The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 3 — Divine Wisdom

28 — The Chapter of the Sermon in the Night

A-UM !

1. And Arjuna, the beloved Disciple, gazed upon the indigo-hued sky of night, after the Lord had rebuked the Great Bull.

2. And anon he looked upon Chrishna, still standing there, a dark blue Halo surrounding his Holiness; and the Disciple beheld his Master as no-one had seen him before.

3. Indigo-tinted he was at that moment, the divine shade of the concealed Light within a greater Light, which is utter darkness to man's eyesight; and the Lord's Light shone from within Himself, colouring the merged divisions of the night; illuminating their coherencies.

4. And the Lord turned to his Disciple, saying, 'Lo! thou hast seen, my Brother, and heard; has thou also understood?

5. 'Know, dear Friend, that many come to this realm and are set free from fear, and anger, and desire.

6. 'Their eyes are ever fixed upon the Law, and their ears are open to the Word of God their priests and teachers preach unto their thirsting minds;

7. 'Making sacrifices to the Gods, obeying the rules of the Four Castes which I have fashioned for their guidance, allotting to each a place, according to his gifts and qualities of evolution and descent—and Woe unto them that change or disobey these stablished laws; and blessed are they who keep them.

8. 'Un-chained by action, action binds them not, but all their thoughts are strained towards Nirvana: a tenet false, for being wrongly understood.

9. 'No liberation is for those, despite their purity and vain endeavourings to blend with everlasting Spirit,

10. 'Unless they turn their hearts and minds to ME, the Shepherd of the shepherds, living Vehicle of Truth and Wisdom, sacred Flame from Fire Divine.

11. 'All those who worship me I shall exalt and take them by the hand and lead them to repose in Peace, yet active in that solemn Quietude; immortal they, who thus delivered are by my Love for them, and theirs for Me'.

12. And as the Lord pronounced these words, there shone upon his heart a Jewel like unto a waving flame; and its name was Srivatsa, the Flame of Flames, deeply tinted indigo in colour—most divine of all the tints.

13. And the Lord spoke anew, and said, 'Who worships me has all desires fulfilled—Paradise, Liberation, Godhead, the blending of the halves, male and female, for ever separated if they find me not, but now becoming One pure God-like Being.

14. 'To worship Me is greater worship still than all the subjugations of the passions, the practice of false Yog, than any charity or virtue, or anything considered greatly meritorious by man.

15. 'Though men arrive on earth from all directions, above, below, from right or left, all are capable of the worship of my Self, who am Vishnu's Messenger come down to earth, the living likeness of their very God; and every member of the four-fold Castes I made by means of Love and Wisdom, he may be saved by Me, if so he will.

16. 'And all may worship me in various ways by means of comprehension of the Rasas, five in all: which are the tastes and passions.

17. 'By means of Shânti, as practised by the Sages, which is the Silent Peace Within; or by the simpler peace of ordinary men.

18. 'Or Dâsya, which is the love and personal regard for me, as thou, my Friend, dost love me, and always will; or Servitude which every Votary does take upon himself, provided he doth it in my Name.

19. 'By Vâtsalya, or tender affection, as children love their parents, and parents them: thus may men love me too.

20. 'Or by Mâdhurya, the passionate love my Gopis feel for me, even as Virani and Swarvithi.

21. 'All those who love me thus are truly wise; they have but to pronounce my Name to enter into everlasting future bliss, reflected in the present.

22. 'Let those beware who listen to the truly wise, their Teachers, and perturb them not; for they, my intermediaries on earth, should never be offended, lest righteous anger strikes the culprit in my Name.

23. 'For Teachers being men, and therefore less than I, their Mercy lacks the God-like quality and strength which only I can wield in Justice and in Wisdom.

24. 'But do not err and worship Teachers instead of me, for reverence extreme in quality is only theirs: but worship Mine.

25. 'Who worships me does worship Deity, Supreme and ever worshipful and holy, Fount of Life of Gods and men and all the Universe; yea! even Me.

26. 'Such is right action; but, mayest thou ponder, what is action, what inaction?

27. 'This the wise can only tell, for its secrecy is like a winding path beset with snares and pitfalls, barred by thorny barricades.

28. 'Therefore I tell thee, threefold is the path of action, non-action, and previous actions' dissolutions.

29. 'The wise know action as Peace and Silence; and peace and quietude as action. Such are the Munis, the men of silence, and they have wisdom and all truth.

30. 'In action and non-action the Muni doeth right, and Wisdom sees his wisdom, which erreth not.

31. 'His works and acts are deeds of selfless purity, while their everlasting fruits are undesired by him, and cannot stain or snare his Mind.

32. 'That Mind is free from fear or hope, by grief unmoved, and placid amidst all joy—amidst good or evil fortune, un-haltered by both thoughts and deeds.

33. 'His acts and thoughts are sacrifices to the Soul that dwells in God and therein finds its habitation.

34. 'But pure faith in Me, if nothing else be done, ensures exemption from return to worldly incarnation.

35. 'Those who worship not Me, but the gods—to the gods they will proceed;

36. 'Those who worship their Creator—to their Creator will they be returned.

37. 'Those who make sacrifice, or hold converse with spirits—to the Spirits they will go.

38. 'But gods, Creators, or Spirits will cast them out again to tread the woeful earth once more, and often, in dismay or terror, while felicity flees before them like the shadow of a wind-driven cloud beneath the moon.

39. 'But they who worship Me—to Myself will I call them up on high, to habitate within my everlasting Paradise with me in love and beauty inconceivable to gods, or spirits, yea, to the Creators in the other Worlds within the Universe.

40. 'And those who cannot fix their minds in everlasting vigilance on Me, should place their simple trust in me and practise meditation; and I will send them strength and faith.

41. 'The purifying Flame of Wisdom, lighting true the Path of Meditation, consumes the ashes of wrong deeds and good alike, and thus the third part of all action and non-action is fulfilled.

42. 'And were a man the worst of evil-doers, yet repents at last and calls on Me: that wisdom, belated though it be, will carry him across an ocean of sins and faults and lead him safe into my haven in the end.

43. 'For he who calls on Me shall find Salvation, growing perfect in himself in his belief and trust'.

44. And the Lord smiled his white smile, divine, upon Arjuna; and the good Disciple rose to his feet and bowed before that Sainthood, beholding Him with adoration, addressing him, exclaiming:

45. 'O, thou Queller of the waves of Death! Is the ocean of thy Wisdom the property of the wave of my enquiring mind?

46. 'And can the drop of water own the sea?

47. 'Or is it yet contrarywise?

48. 'Even so is my particle of understanding lost in the Universe of thy Wisdom, and I bow unto thee in deepest humility,

49. 'O, thou utterly wise and divine! I worship that Ocean of infinite Grace.

50. 'Shall the bee prefer the empty Kshuraka flower and discard the honey-filled lotus?

51. 'Even so is the world to me a worthless thing when I behold my Heaven in the glory of thy discourse.

52. 'Salutations unto thee, O lord of the Sun of Paradise; Lord of the Worlds; Giver of Light, do thou make perfect this my great worship of Thee'.

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