The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 2 — Spiritual Heritage

16 — The Chapter of the Unity

A-UM !

1. And Arjuna, the belovéd Disciple, spoke to the Lord Chrishna, saying, 'Canst thou tell us, dear Lord, what happens to a man if, incarnation after incarnation he follows the Way to Wisdom, and what may be the condition of those who dwell within the Higher Realms, when they have done with earthly matters and the scourges of the flesh?'

2. And the Lord gave answer, saying, 'This is a deep question indeed, the full telling whereof would fill many books of learned writing, which the pundits of crass sciolism would rend in their pedantic shallowness.

3. 'But I tell thee that the man who dwells on holy matters, should he be surprised by death before he has attained complete enlightenment, will be born again.

4. 'But if he taketh up the thread again (if such should be his destiny), he will complete his Course and freed from all the shackles of rebirth in time'.

5. And Arjuna exclaimed, wondering greatly, 'Ah, then even the good must still return to earth; but can the man of Light not reach the Goal in a single incarnation?'

6. And the Lord answered, 'It is given to but few to gain the Victory, and even then, many lives of preparation must have gone before.

7. 'But even when a man has reached the Light, staying within its Radiance for a while, he still hath opportunities to take the coat of flesh again, that he then may become a Light in turn to certain dwellers in the darkness of the life below'.

8. And Arjuna asked again, avid for instruction, saying, 'And will that man be placed within the right conditions, enabling him to teach and lead, in a position of authority, that men may trust him, after having learnt anew the rules that govern human life;

9. 'And will his memory enable him to give that Message, or is that inner knowledge blotted out, so that perforce he has to start again from the beginnings of Enlightenment, leading to Knowledge, finally reaching the Sun of Wisdom whilst still below?'

10. And the Lord smiled at the eager questionings of his Disciple, and said,

11. 'Wisdom once acquired in full can never be forgotten—this is a Law.

12. 'Though a man be born the meanest slave, the victim of shame and poverty, if once the Light was lit within his Mind in previous lives, it will shine forth anon, and become a blessing and a guiding star to those who are fit to follow that Beacon of Light, that Knowledge, and that Wisdom.

13. 'But the greatest Mystery of all is to know the secret of the Unity.

14. 'For no man can stand alone; on earth or in a Higher Realm, and man should realize that there exists a mighty Bond that links him sure with all that is, has been, will be, or seems to be.

15. 'A man who thinks he is alone on earth, or in some Heaven (if that were possible): hath ties in every realm: the middle, the high, and low.

16. 'For all is ONE, and there is nothing, quick or still, that dwells in separation from the rest.

17. 'For all is God, and there is naught without Him anywhere, and this is Unity.

18. 'And though many men speak about this Unity, using multitudes of words and terms to give it being, yet none can truly understand the fullness and the Royal Mystery thereof.

19. 'For man must rise within the Spirit, and sink within the Spirit, and be within the central point as well: which is that place or realm in which he hath his being.

20. 'To have this knowledge and this power is the blessing of the good in thought and act; and he who does and is this good has found the Road to his salvation, were he within the lowest hell of all the Underworlds.

21. 'And all he is and all he has must be a sacrifice to God; though man himself, again, cannot make true sacrifice, for nothing that he has, or is, is his, but only God's; and none can give away or sacrifice those things that never were his own.

22. 'But man can think and act devoutly within this Truth, and know that God is the beginning, the middle, and the end of all; yea!—even of man's very Spirit, which also is a part of God and could not BE without Him.

23. 'Knowing this, a man reacheth Spiritual Wisdom, which is far above all sacrifice, and leads unto divine felicity in freedom.

24. 'Such a man has reached true Liberation, and there is no rebirth for him; for he now slakes his thirst for ever at the Fountain of Immortality, thus becoming a very God in the end, wherever he be.

25. 'The man who knows this Unity must freely give to those who are in need, both of the Spirit and material things: those attributes which God hath placed within his keeping for a while, which men call worldly goods, to use for good (but wisely) in His Name.

26. 'The more he gives, both of spirit and matter, the more he will receive of both, for the Lords of Life behold his thoughts and acts and reward him in proportion to the thoughts and things he giveth away.

27. 'And unless he giveth freely from his spiritual and material substance, expecting no reward, he will be like unto the miser who chokes upon a piece of gold.

28. 'For all he hath of Spirit and Matter has been bestowed upon himself by God—who is the Unity.

29. 'And to be worthy of this Unity, the man must act in Godlike fashion, and pass on his riches to that cause or person his Higher Self will know as good and worthy.

30. 'By serving in this way God's creatures, the man serves God, who remains no man's debtor, and the Unity will be his blessing, both in the way of Spirit and of worldly goods.

31. 'He who emptieth his treasures filleth his heart: as the rose is fructified when it surrenders its nectar to the bee.

32. 'Thus he bringeth Heaven down to earth, and earneth his place in Heaven.

33. 'For those who serve the poor in Spirit or in matter, shall be enriched in manifold ways; but he who filleth his treasure-chest with useless riches:—his heart and mind shall be empty of satisfaction.

34. 'Man prayeth to God for relief: let no-one in need pray to man in vain!

35. 'But the man who defers his gifts till after his death shall be a pauper in another realm and a beggar in the next incarnation.

36. 'But do not give thy treasure to the worthless, or pander to the men of evil mind: for thus thou deniest thy Unity with God and becomest One with Satan.

37. 'He who is rich in Spirit or in worldly goods, or in both, and does not freely pass the gifts he hath received from God unto the needy,

38. 'Is rogue and fool in One, and his Unity with his Creator shall be broken in twain, and the pieces shall litter the floor of frustration; and he shall be crowned with the garland of penury and mourn by the well of unavailing weeping.

39. 'Call no man thy debtor, for thy debt to God is greater than any man's to thee: this is perfect understanding of the Unity'.

40. Thus the Master spoke the words of true enlightenment, and his utterance was like unto a refreshing rain, slaking the dry earth of human understanding, that the Seed within the heart might be quickened, and finally burst into flower on the radiant Tree of Life: which is the Unity.

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