The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 1 — Youth

1 — The Chapter of Beginnings

A-UM !

1. It came to pass in the ancient days of Hind, that flowery land, filled with the aroma of enchanting spices, that the whole of that region was in the grip of Kamsa, the black-hearted king, void of mercy, who dwelled in the Fortress City of Mathura.

2. And his grim shadow hung like unto the lightning-riven thundercloud over all his realm, and deep rumblings of ominous portent were heard within the restless skies, big at times with angry flashes, in which the sun and moon strove for the mastery of purity of light, or sombre doom of darkness.

3. And that evil lord, before whose greed and anger bowed low all other kings (for the dreadful breath of the black gods of Death breathed forth from Kamsa's nostrils as if it came like a scorching tornado from the lower realms), was feared as no other king was ever feared before or since.

4. And all the kings, and the nobles, the merchants and soldiers, and the lowly slaves who had given their very souls into bondage to that king, and his equally dread queen, were held fast within their iron hands: all those that were subject to their rule.

5. For Kamsa had made alliance with Kalayavana, who ruled the Vindhia hills; he, who was of yellow skin, and master of all the black arts and the demons prowling in the night. Endowed with the keys of hell he was, and its steel-built portals clanged shut or opened at his will.

6. And the Heavenly Lords, creators of Life, watched from afar, but held their hands, so that the destinies of men and evil spirits should be fulfilled according to the Will of the Most High God of the Universe of conscious being.

7. And unto Kamsa, Kalayavana had betrothed and given in marriage his only daughter, the beautiful Kadru, black-skinned, whose eyes flashed like the lightning from her ebon countenance; ardent of mouth, like deep red flowers her dew-glistening lips, adorned with stamens, dazzling white within. She-mother of snakes in the lower hell Visasana, below Patala, who fed on those worms in secret and was sent to beguile the king with her deceitful smiles.

8. And she held the king by the power of her lasciviousness and wove great spells and wonder-charms, which like a magic spindrift foamed forth from the scud and wrack of her secret serpent-glamour; fermenting wildly with ruthless lust.

9. And Kamsa greatly desired a son from her womb, but there she failed him, though their mutual passions glowed like the slow-creeping streams of fiery matter erupted by a burning hill, smoke-bellowing and jetting storms of sparks. But she remained barren as the pointed piece of rock which pierces the untouched snow upon a mountain-top, and envied Kamsa's other wives, who were fruitful as the queens of wasps and bees, or well-filled cobs of corn.

10. And vast sacrifices were made unto the gods: the sacred bells of the priests pealed forth sonorously like blessed temple-gongs, or sang like tinnient silver chimes. And the holy men's divining-rods probed magically the hidden future's mysteries, but all in vain; for the sacrilegious demons flew within the incense clouds, and the Devas, Lords of prayer, stood aloof.

11. And it came to pass that in that hour Devaki, the virgin sister of the king, approached the fire;

12. And she, the pure and simple-souled princess, knelt down and beseeched the holy Devs to grant the king and queen their great desire: that a Son would come to earth and fill their House with honour.

13. And the officiating priest beheld the virgin and the fire, and suddenly exclaimed, saying, 'O king, no son of thine shall rule the world, but One will spring from Devaki's womb, and be like unto a sweet perfume and an incarnation of Song and Laughter, making glad the hearts of men and maidens, and bring a Light such as this world has never seen before.

14. 'Therefore I say unto thee, speaking truth, Behold! no son of Kadru's lap will comfort thee in thy later years, for thy heart hath opened its portals to the spawn of darkness, and they have found a pleasant lodging within thee—so that thy Light is fled.'

15. And Kamsa was much perplexed, and wondered; nor could he take vengeance against the priest, of far-seeing vision, harbouring Truth; but when he beheld black Kadru's wrath, he led her into the palace, speaking consoling words.

16. But she, that wicked queen of evil blood spoke to her Lord, and said, 'Devaki shall perish, or I will go forth and reign no longer with thee, sharing the throne with a weakling, not worthy to be the Sire of a great Prince of Power!'

17. For the king demurred, and spoke softly to his wife, saying, 'I cannot have my sister slain, who is pure, and beloved of the gods: for their vengeance would strike me down in turn, and thou, and all my kingdom, as the tiger strikes the unoffending deer'.

18. And the queen became like one possessed of devils, and fell down, twisting her lovely form as if it were a heap of maddened snakes; and froth stood on her crimson lips while her eyes shot flames, like the burning up of a dry forest; so great was the excess of her rage: such a rage!

19. And Kamsa feared her overmuch, and said, 'Devaki shall perish, O light of my heart, willst thou but rule by my side'.

20. And a dreadful light of triumph shone from the eyes of the queen; as the baneful idol's ruby pupils glitter in the fire of evil conjuration.

21. And she entwined him in her arms, crushing her voluptuous breasts against his powerful body, intoxicating her lord with the panther-perfume of her ardour.

22. Thus they stood, intertwined like two black serpents bent on reproduction of their kind; and it was as if lurid gleams were mirrored in the tense-stretched muscles of their passion-bulging flesh.

23. And she spoke to the king, saying, 'Offer much sacrifice to the great gods: they who wield death and desire, and they will grant to us a great son, a mighty king to be, who will rule all the world of man'.

24. And as she spoke it was as if a crimson mist rolled through the palace rooms; swirling like an ocean of blood-red, molten precious stones. And grinning spectral forms, pungent-odoured, swam in its billowed waves with keenly strokes of eager anticipation of that which would surely come to pass between the twain...

25. But that night the sacrificial priest dreamed a very evil dream, in which the king was about to kill Devaki with his sword;

26. And the priest awoke and went forth, and warned the virgin, telling her, 'Flee at once and find harbourage with the saintly Hermits, who will protect thy life'.

27. And she took heed, and fled by covert-ways known only to the priest; and she was disguised.

28. And when the king, next morn, made quick enquiry after his sister, but found her gone, there was great outcry, for the guards swore mighty oaths, claiming that the gates had not been opened the whole of that strange night.

29. But some, who slept, now told that in a dream they had beheld the walls of the city, and lo! a brilliant shaft of light clove them in two, and a divine Lady, like an Apsaras from Paradise, so beautiful she was, passed through the ray and vanished in the beyond.

30. And the king feared greatly, knowing that Devaki was protected by the Deva Lords; and a fierce hatred against her filled his mind and soul.

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