The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 3 — Divine Wisdom

33 — The Chapter of The Living Waters

A-UM !

1. On a certain day, the Lord and his Disciples came to a small village, and it was an isolated place where few men ever came, for the inhabitants were poor, and had nothing of value of which the keen ones of this earth could deprive them.

2. On this account, Peace reigned in that happy village, where there was no need for envy, for the small worldly possessions of the villagers were evenly divided, and not worth having in any case.

3. Nor was any one there more clever than his neighbour, so that of spiritual pride there was abundant absence.

4. For is it not true that the overblown affluence of stuffed-up intellectuality is like unto a harlot's bed, soaked with sickly perfumes to disguise the lesser smells of her muliebrious dump?

5. And what is intellectuality in the mind of those who are ever ignorant of spiritual perfections in any thing or being?

6. It is like the farmer's cart, overloaded with muck, and presently the axles break, and the cart topples over, distributing the manure in a place where it can do no good.

7. The blind Disciple ever seeks after the Teacher he has already found, but knows him not in the blindness of his non-perception, for his mind is likewise overloaded with material rubbish, acting as a veil to conceal the Teacher's Light.

8. And if you cannot discern the virtue of the man or thing you know, how can you ever hope to perceive the beauty of the wisdom of the Within of the true Teacher? which is like unto the beauty of the Promised Land of true Seers.

9. Truly, the lance of fate is often needed to prick to virtue the unwilling Pupil who wallows in sloth of mind and body.

10. But the Lords of Life and Destiny behold all men with god-like Wisdom in their compassionate eyes; but as base gilt cannot deceive the touch-stone, no more can the hypocrite deceive God or his Messenger.

11. And the Lord and his Disciples sate themselves down by the village well, beneath the shade of a huge Nyagrodha tree, the father of figs, and rested: for they had travelled far that day and were weary.

12. And as they sat there, after slaking their thirst, there approached a village maiden, come to fill her water-can at the well.

13. The maiden's white dupratta fluttered in the wind as she sang merrily on her way, and she gave kind greetings to the travellers, smiling welcome.

14. And the Lord Chrishna, beholding her beauty of body and the purity of her mind, said unto the maiden, 'Let me draw the water for thee from this well, for this is a deep well.

15. 'And thou art frail, but I am strong, and it is meet that the strong shall serve the weak'.

16. And he filled the pitcher for the maiden and gave it to her, full of sparkling water.

17. And the maiden thanked him kindly, and took a mango flower from her hair, and gave it into his hand with a sweet smile; and Chrishna took it.

18. And he said to the maiden, speaking to her in his mellow voice, 'This flower I shall return unto thee when thou hast entered Paradise, and it will be increased a thousandfold in beauty;

19. 'For there it sucks the living waters, of which the waters of the earth are but a shadow, and thou shalt share the Waters of Paradise with me, and those who love me, and believe in me.

20. 'For know that all that IS has come from the heavenly well, which is an Emanation of my Father, the Holy Lord called Vishnu;

21. 'And from my Mother, his Heavenly Queen, Devaki, known on earth as Maia, the Maiden, and she the Spouse of God Supreme.

22. 'And even as that Water is the Cause of all that is on earth, and in all the Heavens, and the Spaces between the worlds of God,

23 'So am I that living Water, the First Emanation of that Pair Divine.

24. 'For I am the Beginning, the Middle, and the End of all things, live or dead, and the Living Water of which all who thirst for me may partake freely and without stint or hindrance.

25. 'For I am the Water of Everlasting Life, and the Water is the Spirit, and the Everlasting essence of all things that live and have their being; and the Essence of all the things that seem dead, but are not;

26. 'For they too are filled with the Spirit of the Waters of Life, but concealed from earthly sight, so that men shall seek in vain for this Spiritual Essence of the First Water:

27. 'For it is beyond all knowledge and all conception and utterly divine, partaking of the Qualities of both the Father and the Mother who created it.

28. 'And it is an Essence, and a Water, and a Spirit, and a golden Flame: very Holy is that Emanation, and those who behold Me behold the Essence.

29. 'Therefore I say unto thee, speaking truth, that Water, First created of all things, contains the fire of Vishnu and the moisture of Maia, and in its Essence, those who seek and look with the eyes of the Spirit, shall behold me, even Chrishna, the Son of the Father and the Mother.

30. 'And all who dwell within its Radiance, shall be blest for evermore, knowing that it is I, indeed, the Fire and the Moisture blended into one Essence in my Person and my Spirit,

31. 'Who am the Lord of the Waters of the Cosmos, walking upon its waves, and speaking soft words which are as a flattering unction to the soul, so that the weak shall take heart and be comforted, speaking in the name of my Father and my Mother'.

