The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 3 — Divine Wisdom

27 — The Chapter of the Black Bull

A-UM !

1. And it came to pass one night that the Disciples were enmeshed in deep sleep, and only the Lord himself was wakeful;

2. And he regarded the stars, embedded in the indigo substance of the heavens, glittering with the Wisdom of their Lords and casting their vibrations upon the Universe around, after having received them from the Life and Might of the Unknown Deity, called Vishnu the Unknowable so far as man's knowledge is concerned.

3. And some of the vibrations were good, and others evil in the sight of man; but the Lord Chrishna, in his profound omniscience knew both good and evil for what they are.

4. And it was as if a huge and threatening shadow descended from amid the shining rays, and as it reached the earth it took on form.

5. And the shape of that form was in the likeness of an immense Black Bull, long-horned and fierce, and a hump of enormous size rose up between his mighty shoulders, and his dewlap hung low; almost touching the ground.

6. And the Bull stood before the Lord, and the fire of the animal's eyes lit up the features of the Holy One, and its lurid light shone upon the sleeping Disciples, who stirred uneasily in their slumbers.

7. And the animal lashed his sides with his plume-haired tail, as if to chase away a thousand flies who were piercing his hide, rousing the Bull to anger.

8. And the great Bull lowered his head, presenting its sharp-pointed horns to Chrishna and the sleeping ones, ploughing up the soil with his hoofs, ominously menacing, as if a silent alarm were sounded, like the soft note of a muted trumpet, announcing the approach of a secret and unexpected enemy.

9. The air became filled with cabalistic terrors as thus the Bull stood there, ready to charge and kill, and gore, and trample; and the Disciples groaned like men tormented by evil dreams, held fast immovable in the iron clasp of demons.

10. But the Lord rose slowly to his feet, confronting the terrible beast, who took a step forward, planting his hoofs firmly upon the ground, crouching like a tiger, ready to spring upon his prey from an ambush, the air fluting dreadfully as he springs, preceding the death-cry of the victim.

11. And the Lord barred the path of the great Bull, fixing his calm eyes upon the red-glaring orbs of the beast;

12. And suddenly he gripped him by the horns, bending the ferocious head of the Bull sideways with the unrelenting steel of his strength, and the bones of its neck creaked like the crackling of dry twigs in a fire as the great head was twisted further and further.

13. At last the Bull sank to his knees, sidewise, and groaned in his anguish, and his evil spirit was subdued for a spell.

14. And when the Lord beheld his submission he let go his hold, but the Bull remained prostrate on his knees before him—for he knew the might of the Master.

15. But during the silent combat, Arjuna had awakened, seeing in sore affright what came to pass, yet unable to move in the terror which clamped his muscles and held his will in custody, entailed in cheerless consternation whilst the animal was being overcome.

16. For this was no ordinary bull, but a very fiend from the Deeps, a great and most powerful demon, sent to slay the Lord and his Disciples.

17. But when that Bull knelt down at last, Arjuna's spirit was released from its bonds, and he sat up and listened to that which followed.

18. And the Lord spoke unto the Bull, addressing him by name and saying, 'Oh, thou Arishta, who feedest upon dogs and whose drink is saliva: thou low demon who comest disguised so that, mayhap, I shall not know thy devilhood!

19. 'Knowest thou no better yet, and must I teach thee ever and anon that Darkness cannot overcome the Light?

20. 'Thinkest thou that because I am now called Chrishna, the Dark Blue One, of the nightsky's hue, that my Darkness is stalemate with that black lowliness of thine? Or even less? Or more in weakliness of good?

21. 'Knowest thou not yet that I am the Great Darkness whence cometh the Great Light, whilst thy small cloud of evil is the source of the little light of man's illusion?

22. 'And that those who believe in thy light shall perish in thy darkness?

23. 'Whilst those who believe in my Darkness shall be raised up and reside for evermore in the Light which is the great Light of Brahmâ, leading to the even greater Light of my Father, even Vishnu?

24. 'Therefore I say unto thee, speaking Truth, thou dweller in the place where the leaf of every tree is a sharp sword, ready to pierce the ignorant sinner who is lost in thy dark jungles and forests, bewitched by the hallucinations of the king of apprehension and trepidation,

25. 'That those who follow Me shall never be thy quarry. For the all-protecting hand of my Father, and mine own, shall ward them with deliverance for evermore.

26. 'And thou, audacious tool of Yama, the Emperor of fiends and Death, return to thy Hell, whose wells are filled with blood, where the air is alive with insects that sting, poisonous insects of every kind,

27. 'So that with each breath thy victims take, their lungs are filled with the pain of miasmas that swim in the air, and the havocs which bide in their veins.

28. 'For that is thy true abiding place, and the very habitation for those who adhere to thy doctrines of destruction of good and elevation of evil.

29. 'But I, even Chrishna, the Dark Blue, but yet the Light and Life of my children that believe in me,

30. 'Shall rise anon, after having been slain, and take unto my Father's Tabernacle mine own, safe from thee and thine.

31. 'And a Winged Star shall glow upon their brows, the signature of which shall be seen whilst still on earth, for those who have the sight and wisdom to behold that Star: a very Beacon of Light, even as the Star upon my brow announced that I had come when reaching earth as an unweaned Babe.

32. 'To save, and love and teach the Laws to those who listen, having been found worthy in mine eyes, and lead them to the Light.

33. 'Go hence; dissolve once more and blend thou with the Shadow of thy Master in the inferior hells, and speak, and give my message, that he who cometh next to me on similar errand will be torn and slain without recall by my Efficacy.

34. 'For I and Mine shall be inviolate for ever, nor shall aught befall to lead us in the power and inclemency of those who sent thee, however threatening thou mayest seem to be.

35. 'For it is I who have the Power, and Authority, to slay if so I will thy blackness and thy temporary potency.

36. 'But lo! As yet I stay my hand in Mercy; Yea! in mercy even to a fiend from Hell!

37. 'For such is the compensating nature of my Mercy, and my Wisdom, and my Will.

38. 'Begone! Refrain from threatening those who are truly Mine, but seek thine own, for such is the unchanging Law!'

39. And after those final words of Chrishna, the divine and merciful Lord, lo! Arjuna saw, and beheld the Great Bull dissolving in the light of the stars that cast their silvery and golden rich vibrations upon the Universe, after having received them from the Life and Power of Unknown Deity.

40. But until the last moment of this unforgettable event of the battle between the Greater and the lesser Darkness, and the final dissolution of the Beast, the fiery gleam of the eyes of the Bull shone in the night with helpless rage as its bulk faded away;

41. Acknowledging that greater Power of the true Darkness from which is born the radiant Light of God.

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