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We receive many emails from our readers. Some ask us specific questions about particular subjects, which may be added to our Occult FAQ (frequently asked questions). Others have contributed their thoughts in the form of articles and short stories (see sidebar). Many more write simply to say 'thank you', and these form the majority of the comments we have published below. The most recent comments can be found on our current Readers's Comments page.

We take no personal credit for these kind words, or our readers' contributions. As we say on our About page, we have simply attempted to gather together some fragments of the Ancient Wisdom and present it in a modern way. Surprisingly we receive very few unkind emails. Whether this is because we seldom attract the wrong kind of reader or the inherent laziness of the inept and quarrelsome, we should not like to say! However, in the interest of balance and openness we publish the negative comments we receive as well as the positive ones

Older Readers' Comments

"It has been nearly two years since stumbling across your most excellent website, and it has only just occurred to me that I have never taken the time to stop and say thank you for creating such an inspirational and content rich site for all who so choose to freely enjoy. Please accept my sincerest apologies for this oversight.

"The world that has opened up to me as a direct result of the articles on your website, and the books and organisations etc., that you recommend, has been nothing short of revelatory and has set me upon a path of inspiration and learning that I truly had no idea such even existed."

(Reader from Australia)

"I write to you because your website is the first time I have encountered any writings by anyone presently alive who truly cares for the Truth. It gives me hope that, even in this age in which darkness spreads its shady pinions of disease over the earth, there are still a few who, in the depth of their hearts, seek the spiritual growth of humanity."

(Reader from the USA)

"The words fail to express the light and life your website gives me daily. Each article contains so much wisdom. This is what I have always wanted.

"To give you an example of how many mistakes I have avoided, only now do I understand why I should not become rich unless God deems it necessary. I read again the article 'The adept and the imp', 'The Jihadi and Jinn' and 'The lure of the law of attraction'. Only now do I understand what it means to loose your soul. What it means to be tempted. What it means to experience the hell realms or the lower astral regions...(the book Symphonie Fantastique is also helpful).

"It's so important to read these articles...only now do I understand how privileged I am. I perfect myself daily increasing the power of my Higher Self and diminishing the power of my Lower Self. So, I realize now that this world is an illusion. I can bring Heaven inside me here but I should stay away from the temptations and find the real Heaven after death."

(Reader from Indonesia)

"I am a genuine seeker and have found you just at the right time! A few weeks ago, I was powerfully drawn to astrology but after researching for hours and hours online, I was left with a feeling that I wasn't getting the whole picture (if the right picture at all), so thank you for confirming my suspicions and I look forward to studying the books you recommend."

(Reader from the U. K.)

"I'm not sure how you can state you're speaking the truth and other people are wrong (that's a red flag right there) but how exactly are you going to advance spiritually while still contributing to the torture and slaughter of other sentient beings? Its not about what goes in your mouth, it's about the lack of care for another."

(Reader from the USA)

We assume this reader is referring to our article about vegetarianism, spirituality and health. However, our stats show that they spent less than ten minutes on our website during which they read our answer to the question "Is vegetarianism necessary for spiritual progress?" in our Occult Faq, but did not bother to follow the prominent link to our in-depth article on this subject. Had they done so, and thoroughly studied that article, they might have reached a different conclusion, then again, perhaps not!

"Thank you for your article about the law of attraction. I cannot tell you how much I like it, I loved the way you explained everything applying the hermetic laws principles, common sense, Truth and quotes from sacred texts and books. I really enjoyed it so much. Everything about it. Thanks again."

(Reader from South America)

"I am very grateful, to you, and the Divine, for all the Wisdom contained in these pages! It is truly a Gift in how accessible it is, while also not being diluted. I have only recently begun to dig into it, and I have much to learn. I have been reminded that I am indeed a fool, and none too soon."

(Reader from the USA)

"In your opinion most occultist books today are worthless, that much is clear. I must say your "classicist" kind always put a commoner like me under confusion. The way you act, your opinions, are VERY misunderstood by me. I never did manage to realize why you think what you think. And no, it isn't clear as you think it is. You seem unaware of it for some reason."

(Reader from the USA)

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this website and your occult studies course up for me to stumble upon. It has truly been my guiding light for the past few years. There have been times when I stray from the path, following this or that teaching. After a while, without fail, I get disillusioned with those teachings and come back to this website to be reminded of the simplicity and truth of the teachings contained herein. Words cannot express my gratitude."

(Reader from the USA)

"Now that I am in my late 40's it is nice to find your website and be reintroduced to these teachings. I hate that it took this long, but everything has its reasons. I have truly enjoyed your occult studies course and the addition readings that I try to check into daily. I am currently reading the Michaud books which should keep me busy for awhile. Thanks again for your kindness and dedication of time and energy to providing this information to people like myself. I am unable to express how grateful I am."