32. And the maiden beheld the Lord with amazement, as well she might, for such words she had never heard before.

33. And the Disciples listened to the Lord in silence, wondering why he spoke unto the simple maiden in such enigmatic speech, far beyond her normal understanding; and they looked from Him to the maiden, and back again.

34. And the maiden spoke unto the Lord, speaking shyly, and with hesitation, saying,

35. 'These be deep Teachings, O reverend Sir, and how shall one as ignorant as I am understand their import?'

36. And Chrishna made reply, saying, 'The unbaked pot of clay of the mind must be baked in the oven of adversity, lest the Water of the Spirit be wasted away in the pot.

37. 'The oriole does not dwell in the desert; nor does the owl love a garden full of flowers; shall the jackal worship in the temple?

38. 'The swan of the Higher Mind is ever attacked by the raven of the lower.

39. 'And each man suffers in his own way, nor can the eagle know the anguish of his victim.

40. 'A beggar went once to a rich man and asked for succour; the poor fool! Does a poisonous weed drop peaches for the hungry to feed upon in gratefulness?

41. 'But the Fountains of Life in my Paradise flow with the Wine of Wisdom; come, then, ye who are weary, and simple of mind, and ignorant, and bathe in the ease of my Love, which is true Wisdom, and all things shall be made clear unto thee.

42. 'If the utterance through the mouth does not arise from the Seed which bideth in the heart,

43. 'The effect is that of rain which falleth upon the barren rock,

44. 'Where no seed awaits its ripening, and the hot sun disperseth the health-giving water;

45. 'For the man without Wisdom is like unto the barren desert rock, and the sun of unwisdom shall burn him up'.

46. And the maiden took her pitcher and went home; and then she called all the villagers from their homes, and gathered together the tillers of the small garden-plots and from the fields.

47. And she spoke unto them of the great Sage who rested by the well with his Disciples beneath the shade of the tree, saying,

48. 'Verily, a Son of God hath come within our midst. Hearken to his divine Message of the first Waters of Life, and his promise that those who follow him shall enter into Paradise'.

49. And they all came unto Him and bowed deeply before his countenance, for the Lord had the royal look of a great Angel, beautiful to behold in his Splendour.

50. And the Lord looked upon those simple souls, who dwelled in the peace of unaffected homeliness in that happy village, and he gave them of his Wisdom: heavenly Words from God.

51. And he said, 'I—Chrishna—am come to reveal the Darkness and the Light.

52. 'I am He who prepares the worthy, knowing the secrets of the worlds and all things and beings.

53. 'I am come to initiate and destroy, for I will lead to freedom those who will follow me; nor shall the worthless attain to everlasting Life.

54. 'I am come to bring into the world a Light with which to guide, and a Sword with which to slay ignorance.

55. 'I am the Sword-bearer, and he who carrieth the Torch of Wisdom.

56. 'Behold! The choice is thine, O, dust of the dust of the Ages! filled with Life.

57. 'Without Me there is no Salvation; for can a ripple rise up in the air and leave the widespread lake?

58. 'I am like unto the dove who feeds its young on pigeon's milk, for I give unto thee my very Soul, that thou mayest be nourished.

59. 'He who prayeth to the Father with deep humility, thus blending his Soul with mine, is mantled with the robe of dignity for evermore.

60. 'He who prayeth to Me, his words shall reach the ears of the Father, and He will respond to the prayer, and give the benediction of Peace.

61. 'As the greatest joys are found in simplicity and tenderness, so is eternal Bliss found in the Love I bear unto them who believe in me.

62. 'There is a Garden filled with the redolent breath of many spices; each spice stands out apart, yet all do mingle their odours, sharp and sweet, with infinite variety of savour.

63. 'Thus dwell the Angels, once men on earth of many nations and many peoples, and tongues, and kinds, and all those who have yet men to be, awaiting the time of their incarnation, within that Garden in my Heaven, and mingle in the sharp sweetness of the spice-like varieties of Soul and Mind.

64. 'And as a song is the soul of the bird, and the bird the creator of the song, so is the savour of each spice the Sigil of each God-created Soul in that Garden;

65. 'A Garden many-souled and lavish with the scent of its odours, which fill each soul with delight and many-tongued Songs:

66. 'Each Song a deep secret, the savour of which can be known by the Soul of the wonderful Birds of God who sing in that spice-filled Garden.

67. 'And the Universe of Vishnu, the Lord of Lords, is like unto a huge ocean wherein swim many golden fish.

