The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 1 — Youth

9 — The Chapter of Temptation

A-UM !

1. And it came to pass one day that Chrishna, sitting by the great cedar near Mount Meru, saw, and beheld Virani and Swarvithi, Vasudeva's daughters, approach.

2. And the earth, luxuriant with new-grown grass, and bestrewed with beautiful red sakragopa insects, was like an emerald field adorned with rubies.

3. The grove was resonant with the rapturous hum of joy-intoxicated black bees, and even to these insects it seemed as if Chrishna were the very Sun himself,

4. Whose rays of life are the cause that make the sacred lotus of the Vedas burst into flower when he appears in the sky to bless the Higher Mind with wisdom.

5. The two maidens came and sat by his side, and suddenly, Swarvithi embraced the young Lord, her bracelets tinkling like little bells in the shrine of a goddess, and she spoke unto him, saying,

6. 'Oh, Chrishna, thou hast given us utter bliss by means of thy inspiration, by thy songs and happy melodies, the sacred tales of the Heroes of old, and of the Gods in Heaven.

7. 'And this region has become for us all like the divinely shining realms of Paradise, filled with living blooms, where dance the Apsarasas to the arias which float in the winds and resound from the trees in those climes, and echo within the hearts of the angels.

8. 'But what if thou goest forth, leaving us desolate, like the dove which has lost its cooing mate?

9. 'Therefore I say unto thee, overcoming my maiden constraint, take me and my sister to be thy wedded wives, so that we shall not despair in grief when thou departest for a while,

10. 'For we love thee and will give thee obedience and loyalty, and be as a blessing unto thy inmost heart'.

11. And as her sister thus spoke frankly to the young Lord, urged by the irresistible noon-spring of love, reflecting the glory of Surya, the golden Sun, mirroring his splendour within herself, Virani was like unto one who is overcome by the mighty countenance of a valiant hero, the light of her eyes veiled by the transparent lids, through which the inner flames of adoration gleamed like silver lamps, burning brightly behind ivory-hued curtains.

12. 'Why dost thou thus veil thine eyes?' asked Chrishna of Virani.

13. And Swarvithi laughed, saying mockingly, 'She suffers from jealousy, because she cannot bear another to share thy love'.

14. But Virani made reply, saying blushingly, 'Nay, indeed, beloved Prince of my heart, it is done that I may contemplate in peace thy glorious image in this way, seeing the Soul within thee with my inner sight, and blending mine with thine.

15. 'And though we should be worlds apart, and death separate us twain, trying in vain to cleave the link, I still could always behold thee thus;

16. 'For my love for thee is the love that dwelleth in the secret heart of the Divine Within, sharing with thee the bliss of the "Beyond the Earth";

17. 'While Swarvithi's love is the love of the Without, and these two loves will satisfy the Higher and the lower of we three, and all the desires of the two-fold Self be quenched: leaving no room for more'.

18. And Chrishna observed her affirmation with deep affection, and saw that it was Truth; and he kissed Swarvithi's lips and Virani's eyes.

19. And as it were a rushing stream of all the earthly bliss a man can taste traversed his being, and he trembled like one who is suddenly faced with a sight of Paradise, without having been prepared.

20. And he exclaimed passionately, 'O, how beautiful art thou, Swarvithi. Thy lips are like the ambrosia of celestial flowers, dripping amber-scented honey, the taste of which whelms the senses, so that they ask for more, and more and ever more.

21. 'And thou, Virani, art like the very essence of moonstones, and thy inner Self is like unto the Light that falls within the pure Soul from Heaven, blinding white and penetrating, raising up the Mind to highest Inspiration.

22. 'But the Love which is Eternal can cause the Day of Sun to become the Night of Despair, where rages the whirlwind that slays the anguished victim: for the Way to Bliss is ever portaliced by the Gate of Desolation'.

23. And as he made this declaration, he stood upright, seeming to become like a giant in height; and flames enveloped him, blazing and flashing in many colours: very awesome to behold.

24. And the maidens were suddenly struck with the thunderbolt of terror, and ran away, tears streaming from their eyes.

25. And as thus they fled from the Beloved, Chrishna left the great tree under which he stood, and wended his way to the Mountain.

26. Next day the Gopis assembled again at the usual trysting place; but Chrishna was gone and did not return.

27. But the perfume of his memory is held fast and remains in the sacred songs and dances, ceremonial, in the land where he dwelt as a youth where the soft wind from Himavat blows.

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