The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 1 — Youth

2 — The Chapter of Maia

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1. And it came to pass one day, after Devaki had found a resting place in a sacred Hermitage, concealed in a forest, that the venerable Vasishta, who was the ruler of that House of God, visited Devaki, residing in Peace, and conducted her to the House of the Nuns, there to await the Decree of Heaven.

2. And the ancient Anchorite spoke to the holy Nuns, saying, 'This virgin will give birth to that Spirit who will take lodging within her flesh for a while, to be born as a Prince of Light upon the earth, and a blessing to all men'.

3. And the Nuns sank on their knees and adored that pure virgin, who stood amid the flowers of the wood; and exquisite perfumes streamed from her undefiled form, and the rosy lotuses in the nearby lake were lit up as if they contained a flame within—and shone.

4. And Devaki was given a new name; and her name was Maia, Maid and Mother, Virgin Immaculate; Mother-to-be of a Son of Vishnu, he being his Messenger.

5. And one day she sat beneath the branches of a mighty tree, like in appearance to the heavenly Tree of Life itself, so majestic was that tree, and meditated there, seeing visions, and hearing voices, singing to her and saying, 'Hail unto thee, Maia, the pure, the Undefiled and greatly blest'.

6. And unseen Presences roamed in the air, beholding that Maiden, lost in visions sent by the Gods; and when she wakened from her dreams, lo! behold the petals of roses scattered over her dress, and wreaths of flowers at her feet.

7. And when the Nuns beheld her thus, the words of Vasishta issued from the caves of memory, and his prophecy was remembered.

8. These are true words, for upon a certain day it came to pass that in ecstatic trance the Maid was bathed in great effulgence, and a divine Light, revealing a thousand thousand celestial beings, singing and plucking golden harps;

9. And lo! the Sun of Suns, glorious Mahadeva, God of Gods, appeared and overshadowed her in the spirit, and earthly consciousness was gone while she, the Virgin, conceived the Child Divine in utter bliss.

10. And anon it came to pass, when seven months had been swept away and passed into Eternity, that Vasishta, the Chief Anchorite, summoned the maiden into his presence, saying:

11. 'Hail! the will of the Spirit hath conquered, and thou, having conceived in love divine and utter purity—we give thee greetings and blessings, sweet Virgin and Mother.

12. 'Thy Son shall be the Saviour of the world, and Chrishna his hallowed Name.

13. 'But thou art now in great danger here, for thy brother the king, even Kamsa, knoweth of thy biding place and seeks anew to destroy thyself, that thou shalt fail to gather the Fruit of thy life; that sacred Son of God.

14. 'Hence, then and quickly, for the enemy is near. My Brethren will guide thee safe unto the holy Mount, even Mount Meru, where stand the sweet-smelling cedars, balsaming the air of Himavat.

15. 'There thy Son shall enter on his Mission, but do not tell the child, and never hold converse upon this secret.

16. 'Go to, and do not fear, for the holy Devs watch over thee and thy child, and my Brethren will lead thee'.

17. And so, according to the holy Hermit's word, Devaki, now called Maia, proceeded on her way to Meru, where dwell the shepherds that tend their flocks.

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