68. 'Behold! The gold is shot with greenish tints, like the iridescence of the Mallard's neck, most opulent to the eye, most pleasing.

69. 'And some fish are silvery, streaked with violet and purple; royal colours.

70. 'And they swim within that Ocean, in the midst whereof stands a giant Tree;

71. 'The branches of the Tree spread all through the Waters, and at times it seems that from each branch and twig there hangs a fish,

72. 'Suspended by its gold or silver tail; and it shimmers in the waters as they swirl around the Tree,

73. 'And wave and twist and twirl flexuously its leaves, within the burbling, deflucting streams and tides of that great Ocean:

74. 'Each bunch of leaves a Cosmos, around those marvellous fish, each Fish a Sun of Glory.

75. 'Behold the wonders of created life; but is it necessary to pluck the flower to be indebted to its beauty?

76. 'Therefore I say unto thee, behold the flowers of true enlightenment and wisdom, but do not pluck them from the Tree; but regard the works of God and bow in adoration.

77. 'For to pluck a flower from the Tree of Life and Wisdom is to destroy its life; for anon thou shalt throw it away, or lose it, so that it falleth into the enemy's hands, to be annihilated, the Enemy of Man not being able to know Life and Wisdom for what they are.

78. 'Or thou mayest prevent thy Brother from beholding that radiant flower upon the Tree; so that by thy thoughtless act he may not be fed on its glory and drink the wine of its goodness.

79. 'And to rape Life and Wisdom from the Tree is a deadly Sin if thou intend to eat it, and drink its wine, to the loss of others and for thine own good only.

80. 'For know that one drop of the wine of Wisdom within thy Brother's Soul and Mind is more potent for thy good than the vintage of a fruitful countryside.

81. 'And that when thou givest thy Brother to eat and drink from the Tree by showing unto him its beauties, without destroying them: thy own Soul shall be fed with blessings uncountable, and thou shalt prosper in the Spirit.

82. 'For what is the Wisdom of Creation unless the Spirit of the Creator be still within its workmanship?

83. 'And what man can give Life after destroying it by plucking it from the Tree which hath Life from Me through the Father?

84. 'And shalt thou be able to destroy the Spirit of the Creator when thou killest his works of Life and Wisdom?

85. 'Shall the tool of the graver give life to the white marble nymph? Therefore I say unto thee: take not life away.

86. 'Shall the jeweller who beats fine gold into royal crowns be the maker of kings? Therefore, respect the life which cometh from the King of kings.

87. 'Shall the writer of barren words of unwisdom be the stablisher of Laws divine? Therefore, respect the ordinances of God, that thou mayest find Wisdom, and eat not of the forbidden fruit, nor drink it.

88. 'Keep ever open the seven windows of the earthly self: that life may enter by the mouth to feed the body; and let soft words ever issue from that open window;

89. 'That breath may enter by the double windows of the nose, and love breathe forth from thy nostrils;

90. 'That beauty may enter by the eyes, and benevolence shine forth from those twin shining lamps;

91. 'That Wisdom may enter by the ears, and keep it safe for thine own guidance and that of the worthy.

92. 'Thus shall the hidden Gate of Brahmâ open easily and in Peace when thy Spirit rejoins its Maker when thou risest by way of the Golden Gate of the crown to thine Inheritance.

93. 'Ever remain calm in simplicity, for true austerity is devotion to God by simple and peaceful meditation.

94. 'Have no fears of the Life to come, for remember that even the faded rose shall bloom again when it flowereth in Heaven—to fade no more.

95. 'Remember too that life on earth is as frail as the cobweb-carried nest of the Sun-bird, and be ever prepared to enter the Garden of Heaven, that thou mayest not be found unworthy.

96. 'The mysteries of life are unfathomable,

97. 'For who shall know the dreams which abide in the rocks?

98. 'Who shall be able to realize what passions yet remain within the urnèd dust of one who loved with all his heart?

99. 'Who knows what benedictions the palmfronds swing towards the timorous violet?

100. 'Oh, thou, who believe in Me, heed naught of all these things, nor fear, for I love thee, and all is well; leave all the mysteries of being and non-being to the Gods who have made all things.

101. 'May the Lord of the Treasure House of the Sun send blessings unto thee, even as I bless thee.

102. 'May the echo of the joyful laughter of the Apsarasas in the Garden resound within thee, and draw thy hearts to Paradise'.

103. And as the Lord ended his Sermon to the simple villagers, the enchanting silvery flight of the Rice-birds, white and pure like little Cherubim, twinkled over the emerald flats.

104. And the people knelt before the Lord, beseeching him to bide with them; and he abode with them for several days before proceeding further on his Mission.

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