(Reader from Canada)

"There is so much information out there that it's so hard to sort the true from the false. Reading your occult studies course is like a veil has lifted and I can see clearly. So many of the answers I have been searching for all my life are right there and to my surprise I find I understand everything."

(Reader from New Zealand)

"I want to thank you for showing me that there are truly educated idiots out there. You people wouldn't know enlightenment if it smacked you in the face. You're religious idiots that think getting closer to a possibly fictional deity is enlightenment. You people are liars and you know nothing."

(Reader from the USA)

The only part of this comment that we can fully agree with is that we know nothing. It's interesting that the reader hedges their bets regarding the existence of Deity by using the noun 'possibly'. Guilty conscience—possibly? The rest of their remarks speak for themselves!

"I have just finished reading the excellent and informative series of articles on Tibetan Buddhism and am in your debt once again, for this is a subject on which I am sadly uninformed. I have purchased one of the books you highly recommend and look forward to reading it.

"I am in a slight state of shock at the negative language and thoughts expressed by the American reader whose message you recently published. Good grief. But then, this type of thing is not uncommon in our current world, is it? Sometimes I feel as if I want to run as fast as I can to a place of retreat and never come out! Yes...I know...that is not why I am here. Thank goodness for the beauty of Nature and of Truth to act as comforting balms to my soul.

"My personal path led me long ago away from the dogmatic, stale, tedium of orthodox religion which stifles, even crushes the natural tendency to want more; to desire to learn and grow; to progress as each of us are meant to do. It appears this is enough for most, and I do know religion offers a sense of community and a modicum of truth amid the nonsense. However, for me, it was actually painful to attend, for my spirit wanted so much more than to be told I was wicked if I drank coffee or tea! I'm smiling again, because the absurdity of some of the inanities put forth by well meaning (?) humans can't help but amuse.

"I love my quiet, personal, even 'secret' path, for those of us who journey toward the Light know the path is a pearl we cannot share. Hence the occasional loneliness. This is why finding your website has been and continues to be such a joy and a comfort to me.

"Your articles lift my spirits up, up, up, and help me to be at Peace. I am not only writing to express this deep gratitude, but to feel, just for a moment, a wee bit of fellowship with others of like mind, thus quelling the loneliness I sometimes feel. How I would love to sit by a cosy fire and share a cup of tea with all of you! On that note, I guess I will quit my meanderings and go curl up by the fire myself. It's snowing heavily today and all is white as far as the eye can see. Brrrrrr!"

(Rose Wood, from the USA)

Rose Wood has written Letting go for us which you can read elsewhere on our website.

"I've been very frustrated reading through your website and I just can't help but wonder; who are you? Do you belong to some great occult school? Why listen to what you have to say as opposed to all the other people out there? I'm not seeing any reason why you guys have any special authority that others don't...LOL fuck this insane bullshit, bye."

(Reader from the USA)

As we say in our introduction above, we receive surprisingly few negative comments from readers. We have chosen to publish this one because it is typical of the laziness and impatience many 'seekers' suffer from. Had this individual bothered to actually read any of our articles, or only our About page, rather than quickly skimming through our entire website in a matter of minutes (as ours statistics show they did), they would have found the answers to their criticisms and perhaps learnt something to their advantage...

"I had not planned on contacting you until I had finished the occult studies course, but after reading your article entitled 'A word to those who lurk' I decided to thank you before I had finished the course. Reading your articles has really helped me, not only in my personal understanding, but also in the mundane activities of my daily life.

"Raised in a literalist Christian home, I had always sought the Truth through the study of my bible, but I appeared to be moving further and further from It rather than closer to It in my literalist readings, finding that ANYTHING could be read into the bible with some effort and an unbiased reading appeared impossible. This led me to abandon Christianity and seek the Truth in other religions. I was lost until I had a certain experience I would call metaphysical—something I had stumbled upon quite by accident—which unlocked at least some of my higher faculties and drove me swiftly into a state of self-analysis and constant meditation, and by meditating on the pantheons and myths of ancient Egypt I found some of the keys to the Truth which then redeemed all other religions in my eyes.

"Since I began your studies course, I have found at least some of the unconditional love I had only a glimmer of before. Thank you for this website. It has been a blessing and has helped change my life for the better."

(Reader from the USA)

"Occult Mysteries is so important to many people as the stepping stone across the river of ignorance towards the Path of True Light. At Christmas, it seems a perfect time to once again thank you for your hard work and kind service. May we know each other in that Land of Light when the time comes."

(Reader from Eire)

"I feel like I have been searching and searching, and somehow this massive site has slipped past me until now. I don't even know how that is possible, considering how much time I spend reading about this sort of thing. Finding your site feels like I have just stumbled upon a five-course meal after eating nothing but scraps for years."

