The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 1 — Youth

4 — The Chapter of The Hells

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1. When the Anchorites and the Hermits, and the Holy Men, and the shepherds and the herdsmen heard of the miraculous birth of the Child, there was great rejoicing, and all the men that dwelt near to the foot of Mount Meru came to see and worship the Radiant Babe as it lay in its humble crib in the stable between the patient oxen and the ass.

2. And there was joy in heaven, and the angelic choirs sang hymns, and the harpers struck golden chords out of their harps. And Maia attended the rites of purification when the time for it was come, as is the Law, and she was like unto one hallowed in celestial beauty.

3. And divine music resounded in glad resonances in all the heavens above the earth, like the plenary majesty of Messianic Choral Symphonies, composed by Seraphic inspiration of the Masters of melody, measure and rhythm who dwell within the Golden Realms of the Gods.

4. But the lower heavens, called Narakas, were filled with a grim silence, and the demons gnashed their fangs in those hells,

5. Even the hell Raurava, the dreadful hell of liars and false witnesses, where continual Courts are held, the accused being faced by serpent-headed judges, who with their ice-cold eyes behold them, whilst a host of accusers testifies against them, affirming their non-existing crimes with many oaths, citations, and corroborative evidence against which there is no defence.

6. And there is no end to the trials, and any refutation of the lies is regarded as a rebuttal, whilst the Judge's darting tongue strikes at the helpless accused and fills them with untellable fear.

7. And Rodha, the hell of obstruction, where dwell thieves and murderers, and those who cause abortions; where the victim is killed over and over again in the most fearful ways, and brought to life again each time; and all he has is stolen by rapid-fingered robbers who slink like shadows in the dark,

8. And where every woman gives endless series of births to great monstrosities, who glare at their mothers, and bite them, and claw and shriek without ceasing.

9. And the hell Sukara, the swine hell, to which are condemned those who kill a priest, drink wine, and steal gold, accompanied by those who associate with them.

10. And this hell is filled with gigantic boars and sows, who slash the inhabitants with their sword-like tusks; and the uproar of their everlasting grunting is beyond the bearing.

11. And the hell, Tala, the padlock hell, where dwell the murderers of men of the second and third castes, and those who commit adultery with the wife of their spiritual Teacher.

12. And here the seven natural gates of man are for ever sealed; for being famished with hunger his mouth is closed with iron padlocks, so that he can neither eat nor drink.

13. Choking for air, his nostrils are filled with evil smelling wax, which is immovable and swells daily more and more, causing unbearable pains.

14. He tries in vain to see his deliverer and hear his kindly voice; but he is both blind and deaf, for his eyes are sealed and his ear is the abode of worms and the deliverer cometh not.

15. And the hell Taptakumba, where stand the heated cauldrons in which boil those who hold incestuous intercourse with their sisters, or murder ambassadors; and here the air is heavy with the steam and stench of the boilings, and the moist heat is beyond all imagination.

16. This hell is full of demons who toil at filling the vats, and once a person is immersed he boils for evermore.

17. And the hell Taptaloha, the red-hot iron hell, where go those who sell their wives; and it is the place of the wicked gaolers, who have tortured their prisoners during life, and those who desert their adherents in the time of peril.

18. Here everything is made of red-hot iron, and the victims are compelled to work with burning tools, and their skin adheres to all they touch.

19. And the hell Mahajwala, that of the Great Flame, where burn those who commit incest with a daughter-in-law, or a daughter.

20. And the Great Flame roars like unto a never ending thunderstorm, waving wildly and gripping all who enter there with its fingers of fire, to drag them down within the centre of that dreadful burning.

21. And the hell, Lavana, the Salt Hell, to which are sent those who are disrespectful to their spiritual Guide, or revile the Vedas, or associate with women in a prohibited degree.

22. Here the prisoners thirst for ever and are given sea-water to drink; and the demons bring them loathsome lumps of rotting flesh to eat out of huge pickling vats; and they eat and drink without ceasing, in everlasting sickness and despair.

23. And in all the other hells, or Narakas too, below Patala, they gnashed their fangs and began to wail in their bestial anger, breaking the awesome silence at last.

24. And now, rumours reached the ears of Kadru, the black queen, consort of bitter-hearted Kamsa, the king of the Fortress City of Mathura and all the lands around it, as far as rises the sun in the East and sets in the West, and farther, for he was truly a mighty monarch, raised up by the Powers of the Pit to do their will on his blood-washed throne.

