The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 3 — Divine Wisdom

37 — The Chapter of the Holy Vedas

A-UM !

1. 'Dear Master', said Trigmaketu respectfully, whilst he bowed low before the Lord,

2. 'Dear Master, where in the holy Veds can be found the great Teaching of the Being of Vishnu, Brahmâ, and thyself? For though I have diligently studied the Veds, that holy Triad I have not found therein, nor is there aught said of the Mother.'

3. And all the Disciples crowded close to Chrishna, eager to be instructed further in the essence of wise lore.

4. And the Lord beheld their faces, which shone like unto white lotuses in the airy Lake of the Moon, and said,

5. 'The Holy Veds, even in their earliest forms on earth, now lost and long forgotten, except by Me, who was their First Cause, and all the other holy books are silent on such secrets, for they are not yet meant to be expressed in written characters, but must be taught by the mouth of the Teacher, to enter within the Pupil's ears.

6. 'The creative, preserving and destroying powers of the Gods cannot be found described in ancient books; though in times to come some great Masters will write about these things, but not revealing all.

7. 'There is no allusion in the Veds to the Avataras of the Lord Vishnu, which are I, as I have instructed you, and there will be nine in all such Avataras in my person, sent to earth by my Father. Seven have been, this is my eighth, and at the end of the Kali Yug shall I come for the last time to the Earth.

8. 'And no man knoweth the names under which I have been known before, except my present one, and that for a good reason;

9. 'For I shall not come again for myriads of ages, and when this present body dies, the Black Age, with all its untold miseries will commence, and the true Light be absent from the world, though many of my Messengers will come, to speak in my Name.

10. 'For this reason, and many others, my Father hath decreed that this, my present Message, shall be preserved for the few, to guide them in the darkness, so that the worthy ones may find the Light.

11. 'The Holy Veds will be a means to overturn all future Creeds, so that confusion may reign, and the wise ones shall wring their hands in despair, so that in sweat and agony of Mind the Higher Self may be aware at last of Wisdom which the world rejects, but the chosen one embraces with his very Soul.

12. 'The Vedas veil the Gods with symbols, like the threefold Fire of Sun, the lightning flash, and common fire.

13. 'So: Indra is the air, and the sender of rain and consequent fertility.

14. 'There is a mention of the Visvadevas, or Universal Deities, the Dawn, the Soma plant which animates the Gods, and the teaching of the Pitris, and Yama as the Judge of the Dead.

15. 'But no man knoweth what all this really means, except yourselves, who are my Disciples and have listened to my words.

16. 'The Holy Veds say naught about the future life on earth, or in the Hells or Heavens; nor do they even mention the Supreme God of all, unless with doubts and great uncertainties.

17. 'In the Veds you read that 'THAT', the One Being, was alone. "May I be many" he said—then sprang the world into existence.

18. 'Except a few, such as the two sections in the tenth Mandala, addressed to Visvakarma, the Omnificent, the Ved's cosmogony is silent;

19. 'Neither asserting the co-eternity of matter and spirit, nor the existence of spirit, or matter, alone.

20. 'All that the Vedas tell is about the primary existence of One God when naught else was; and that the world created was by his fiat, and organized by his Wisdom and Might.

21. 'Such teachings are but fractions of the Truth, the final secret of which is Vishnu's alone.

22. 'In the last Dwapara Age, the Veda was divided by the Vyasa Chrishna Dwaipayana into four Vedas.

23. 'Paila was appointed by him as the Great Teacher of the Rig-Veda.

24. 'Vaisampayana of the Yayar-Ved.

25. 'Jaimini of the Sama-Ved.

26. 'And Sumantu of the Atharvan-Ved.

27. 'There was but one Yagu-Veda; but, dividing this into four parts, Vyasa instituted the sacrificial Rite which is administered by four kinds of priests:

28. 'In which it was the duty of the Adhwaryu to recite the prayers, or direct the ceremony;

29. 'Of the Hotri, to repeat the principal Hymns;

30. 'Of the Udgatri to chant the other Hymns;

31. 'And of the Brahman, to pronounce the formulae called Atharvans.

