The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 1 — Youth

3 — The Chapter of The Star

A-UM !

1. Now Kamsa, the evil king, was wrath when his spies brought tidings that the Virgin had disappeared again.

2. And sending his soldiers in every direction, to pacify the queen, who still stayed barren, he scourged the land and all his subjects in his anger, offering great rewards if the Maid were taken.

3. And many there were in those degenerate days that rejoiced in giving dominion to wicked thoughts and deeds, for nearly the whole of the human race was void of goodness and of any kindly consideration.

4. But She of the rapture-giving Mother-Name, even Maia, which is a name like unto the echo of the jubilant sounds of Spring-time, and no Illusion She, that Maiden, but Imagination of the Gods brought into life, robed with beauty, went on her way.

5. Serene was her mind in the knowledge of the Wisdom and Protection of the love of Vishnu, the omnipotent and most High, and no hurt could wend its way towards her.

6. For the God of Gods had constructed a Plan of Salvation for the world of Man, to lead unto the Light and the Peace all those then qualified Within.

7. And this was the reason for her preparation to bring to birth a Holy One, clothed in the rayful majesty of the Father, and a very Deity himself indeed.

8. And voices had been heard in the land, saying by the mouth of Bali Rama, the forerunner of the Lord to be, with an utterance that penetrated every region of the State, 'I am he who prepareth the Way, and I proclaim the coming deliverance of the bondmen and the slaves of matter. O, come, and let me lead thee to the waters of the Holy River, that thou mayest be cleansed from all error!'

9. And the queen, hearing report of him who proclaimed the Coming, was sore enraged, and demanded of the king that Bali Rama should be taken, and his head the forfeit.

10. And Kamsa, enslaved by passion and desire, a helpless tool in cruel hands of her, gave way once more, and Rama was taken, and slain, and his blood-dripping head shown unto the people, as a warning to beware; and the queen rejoiced greatly.

11. But forward went the Maiden, towards Mount Meru, where the fragrant Cedars shed benedictions and peace.

12. And at last she arrived, guided along secret paths, hiding by day in the jungle, or amidst the plume-headed reeds of the rivers.

13. And the guides were calm, but watchful, and no harm befell the Maid, though at times the spies were very near during their futile search, but roaming the land in vain.

14. And then she arrived in a beautiful valley, named Vrindanan, at the foot of Mount Meru, where dwell the shepherds and the herdsmen in tranquillity, and no enemy was nigh.

15. It was a land of verdant pastures, and mighty trees enguarded them whilst the soft winds from Himavat sang songs or whispered in the pure, clear air.

16. And Vasudeva was the Patriarch of all the shepherds and the herdsmen, and he the friend of the Anchorites and holy men.

17. And none but he knew the true name or history of Maia, who was given a dwelling-place in a humble stable, fragrant with the scent of hay and the pure breath of the cows and oxen; and an ass was stabled within. And there she remained until a hut should have been built for her.

18. Now, Vasudeva, in his wisdom, spoke unto a certain artificer, a good and faithful servant, whose name was Nanda, saying unto him, 'This maiden needs protection of a husband who will guard her as if she were an angel from the heavenly gardens, and respect her purity, and the holy Anchorites have appointed thee to fill that place and be her lord on earth to outward seeming, and keep her safe from harm. Art thou willing?'

19. And Nanda, a carpenter by trade, agreed, bowing low in honour of the Gods, who surely had spoken, using the mouths of the Holy men and the Patriarch to make known their divine decrees. And the Patriarch blest him in the Name of Vishnu, the Supreme Lord of all the deities.

20. Thus the Maid awaited that which was to be, and she smiled sweetly on her husband, tending his simple needs like a true and loyal wife; and they were happy.

21. And then, one night, a great Star was seen in the sky, yet far away, but coming nearer night by night in the direction of the stable.

22. And it lit up all the heavens, and the people fell down and worshipped that wondrous Lamp of God, announcing great events.

23. Ever nearer came the Star, coming from the East, and its luminosity was so great that none could look and behold it. It was a very Sun of Stars, so great was it, so mighty and so beautiful.

24. And all the people were much in awe, speaking to one another in great wonder, saying, 'Surely, this Star is a glorious God, a Mahadeva, come to bless mankind'.

25. And one night, at the very noon of night, that shining Star passed right over the humble stable in which Maia dwelt in safety, and at that moment a Child was born; and it had a star upon its brow, and great lights lit up the crib in which it was laid, between the solemn, chewing oxen and the ass, and it was perfumed by the sweetly scented breath of the kine.

26. But the great Star was gone from the sky and was seen no more.

27. And at that moment was heard a knocking at the door of the stable, and when it was opened, lo! there stood three Strangers, dressed in holy robes, with mystic symbols woven in the threads of the garments, and very wise their mien.

28. Demanding entrance they approached the crib, and bowed low before the Child with the star upon its brow, surrounded by lights, saying,

29. 'Hail! pure Son of God, and very God Himself; we greet and worship thee and pray for thy blessing'.

30. And the Child opened its eyes and smiled a radiant smile; and ever since that night the shepherds and the herdsmen called his name—"The Radiant One".

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