The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 2 — Spiritual Heritage

18 — The Chapter of the Teachers

A-UM !

1. And the Lord spoke soothingly to his Disciples, calming their minds, after he had withdrawn that dazzling Light within himself once more.

2. And they sat up, doubtingly at first, peering carefully between their fingers, lest that great Light might blind them again, almost burning them up as it were, for it had been a most potent blaze of light.

3. And then the Lord spoke softly, telling his Disciples Truth about the Laws of Incarnation,

4. Revealing the secret ways by means of which they too might know the trials and the glories of their previous lives on earth and in the Heavens.

5. And he told them too that he alone was full aware of all his lives on earth as Messianic Messenger. He, who ever comes when mankind needs him most, when all the previous Teachings have been faded out, lost in the non-comprehension of those who come to earth as men when the Messiah hath passed on to His Heavenly Home, his Task completed for a while.

6. And Chrishna's listeners, male and female Disciples, heard the words with rapt attention; drinking in the Holy Truths, like travellers having passed through endless deserts, under a burning sun, without the comforts of the waters of life.

7. Now, at last, they reach the Fountain, sparkling with the liquid, clear, of unadulterated Truth....and eased are they in body and in Mind.

8. And the Lord instructed his Disciples to keep the Inner Teachings secret; for it is told by all the Masters that it is a deadly Sin to become wise beyond that which is written.

9. And this applies to common mortals, called 'The Multitudes', but not to the chosen and accepted Pupils of the Dawn-Inspired Teacher.

10. To them, who are chosen and accepted, being ready, the secret Laws may be revealed under the great and solemn Vow of Silence; and all the wisest Teachers tell it thus.

11. But many there are who pretend to have that Inner Wisdom, but they are liars, who proclaim their lies aloud to all the world; but true Wisdom is the crest-jewel of enlightened kings, not necessarily kings who sit on thrones, and those who are thus enlightened are veritable mines of mercy and of understanding. And without understanding, Mercy is a frangible, bloodless thing, without the elasticity of the virile Mind which knows all things by the intuition which is the Voice of the Soul, which hath all Wisdom and true Understanding.

12. But those who pretend to Inner Wisdom without possessing it, are sealed by their own utterance with the Seal of the Serpent; and the truly wise will flee from such.

13. But the revealed Word of the great Messengers is good for all; provided they refrain by means of their dark ignorance from giving forth their own opinions and wrong interpretations of what the holy Texts may truly mean.

14. For such opinions and explanations are without the Truth, and always utterly false.

15. The Holy Books contain no errors if nothing that the Master said is altered or explained by witless men.

16. The words of Him mean what they stand for, and nothing else, and they are all the Truth the common man may know and profit by this Wisdom.

17. Therefore, the Master said, 'It is the greatest sin to alter even by one iota my Holy Words revealed to man in general'.

18. And this is truly said, for upon him who dares this risk will fall awesome punishments, unless himself he be a Master, who knows the Laws of the Within.

19. Then—should he deem it necessary—he may explain the secret Truths unto the few, and for their understanding only. The rest must wait until they are ready too, to be initiated with the Light.

20. Once upon a time a Teacher lost a certain Pupil whom he had taught the truths of life for many months.

21. And after a while, the Pupil returned to his Master, and that foolish Disciple had a countenance as full of woe as a nest is full of ants.

22. For the world had treated him roughly, and its illusions were now as dust within the caverns of his stricken mind, too unestablished in the fullness of true Wisdom to meet the world of men and not be raped of Inner Peace and golden Equilibrium.

23. And the Teacher beheld him, knowing Truth, and said, 'After thy Master hath instructed thee in the worthlessness of worldly things, and thou returnest to them: what art thou, O Ass?'

24. And he continued, 'The earth is like unto a garden filled with the flowers of the senses, false, and overrun with mind-destroying weeds that sap the blossom of the Self with malodorous deceitfulness.

25. 'Who knows this Truth and renounces the Illusion hath found Salvation, and findeth true Existence, true Knowledge, and Absolute Bliss.

26. 'He who ignores this Truth is meat for the scavenger, who sucks the bone the careless housewife throws away.

