The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 3 — Divine Wisdom

23 — The Chapter of Beautiful Blessings

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1. And as the Lord thus taught his Twelve Disciples, and the One, divine Apostles to be, they moved from place to place at leisure; speaking to all who cared to hearken to the words of the Master, or came to him for comfort in distress.

2. And as they thus proceeded on their way, they came one day to a delightful countryside, full of blossoming trees, and shrubs, and flowers; and again it was near the coming of the eventide.

3. And when we see the flowers and the trees, some laden with their fruit, we find in this a lesson to the rapt beholder.

4. For as the ripest fruit is always highest on the tree, so is the wisest man most near to the summit of the holy Tree of Life: as the Lord told his Disciples.

5. There were the flowers of the Vanda, chequered yellow and purple, the colours of the sun when it shineth in the Higher, royal purpled Realms.

6. And the bell-shaped Rhododendron's blooms in umbellated clusters of gorgeous hues, rich and fleshy in texture; and the Weeping Salix, delicately flowered; the plumed Malva, whose fruit is shaped like unto Sultan's turban;

7. Wild Thea and Camellia, rich with berries at the proper time; great Papavers, within their capsules the seeds of somnolent imageries and visions;

8. And as, in Vision and in Dream, all things seem real, so is the Dream of Life a fleeting vision, a passing thought, leaving no trace on earth, no matter how great the Seer or the Dreamer. Let those who lust for fame remember this.

9. Here grew the small Bakas tree with its white, orchid-like flowers, spotted with red and purple; sweet-smelling Lime and Lemon, Citron and Shaddock, Bael and Wampi, broadwinged at the petiole, translucent dots on leaves and blooms, succulent fruited.

10. Let those who find blemishes in everything: the spotted sun, the thornèd rose, the clouded sky, and other similes which show ingratitude for gifts received,

11. Think for a moment and consider whether they could even make a single spot, or thorn, or cloud, with all their boasting.

12. And here is the Coral plant with digitally multified leaves and small red flowers in cymes, borne upon erect, sap-filled peduncles; and the odorous Heliotrope of the same family as the Myosotis or Forget-me-not.

13. Behold the Teaching of the slender blade of grass that none can snap in twain!

14. No more can greatest fiend destroy the life of lowliest demon.

15. There bloomed the Rose and purple Mudar, abounding in milky juice, and, as a reminder of the weeds that cumber earth, the prickly Datura which frequents waste places as a rule.

16. What is a weed, and when becomes a weed a flower? See how the Bind-weed leaps with agile strength across the grass and swings itself on high upon the shrubs, festooning them with lovely chalices, so tender formed and delicate.

17. This is called a weed, yet is it full of virtue to the eye beholding its beauty, with secret signature within its petals.

18. And here we see the silky-flowered Dhak, orange-red and handsome, like unto blossom-loaded Pea in all its elegance. All angel messages with sacred autographs of their Creators.

19. Plumed Doum Palms and Palmyra, Date and Sago, Cocos and Betel Palms, their pinnate leaves descending like great feather-fans and waving to refresh the sultry winds. In Nature none need starve, for the Lords of Life provide for all.

20. Each flower, tree or plant a lesson on the beauty of Creation, sent to men by Gods, and adored by the simple and pure in heart.

21. Or sneered at by the damned who have escaped to earth for a short span of time from Hell, to cumber it and plague the better men, like certain weeds attack the flowers.

22. There grew the shrubby, twining Jessamines, delightfully fragrant, and the honey-scented Arbor-tristis, which only flowers in the night, looking up at the Moon and sending its aroma towards Soma as a token of respect and for the delectation of those who roam in the dark; for the dwellers in the night-time are not forgotten either, whoever they be.

23. And there we see the rose-tinted Ardisia, springing up like unto the Primrose in unexpected places; and the herbaceous Panyx, whose ginseng root brings comfort to the within. And ginseng prolongs life and gives new strength when the body grows old.

24. Delicious fruited Guava mingles with the much-branched ornamental Bokul tree, smooth-leaved and white-blossomed, with perfumed flowers.

25. Here stands the Ebony and Calamander, the fragrant Eagle-wood, so rare, and the enduring Teak; the Indian Satin-wood, well named for its beauteous gloss when polished;

26. And the Tamarind, alternate multifoliated leaves and yellow- or red-striped flowers, with broadly spreading crown, much-branched.

27. And all those trees, rich with life and power, besides their usefulness, filling the air with perpetual youth, where men can dwell for a while as in a living Sanctum, away from the cares of daily life; a place of saintly solitude, to recover the Peace Within, and Faith in the ultimate Destiny.

28. There stands the smooth-leaved Sandalwood, incense-odoured, and the dye-producing Sappan, so that the incense clouds, rising and spreading, may become the vehicles for our prayers, dyed with the imagination of our hopes and thoughts—for nothing is forgotten by those who have prepared a temporary residence for Man.

29. Here blooms the bearded Cyanotis and lies prostrate Fagonia, spinose, exhausted with fatigue as it were at the foot of proud Gardenia, densely seeded, and Fuchsia with witching calyx and corolla, like tiny lanterns, redly shining in the light of sinking sun.

30. Polygamous Garcinia, producing drug and pigment; and favourite Hoya, queen of gardens in the East—next to the rose—and there we see narcotic Gunjah, whose resinous leaves and blooms are smoked as 'Bhang'.

31. And there grow too the useful Sapodilla Plum and Star Apple, and the fruits of Passion-flowers and Granadilla;

32. And spicy Mint and Marjoram, Thyme and Sage abound and mix their scents with Lavender, Sweet Basil, and Lemon-grass.

33. And Patma, the sacred Lotus, rising up out of the still waters, as if it wished to climb to Heaven, upon which it ever gazes in adoration, waved to and fro above the rest of the aquatic herbs within a nearby pool;

34. Brasenia, Victoria Regia, and Water-lilies lie at Patma's feet, only the Euryale competing with the Lotus and soaring up above the surface of its proper element.

35. The imperial Magnolia, powerfully scented and truly regal in its splendour, stands near the pool; and spiked Veronica, and Zinnia with its ray-florets, ligulate spreading, enchanting, and exuding a mysterious beauty.

36. And the Lord Chrishna and his Disciples stood among those beautiful blessings, silently absorbing their enchantment, deeply attuning with the Realms from which they sprang at the behest of their various Creators.

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