The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 1 — Youth

5 — The Chapter of Gopala

A-UM !

1. As Chrishna the Child grew up, his voice mellowed, and he sang strange songs, and he played upon the shepherd's flute. And as the golden tones of his voice went forth, enchanting the hearts of all with the music of his utterance, or the velvet tones of the flute swept like a blessing across the land, the tongues of all were stilled.

2. And the birds and butterflies came sailing along and fluttered around his head; and the deer came, dancing like forest nymphs upon their dainty feet, and then stood still beside him;

3. And the great tigers, black-streaked upon a ground of sulphur, lay down among the deer....and, purring, blinked their eyes, listening to the musician and the singer.

4. Even the flowers seemed to rejoice; for the lotuses, red and white and golden, raised up their heads, and gave heed. The trees bowed down their heavy, leafy crowns, and rustled with pleasure.

5. 'Hark! the mellow call of Gopala's flute', said all created beings. Now languid, then sparkling like a string of emeralds caught by a golden shaft of the soft, yet brilliant, does the Call resound in the wood-encircled meadows.

6. As if an inspired lover caressed his Lady softly with bewitching speech, and then rained a thousand rapid kisses upon her answering lips. Entrancing!

7. Thus did Chrishna play upon the flute, and when his tune changed into merry lays, the maidens laughed and danced like festive angels in Lord Indra's Gardens, their dark eyes flashing with delight.

8. When Chrishna, the young Lord, had reached his fifteenth year, his Mother received a Summons from Vasishta, the great Anchorite.

9. And obeying the call, she went forth, speaking to none, not even to her Son.

10. And he, much distressed when his search for her was in vain, went to Vasudeva, the Patriarch, demanding news, speaking to Vasudeva and saying, 'Where is my Mother?'

11. But the Patriarch shook his head sadly, making answer, speaking, 'No questions must thou ask, my Son. Thy Mother hath gone forth upon a long journey, obeying the call from a Messenger who spoke in behalf of the divine ones far away, and she has gone to a strange region, and I know not if she will return, or when'.

12. And Chrishna was heavy at heart, and withdrew in deep meditation; so that all removed themselves from his presence, gazing upon him with awe, as if they were in the company of a great Angel who had suddenly come among them, whose aura would blind all that saw and beheld him too long.

13. And leaving all behind him, abandoning his old companions, he walked away, deep in thought, and like one led towards an unseen destiny by invisible hands; and thus he went up into Mount Meru, where blow the winds of Himavat.

14. At last he ascended a lofty peak, above the line of trees, where snow lay on the rocks whence Himavat was visible.

15. And as he stood upon that eminence, lo! a tall old man, dressed like unto an Anchorite, stood by his side under the light of the sun in the cool air.

16. Ancient he was, as if the loads of centuries lay upon his shoulders; and a snow-white beard covered his breast, while his forehead was the seat of Wisdom.

17. And the ancient man, so majestic and grand, and the young Lord beheld one another, gazing deep within each other's eyes, the ardent eyes of Chrishna mirrored in the cool glance, and calm, of the old man.

18. It is told that Chrishna was struck dumb with admiration at what he beheld within those wise and placid eyes, and it was like the meeting of two once intimate but long since meeting once more.

19. Thus they stood, stock-still, regarding one another in complete silence.

20. And then the Anchorite spoke, saying, 'Why hast thou come to this lonely spot, so near unto heaven, and what doest thou here?'

21. And Chrishna made reply, saying, 'I seek my Mother'.

22. 'Thou seekest in vain', was the reply, 'she is not here'.

23. And Chrishna asked in turn, 'Where, then, has she gone, and how shall I find her again?'

24. And the ancient man replied, 'She is with Him who is Eternal, not subject to change, but ever abiding in his own Realm, yet being present everywhere'.

25. 'O, tell me Sir', cried Chrishna, 'How can I find the Eternal One, and thus my Mother?'

26. 'Seek', was the reply.

27. 'I will', replied the youth, 'but shall I find thee too again?'

28. 'Thou shalt', said the Anchorite. 'When the black serpent-queen sends the evil king unto his greatest crime, to slay the Son of God, then shalt thou behold me for the last time on earth; but the king shall fail, and be slain himself, and before that time thou shalt bruise the Serpent's head, the swarthy queen, when she will try to lead thee into sin.

29. 'But once before that final day we shall meet, and thou shalt know me again by my purple light.

30. 'After the second time of our meeting, thou shall soon be slain, even as I shall be, and thou shall receive the name of Chrishna-Jeseus.

31. 'Thou, Son of Mahadeva, I tell thee: Thou and I are One in Him. Go forth and seek thy Destiny and gather thine Inheritance, and do not fail in thy Quest, for thou are the young lion of the tribe of Saki, the conquering lion of the Sun.

32. 'Therefore I admonish thee: Seek, go forth, Seek!'

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