27. 'Behold the myriad hordes of vice in human shape: outcasts from the nether worlds;

28. 'Who do not know that their afflicted existence is as unstable as a drop of water on the lotus leaf, shaken by the winds of disease, egotism, and final misery.

29. 'Hark how the astute, dry logician mocks the devotees in order to show the multiform aspects of his ignorance, which in his pride, he and his hearers mistake for wisdom.

30. 'The six modifications of earthly life are birth, existence, growth, maturity, decay, and death.

31. 'But in the Heavenly Realms there is nothing but Life: for Paradise is beyond all modifications, and its inhabitants partake of this eternal Quality or state of being, and the Winds of Modification are stilled.

32. 'The greatest Teacher is Silence, but there can be no true Silence until the clamour of the Teacher's words within the Pupil's Mind is stilled,

33. 'And the Precepts he taught have become jewels of solemn and inexpressible Wisdom within that Mind.

34. 'When the Higher Self knows Truth, what, then, becomes of this world?

35. 'Nay; it then is as unreal as the rope which seems a snake; as the silver in mother-of-pearl: and as the bewitching landscape seen in a mirage.

36. 'Work, and worship God within the warm and lighted cavern of thy heart; for the hermit who dwelleth in the mountain cave, existing on alms, abiding in sloth, awaiting the Manifestation of God, findeth him not in the darkness of his chill abode.

37. 'Pure Wisdom is like unto the Kaustubha, the supremest of celestial jewels, which shineth upon the breast of Vishnu.

38. 'Shall one throw away the chance of beholding this heavenly gem for the sake of the piece of glass of worldly existence and worldly "wisdom"?'

39. And the Teacher exclaimed in his righteous indignation with the stupid Pupil, 'Surely, the man who is the chosen and accepted Pupil and who does this, is a double Ass and the slave of Asses!'

40. And the Pupil listened to his Teacher's words, and replied humbly, 'O Master! Protect me who was lost in the arid desert of this sorrowful world, and take me unto thy breast again.

41. 'May the divine Physician cast his glance of grace upon me and cure my malady of relative existence,

42. 'And lead me unto Actuality, taking away the deceptive nectar of realization from my mind!'

43. And his Teacher blest him and prayed that his Pupil's mighty infatuation of the lower Self, created by the power of Illusion, might be transmuted;

44. So that the deceptive aspects of this world be changed into a gleaming stream of Truth,

45. Whose sparkling waters are clear with the Light of Life of the true Existence by means of the internal rites of meditation and attunement with that Truth.

46. External rites are for the lesser ones; the Initiate does not require them;

47. For he is able to reach the Light without the help of preachers saying Mass, which is a holy way of bringing down to earth the Presence of the Lordly ones, of whom there are many.

48. But the initiated Master rises upwards to the Light; and here is the difference between the Master and the ignorant.

49. But when the Presence cometh down, he gives a Blessing to the gathering, and raises up their minds, if worthy and sincere, to better things.

50. Then: God is Within the worshipper in truth, if even for a moment.

51. For men forget so soon that holy instant; and when they leave their place of worship, the world and all its cares falls like a darkening mantle upon their minds and hearts.

52. For such the Priest quotes holy texts from sacred Books if wanted for their spiritual needs, as men draw gold from bankers to meet the needs of the body.

53. Nor texts nor earthly gold are needed by him who has the Light; for the Lords of Life provide for both the body and the spirit of the enlightened one.

54. And for the man who hath the Light and the Truth: Sufficient unto the day are the Blessings thereof.

55. For needs and evils flee from such, as the rabbit and the hare flee from the fox.

56. The fox is thus the worthy symbol for the world of man: cruel and sly; ferocious with the weak, cowardly when the hounds of Fate bark at his heels in the form of the strong in lack of mercy.

57. And when he hears the huntsman's horn, to him its sounds are like the blast of the final Summons for the wicked.

58. He who knows this hath much Truth and dwells in Peace, untroubled by the world, the flesh, and the serpent-like fox, or fox-like Serpent.

59. And on his heart are graven deep the words of wisdom of his Teacher, and free is he too from outward forms of worship: for the true Messiah dwelleth within his secret Self, concealed from outward sight.

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