32. 'Then the Muni, having collected together the Hymns called Richas, compiled the Rig-Veda;

33. 'With the prayers and directions called Samans, the Sama-Veda;

34. 'And with the Atharvans he composed the rules of all the ceremonies suited to kings, and the function of the Brahman agreeably to practice.

35. 'This vast original Tree of the Vedas, consisting of one-hundred-thousand stanzas, now having been divided into four principal stems, soon branched out into an extensive forest.

36. 'This branching will go on, and myriads of holy books will spring from the minds of the nearly wise who lack the secret keys, and end in universal confusion—as it is meant to be in the Kali Yuga Age.

37. 'Thus have I warned you long ago, my dear Disciples, to turn away from all superfluous rites, and there is none needed to sanctify the truly wise;

38. 'And not to hearken to the words of priests, however holy they may seem to be, for of true Wisdom they have none, being in the grip of the confusion which descends from the Realms of the Moon.

39. 'The silent Sage who is despised of priests and other ignorant men attains the end of his abstractions.

40. 'Let, therefore, a truly holy man pursue the path of righteousness, without murmuring, without ostentation;

41. 'Without thought of reward or fame; and though men contemn him, he should ever avoid associations with the lesser ones.

42. 'For the true Rite acceptable to the Gods consists of eternal obedience to the Laws of God;

43. 'And true prayer lies not in words, but in silent adoration of the Creator and the beauty of his Works.

44. 'Shining like a bird with feathers of the colour of mother-of-emerald, shot with ruby, so beautiful is the Thought of the Lord of Creators.

45. 'His eyes are sapphire, and his countenance is a golden countenance, and his great Wings cover the multitudes of stars in his Universe.

46. 'Yea! His great Wings cover them very efficiently, and warm they are: those Wings of emerald, shot with ruby gleams.

47. 'And he sits upon the yellow sands of his Divine House; and each grain of sand a star; a star like unto a jewel.

48. 'And his Heart is a great Fire, most opulent; a great Red Fire; a golden Red;

49. 'Such is his Heart, lustrous but stable; Yea! Everlasting.

50. 'And anon he changes his Shape; and he is a powerful Man, heavy-thewed, who carries upon his shoulder-leaning Staff a sack of jewels.

51. 'And lo! He empties out his sack, and behold: a New Universe; and each jewel is again a fine star, most precious to behold, and an atom of great price.

52. 'Many-shaped is He, yet evermore the same, as it was in the Beginning, and will be in the end.

53. 'And he is like unto a singing bird which perches on the myrtle bough; and each note that leaves his jubilating throat:

54. 'Lo! It is a World! A living World which swarms with life beneath that Sun of Song Divine.....bedewed with Blessings.

55. 'And he is like unto a Crater of Fire; a veritable Mountain, reaching high into the heavens of his Paradise.

56. 'A gushing stream of golden sparks jets in the skies, high above;

57. 'And every Spark a living Entity who will adore with praise and everlasting Love the majesty of that divine Volcano;

58. 'A Praise resounding in solemnities of Time and Space like resonant Allelujahs.

59. 'And he is like a cloud of desert dust, seen from afar. And Lo! A holy suspiration now blows the dust on high;

60. 'It separates, and every grain of dust a planet, presided over by its Lord who to the dust shall nevermore return, but have the Life Eternal of God's Breath, and pass it to his creatures'.

61. And as the Lord thus spoke of the wonders which are not to be found within the Holy Veds,

62. The eddies of Spiritual Effluxion whirled wildly, raising gales and hurricanes of exaltation in the minds of his enraptured Disciples.

63. Silver showers of starlight cascaded from the deep blue sky, to be lost within the earthly shadows.

64. And the summer moon was like a golden shield, embossed with silver arabesques,

65. While the mystic, opaline gleams of Soma's halo shone, glowing in the lucent dome of the Universal Deeps.

66. Slender as the Papaya tree, yet strong like unto the Teak, the Lord stood beneath those heavenly lights in the silence which followed upon his words.

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