The True Gospel of Chrishna-Jeseus

Section 2 — Spiritual Heritage

22 — The Chapter of the Apostles

A-UM !

1. As to the Disciples which the Lord Chrishna had taken unto him, twelve Disciples, six male and six female, the Sons and Daughters of those who dwell in the Bliss or the turmoil of the Twelve Heavens, high and low, Arjuna was the first as well as the thirteenth of them all, representing the synthesis of the Twelve Heavens and the Twelve Disciples, standing apart, yet being part of the Whole.

2. For each Heaven, high or low, is a Tabernacle of the Lords of Life and Destiny who have their followers for good or far as Man can realize these great Conditions.

3. And as there are positive beings and negative ones, positive things and negative, and also positive and negative Aethers, so there are positive and negative Heavens circling round the great Vibration called 'The Earth', and its Heaven.

4. And though a man or woman be born on earth, such is still a son or daughter of a Heaven, high or low, four Heavens either way, and of those who tabernacle within those Heavens. For the three Outer Heavens, above or below, do not send forth any beings or things to earth, except on one condition, of which no words may be spoken here.

5. And men call some Heavens 'good', and others 'bad', or 'evil', should they know of the existence of such.

6. Thus Man, in the blindness of his ignorant conceit proclaims himself a judge of the grand designs and the Wisdom, and the Love, of that God, divine and inscrutable, who rules the earth and planets, suns and moons, and all the Realms around them.

7. But Man, in wilful pride, heads for a fall....into error, when he indulges in high notions and assumes the mantle of omniscience, which only that great God can wear in the lofty grandeur of his divine Spirit.

8. Verily, the stars are numbered, and their number is seven times seven trillions of stars.

9. This is the total sum of all the mystic figures which constitute the Universe of Vishnu.

10. This is the Number of the Cosmothetic Creation of the Solar Systems in our Universe on the material, physical basis of the ultimate number 4, which is the fadic number of the universe of Matter.

11. Beyond this figure are concealed the secret meanings of the trillions of stars which are ONE with the Triune Spirit of Father-Mother-Son, whose reflections are the Hosts of God, and those latter partake of the Spirit of the Trinity in a higher or lower sense.

12. There is a central Sun, which is the Divine and Ultimate Throne, and upon it is seated the Great Trinity—Three-in One;

13. Again are they symbolized by Three Suns, which are placed thuswise:

14. One within the Polar Plane, representing the Father;

15. One within the Equatorial Plane, representing the Mother; who is the Holy Ghost of latter days;

16. And One in each Cosmic Plane, or Solar System, the Emblem of the Son, whose Emblem is visible to all creatures within each Solar System.

17. The names of the six male Disciples were Pushparna, Isha, and Vasu;

18. And Tigmaketu, Urja, and Jaya; Sons of God on earth assembled and they represent the six Positive Realms, or Heavens, and positive in themselves, though not necessarily from any particular Realm descended.

19. And the six female Disciples were Pratas, or Dawn; Madhyandina, or Noon; and Saya, or Evening;

20. And Pradhova, or Beginning; Niata, or Middle; and Vyushta, or End: the Messengers of the Negative Realms, and negative in themselves, though not necessarily from any particular Realm ascended.

21. And neither positive nor negative can claim to lord it over its opposite number, for neither can exist or be without the other, and both are equal except for the indication of the term itself.

22. And there is no thing or being, nor Heaven, Realm, Aether or Vibration, which is not positive and negative in one; though the balance of positive and negative varies according to the 'sexes' of both things and beings, Heavens, Realms, Aethers or Vibrations.

23. For both these principles are needed to bring the thing, or being, Heaven, Realm, Aether or Vibration into manifestation.

24. For in their separation lies extinction as a Manifestation, nor could they BE, apart, in any way.

25. For in order to BE they must embrace; and furthermore: having thus achieved Being, they must later cease to Be in any Realm; for in this lies the secret of the Law of Evolution.

26. Yet can, and must, they rise conjoint, or fall upon the Way from Realm to Realm, and this is a great Mystery.

27. And being once conjoint, there is no further actual separation; nor death nor any form of cessation from being for man or thing, Heaven, Realm, Aether, or Vibration: but it is the Lord of a Realm which causes this conjunction.

