The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 1 — Youth

13 — The Chapter of The Divine Mother

A-UM !

1. In those latter days of the incarnation of the Great Anchorite, it happened that that sightless Saint, whose earthly eyes had reached the end of their course, had withdrawn to his Hermitage in the depths of the wood.

2. Here he bided his Call to the Higher Sanctuary in patience and content, his only companions being the gazelle and the birds and small beasts of the forest made holy by his sojourn therein, and blest by his presence.

3. And though he still abode within the worn-out flesh, his spirit dwelt in better realms, and saw that which the common eye cannot behold.

4. Thus he waited in Peace, unaware of the changes the weather ever brings in its train, and he was One with God.

5. His bodily needs were supplied by a young chela of the greater Hermitage, where resided the Hermits and the Anchorites and Holy Men, and he came daily to bring him his meagre portion of humble food and milk on which Vasishta fed to keep alive the dimming flame within for so long as it should please the Lords of Life.

6. But he, still master of those faculties which are the portion of him who has striven, sought, and found, could, if he wished, extend his inner sight and bring its gaze to bear upon the world and man; no matter where he deemed it wise to look, and see: for to the clarified inner eye there are no boundaries, and is no distance.

7. Now, Chrishna jumped down from the body of that gigantic tree, the father of all trees, and trod a dim-seen path that led unto the Hermitage.

8. And anon he saw the Muni, sitting peacefully before his hut, beneath the protecting leafage of a tree, and as it were out of the world while yet within it.

9. But Vasishta's Mind beheld the Charioteer, and knew.

10. And Chrishna, beholding him there in that peaceful posture, knew him too, and a wave of delight coursed through his being, as if the sun shone unexpectedly within the depths of a mountain cave.

11. For lo! He beheld the divine Monk who had met him at the top of Mount Meru: he for whom his very Soul was athirst for blessings.

12. And with deep devotion he knelt before that benign embodiment of Wisdom, forgetting all that brought him thence, as if the king and Queen of Mathura and all the folks within that fortress had been mere puppets of a stage-play in a dream, which vanished with the first breeze of dawning.

13. And then the Muni half rose up, stretching hands in blessing, pronouncing the word of Peace in greeting. A—UM!

14. But the evil king, not hearing sound of strife and blows, began to wonder and to fear; and slinking like a wolf from tree to tree crept near the hut, unheard, unseen.

15. And when the sight of Chrishna worshipping instead of killing met his eye, he stood stock-still, stiff with fell amaze, as if he were a rock-hewn spirit in a wizard's cave, and his eyes blazed with wild astonishment.

16. But in spite of being void of outward sight, Vasishta saw, and knew him in his hiding place behind the trees. And he fixed upon the king his blinded orbs, raising his staff, and calling out to the lurker,

17. Crying, 'Hail, O king! I bid thee welcome and know thy mind. Thou comest here to kill, wherefore I say unto thee....Slay on!

18. 'For by doing so my spirit will go free, released from the burden of an hundred years, and more, on earth, and fly to happiness.

19. 'Thou seekest him whom thou hatest: and lo! behold here at my feet thy sister's son, even Chrishna, the Son of God, and Godlike in his qualities.

20. 'Verily, I say unto thee, thou art accursed, and hated by the Saints, and the good, and wise, for thyself hast brought him here so that I may inform him and likewise thee who and what he truly is, and what thou art too.

21. 'And thou art doomed, unhappy wight, and thy Soul will be torn by the claws and the fangs of the devils that joy in the burning deep, thy true home, O, king of wickedness!

22. 'When thy time of punishment is come thou shalt be slain in the sight of the Son of God and Me, and thy end shall be encompassed by one who shall bear good tidings in the name of the Father, and the Mother, and that Son of God thou shalt seek to kill in vain, O, thou who art wholly evil and depraved—and I pity thee from my heart'.

23. And overcome with crimson wrath, the king, sore afraid, sped sudden arrow at the kneeling form of Chrishna.

24. But God protects the Good who have a Mission to perform, whose task has not been ended, but work unceasingly in His holy Name.

25. And the swift bolt swerved wide from its mark, but found its Fate-decided focus within Vasishta's breast, as he, the sainted Anchorite and Master, awaited death with arms spread wide, as if upon the Cross of Last Initiation.

26. And Chrishna felt the shaft speed by and saw it fixed within the lovèd form; and his cry ascended to the heavens, and it resounded far away, and the trees of the forest trembled, and rustled their leaves in response.

