God'.

16. So he took the bow in his hand and girded himself with a sword, and his companions, the sons of the shepherds and herdsmen did likewise.

17. Thus they went forth into the surrounding forests, and slew the snake and all wild beasts, as a token of their mission to be, whilst the forests echoed with the hum of bees and the peacocks' cry; and Chrishna and his friends mimicked the voices of the birds with their shepherds' pipes.

18. And as the jackals, and the hyenas, and the tigers howled with fear at the sudden onslaught, so rose the shouts of triumph of the young warriors, and resounded as far as the heavens.

19. The young Lord, decorated with a garland of Kadamba blossoms, tamed the lions or killed those that resisted, and on he went to make war upon the chiefs of tribes, and set the tribesmen free from their oppressors.

20. But deep within his heart the Son of God treasured a very mine of longing and regret for his Mother; and he desired most of all to meet once more that Holy Anchorite who rose up to heaven as a purple cloud.

21. And as his companions made merry among themselves when the chase was done or the battle successfully terminated,

22. He sighed deeply, mourning within, speaking without the use of audible words, 'Alas, alas; that I might see again that dear, beloved mother, and hold converse once more with him who said that I should see him anon, when I have done my task and bruised the Serpent's head, that swarthy queen of the evil king, whom I shall meet one day.

23. 'For he said I should find my Mother in the Place of Him who is Eternal, not subject to change. Alas, alas; I am weary with fighting and killing, and desire to go Home'.

24. But the time was not yet, for neither was visible the holy Anchorite, nor the divine Mother, though she beheld her Son from afar with pity in her eyes. The task was not completed; nay, it had not even begun, and so Chrishna pondered over the words of He of the purple cloud, and how the head of the Serpent was to be bruised, and the evil king slain.

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