25. And Kamsa, without the knowledge of the Priests of the Pure Fire, summoned unto him, and the queen, the evil wizards that dwell in the secret corners of the Dark House, empowered by the dire Regent of the North, who wields the Sceptre of Death; and the wizards were headed by their principal priest, Prahlada, of evil countenance.

26. And Kamsa bade them draw the magic Circle, and call forth the denizens of the Place where dwells the immortal Worm that vomits sin and murder, and breathes forth all wicked thoughts which beset the Path of Man like unto a poisonous undergrowth in a plague-stricken wood.

27. So the demons came forth and howled around the Circle, grinning with fury at being subject to the wizard's commands.

28. And the Black priests spoke and ordered them to fetch the Radiant Child, but they were powerless to do so, for the thurificating incense of the air of Himavat protects Meru and all that land, and keeps it inviolate from wicked spirits.

29. This counsel did enrage the king and queen, so that the wizards made reply, and said, 'Give forth an Edict, O king, commanding that all the first-born ones of this year shall be slain as a sacrifice to the gods, lest they, in their wrath, destroy the lands, and all the peoples'.

30. And the king took heed of what the wizards said, and there was great slaughter of the innocents, the soldiers and the spies enforcing the enactment, that none might escape and live.

31. But the holy Anchorite, Vasishta, warned by angels during dreams, sent word unto the Patriarch of Meru, and when the soldiers and the spies made search, the Mother and the Child, and all the other children of that region, were gone, concealed within the Mountain, and none could tell their biding place.

32. And when, after a span of time, the rumours ceased and the terrors were done, they took the Mother and Child into a lofty valley, amidst a tribe of other shepherds and their families, and they lived in tranquil security.

33. And the women of the tribe, beholding the Child, spoke, saying as if with one voice, 'He is a son of the good Gandharvas, they who preside over love and marriage, and he must have been conceived when Indra's minstrels emitted sweet sounds of melody, so beautiful is his countenance, and pure his mien'.

34. For his Virgin Mother had bestowed upon her child the flowery attributes of Spring which blossomed in his joyful mind, and from his eyes shone forth two beams of true celestial Light bewitching all who saw him; and the women called him Gopala, the Infant Shepherd.

35. But after a while the Mother and the Child returned to Vrindanan, resuming their rightful place among their friends, the shepherds and the herdsmen, under the command of the Patriarch.

36. Fearless was the child as he grew up, going forth into the wild places as soon as he could walk, making his Mother most anxious at times when he stayed away whole days.

37. And he hugged unto his breast the young tigers, holding open their jaws; and they rubbed their fierce heads against him with delight.

38. The birds sat at his feet, adoring him, for he loved all beings and was loved in return.

39. But his Mother he loved most of all, she of the lustrous countenance, who told him tales about the great Devas, who are utterly holy and luminous, and related epics of heroic combats in the past, as befits the daughter of a royal House.

40. And the shepherds and the herdsmen, and their wives and families wondered when they beheld them thus, engrossed in one another, and they spoke amongst themselves, saying, 'Who is this Mother with that son? Though married to a humble man, her air is like unto that of a very queen, or heavenly nymph.

41. 'And who is that radiant child? He has the looks of a God-like one; nay, of a God himself, though he so young and tender. But good fortune will come to us all, because he is that Radiant One, even Gopala, and he will be very wise anon'.

42. Thus the simple folks talked among themselves, and their honest minds knew Truth.

43. And Chrishna, the Child Divine, dwelt both on earth and in the Heavens, for upon him was bestowed the gift of Vision, and at certain times he was like one far away from earthly things: not answering when spoken to, for his mind had taken flight and bided in the Hidden Places, filled with the Light of the divine Pavilions on high.

44. And then he returned again and was like one refreshed by heliacal dews, redolent with perfumes of an unearthly kind, and he shone with the light of the galaxies that float in Space beyond our Universe.

45. Thus he grew up, and the fame of his strange and saintly attributes pervaded the valley, and all that dwelt there knew.

46. And the Anchorites, the Hermits and the Holy Men did visit him from time to time, meaning to teach the Child those things they thought he should know.

47. But he taught them instead; for Wisdom flowed from the Within of him in a ceaseless stream, and all were astounded at the words that were carried by the air of his breath to the Without, bringing Grace to the inner minds of his audience.

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