27. For unto him it seemed that at that point of time his Soul and that of the Master of the Anchorites were One, and a pang of anguish pierced his heart, as if that had been the mark the bolt had found.

28. And grief profound beyond all sorrows enveloped him, and the arrows of agony struck in his mind and all his being, penetrating the ultimate Core of the divine Within.

29. And now once more the Muni spoke, addressing Chrishna, the Belovèd Son, saying, 'O, Son of God, why dost thou cry so bitterly? It is not Man, nor God, who taketh life; for death is NOT, and Life Eternal is the Lot of All.

30. 'No arrow can destroy the Soul of man, and every victim is the conqueror of every slayer.

31. 'Exult, Belovèd, for I am free of earth's turmoil and go to Him who is Unchangeable, Eternal, Just, and True.

32. 'He it is who will receive my Soul; but there is work for thee to do, my Son, the Chosen One, O, Child Divine, to lighten up the Path of Man and lead him to Salvation....if Man wills it so, thou Saviour and Elect!

33. 'Go forth into the Solitude, and meditate upon the task the Father laid upon thy shoulders in his wisdom; and then commence thy Mission; my work is done'.

34. With these final words the Master's Soul fled from his agèd body, and Chrishna, divine, but terrible in his righteous anger, sprang up, drawing his sword to immolate the king. But that brutish coward had fled away in terror at what had come to pass, and was nowhere to be seen.

35. And lo! There came a radiant flash of blinding light, and Chrishna fell unconscious, his Higher Self ascending with Vasishta, to speed him home.

36. And all earthly things melted into the abyss of Nothingness, being but the shades of dark Illusion; and the true Light shone everywhere, filled with the forms of gods and angels, singing praises and welcoming the Ancient one, who, leaning upon the arm of Chrishna, sped on high.

37. And as they rose, Behold! Age dropped from Vasishta's form as if it were last season's leaf, withered and sere; and anon he radiated Light, and Power, his countenance berayed with loving smiles of recognition as his gaze beheld the myriads coming forth with open arms to press him to their breasts.

38. And shining amongst them like the Morning Star, there stood Devaki, whose name was changed to Maia; and rosy gleams, and green and blue and golden played around her shape, so beautiful, when Chrishna saw once more her smile of motherlove, enfolding him with bliss unutterable.

39. And a great Beam of Light shone forth from Her, the divine Virgin and Mother; and it lit up all the celestial Realms, and Chrishna stood within the centre of its Splendour.

40. Knowing now for sure that he was the Son of the Father and the Mother, and One with their holy Spirit.

41. He, the Word, the Truth and the Life, called Chrishna, the good Shepherd to be and the Holy Lamb in One; Messiah and Redeemer, dispensing Grace;

42. He, the Beginning, the Middle, and the End; He, who is the Resurrection personified in his emblematical Adumbration; He, the Sun of Righteousness; the Way to the Father: All in All;

43. Having existed for all Time, yea, even before human birth on earth in any form.

44. He, who is without Sin, but can forgive all sins, and deliver from Sin.

45. He, whose Mission is to fight the evil Serpent that dwells in man and eke without, and all his works, and minions, and worshippers;

46. He, who raises up the pure in heart, the just, the true and the simple of Faith towards the Throne of his Father.

47. He, the veritable Lord of Heaven, yet human for a while, until his Work has been accomplished.

48. He, who is reflected in the lesser ones who strive to do his work on earth in his Name, in faithfulness and truth, according to their Light.

49. Thus Chrishna stood, confronting his divine Mother, berayed with Light, and He the Light of Lights, supreme.

50. And all the gods, and the angels, and the myriads of dwellers in the Heavens, they sang praises to Her, the infinite and subtle Prakriti who formerly bore Brahmâ in her womb;

51. And afterwards the Word, even Chrishna: embodiment of Vishnu in her Person,

52. The Mother of the Holy Vedas, Essence of all created things and beings;

53. Holy Spouse of the Highest Majesty of God Supreme, and Mother of Gods; and there was great rejoicing in Heaven.

54. And then....there was heard within the inner ear of Chrishna a reverberating roar, and he found himself lying in front of the body of the Holy Hermit,

55. That purple-haloed Saint of Meru's Peak; and the young Lord rose up like one who rises from the tomb; enshrouded with the heavy veils of earthly life again after receiving his great Initiation in the Realms of Light,

56. But the Light and the Truth of what he had beheld was fixed within his memory, and now he knew at last what his Mission was to be, and that he would fulfil it to the end.

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