28. And thus, having been given Being by the Lord, Creator, or Creators, once himself created, where, then, is that 'Eternity' man talks about so glibly, without realizing the true meaning of this term?

29. For when a man asserts that God is Eternal, and always was, is, and will be God, he talks in idle symbolisms, and formulae and figures which his mind can never hope to grasp and understand.

30. There is no modulus or logarithm; no aliquot or decimal; no differential or exponential; no geometrical progression, no pyramidal, polygonal, or figurate number that can measure such Eternity or describe its rational duration.

31. There are no means of recognizing an Eternity, no more than one can diagnose the Mind of God, who is, and too is not a Grand Eternity.

32. Nor can a man expone, or think, a time in which the Lord was not.

33. He cannot do so by means of fiery cross or calculation of the heaven's lights by means of any emblem, cypher, nor any form of indication.

34. And though the Highest Lord had a Beginning, that starting point is so incredibly removed in Time, that to the stumbling mind of man it seems eternal Verity, though he incapable of knowing that great Truth Sublime....

35. Thus did the kindly Lord instruct his Pupils, male and female, twelve in number, and Arjuna, beloved indeed for having come to earth from Chrishna's own high Habitation.

36. And thus all Realms were represented in the total sum of the Pupils of the Master; magic-minded in his Wisdom.

37. And as he taught the Twelve and One, the Song of happiness and Truth sang in their hearts and minds, and they were blest.

38. And the Lord told them how every man is the creator of his own world, for no-one sees it in the same way as himself.

39. There is the wisdom of great spiritual artistry which resideth in the Higher Self of the enlightened man.

40. There is the ignorance of envy which hath its dwelling place within the mind of men of low degree.

41. There is the mind of beast and bird, each within the realm of its created world, according to its stage of evolution.

42. There is the animal which hath ascended in the Scale of Being, kind in nature through the love it has received in many lives from kindly-natured masters.

43. There is the bird or beast which lives in terror, due to everlasting persecution from the other beasts, or beastly men.

44. There is the thing inanimate, so called, which hath its own spirit of the flame within its centre, or in many centres: a flame from God.

45. Such truths are not for men of low degree who hunt both beast and feeble man for pleasure or for profit; sensuous in their ignorance, embedded in the vilest occupations of their lowly minds.

46. Such Truths are not for picklock, sly philosophers, who hope to wrestle nature's secrets from the strongholds of the Spirit;

47. For, verily, their struggles are against all truth, nor can their wandering minds enblend with Thought Supreme of their Creator.

48. To reason otherwise were foolishness, though fools will argue until they are lost within eucristic labyrinths of mathematic calculations;

49. Being vain enough to formulate the grand conceptions of their Maker and nail them down in weirdful symbols....whence they escape like tiny fish from large-knit nets.

50. They focus all the force of lower self on things unknowable, not realizing that the Soul is ever ready to reveal the beauties of a greater wisdom to the Higher Self, if Self be worthy of that trust.

51. 'Court Wisdom's consolation', said the Lord, 'to combat ignorance of scientist and theologian, embedded in the quicksands of their "reasoned" dogma.

52. 'Fly from the rabblement of noisy commoners, blindly perishing in thoughtless massacres of body and of spirit; in wrecks and ravages to shame the earth which bore this indiscriminating brood.

53. 'And flee when thou beholdest the tawdry tinselled, ravelled, fringed liveries of purpled princes, prideful in their day of power, thriving on their rapined, conquered riches, wantonly acquired by besotted hirelings for unscrupulous masters.

54. 'But dwell instead, in mind, in richly glowing spheres of beauty, using ugliness wisely as a means to rise to these great glories;

55. 'Leaving ugliness below, within the realms of swart illusion, called The Earth; for Earth is but a stepping stone to higher things, and thus it should indeed be ever regarded, to be discarded when its purpose is fulfilled'.

56. And as the Lord Chrishna spoke, the sun sent slanting monarch-beams between the up-piled clouds of eve approaching;

57. Down, down to earth; seeking, searching as it were for those whose hearts and minds long deep within for the return unto that glowing Land of Lakes and Reeds above; where dwell their brethren in eternal happiness, which once was theirs;

58. Outranging far the sterile pleasures of the soilèd children of bewildered Man.

59. Yea....each Beam a Jacob's ladder for the use of Angels—imprisoned in the flesh.

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