(Reader from the USA)

"I have expressed my gratitude for this glorious website before, but simply cannot overemphasize how much the articles therein instruct and inspire me. Seldom a day passes without my perusing your many wonderful words of wisdom, humour, and Light. With all my heart I thank you for the service you give to those of us who so need a sensible path—for, as they say, common sense ain't too common!"

(Reader from the USA)

"Reflections of happy childhood endeavours to skim that carefully selected flat stone skipping across the calmest possible water. Five maybe six skips before sinking from sight but remaining as a victorious memory to survive for four and a half decades. To reappear on the reading of your article on "contemplating Stones." Now I want to better that memory, seven skips maybe. The joy of it is that child is still me but through others he understands intent. The stone is you, is me, I threw myself, my intent, across the placid water of all. Throw no stones of hurt for just maybe you are throwing and hurting yourself, and that my friends is not sound wisdom."

(Reader from Australia)

"This week I have sent emails to The Order of the Golden Dawn and to the main Rosicrucians AMORC. Both are worthless to me. Time and time again during my searching for the truth your website kept coming up and after finally looking at the rest of your website, instead of just your book list, I have come to the conclusion that you guys seem to be the only ones who have solid information and have not fallen into the very many traps along the way that come with seeking the truth. So I just said all that to complement you in the highest respect I can."

(Reader from the USA)

"I have just come to find your site recently and I felt the need to sincerely thank you for everything! I was so caught up with the flights of fancy that every conspiracy theorist drools over, but still kept searching because in my gut I knew that I hadn't yet found what I was searching for.

After powering through what is probably half of your content in 24 hours I have cleared so much of the cluttered junk that I had believed out of my mind. Having worked on the fluidity of my belief structures from a very young age, I am lucky it was so easy to discard what has no purpose for me to be able to restructure my beliefs to best prepare for learning truth.

I'm over being fed drivel that is just there to feed our want for excitement and fantasy. Which I guess I am grateful for in one sense as it has made reading truth here much easier to recognize. Thank you again!"

(Reader from Australia)

"I am another lurker! I think I have always been a searcher of truth and knowledge since a very young age. I was raised as a Christian but there were several things about the Church that I either couldn't grasp, did not believe or did not understand. How you could only go to heaven after asking Christ into your heart? How did Jesus really become a God? How could a loving God possibly be the same one who could destroy people because they made him angry? There was another aspect about the Church that I could never really accept and that was the hypocrisy that I saw from the members.

"I quit going to church because I didn't want to deal with the hypocrisy and the tenets of a faith that I could not believe in. I still had lots of questions and I studied the history of the Church and world civilisations as voraciously as I was able. I started reading about world religions and pagan religions and any other information of an occult and/or esoteric basis. I have always been a believer in a God or Divine presence. But I did not truly know how to explain it when I didn't believe in Christianity any longer. And Christianity did not provide any answers. I secretly looked to Wicca or Goddess worship as a means of finding my answers, but I know now that it was only a stepping stone to where I am today. It wasn't until the last 10 years that I finally began to put the coincidences and information from my life together to grasp the answers I was seeking. Your website has been like a breath of fresh air. It has finally provided me true answers and knowledge that I have been looking for, I feel, all my life. Thank you for your information and the truth that you have provided to a lost and searching soul."

(Reader from the USA)

"I just have completed an overview of the site and my first pass of the on-line studies course. I am in deep appreciation for this comprehensive creation. I had written a poem which included a thought about what felt to be similarity of magic and mysticism and then googled the two words together. I did not expect to ever see such a broad and roomy portal as this! Thank You for your Extension of Wisdom, Love and Light!"

(Reader from the USA)

"Like many of your readers I have been in the 'occult jungle'—perhaps I still am. I began with Yoga until I encountered the word 'God', a concept that was 'taboo' for me at the time. As a child I was told not to think too much about God. The Church and God meant the same to me and I regarded the Bible as a fairy-tale with no scientific basis fit only for the superstitious. Despite this, I still searched for divine truths that were not connected with the Church and not as alien as the Indian teachings were to me. Unsurprisingly, this time I stumbled upon Wicca. After wading through many books and avoiding rituals, because I still couldn't find the entire meaning I sought, I sold all my books and led a happy life.

"Then the wheel of fortune took a turn for the worse but I found consolation in 'A Course in Miracles' (ACIM). As I read the book the concept of God began to gain credence with me. Although I wanted to start the training, I still looked for critical voices against ACIM on the Internet. The dangers associated with the 'solipsism' which characterises much of the 'New Age' rhetoric in the book held me back from starting the course.

"My further procrastination then led me into the strange world of conspiracy theories which encouraged me to research what the occult was really all about. During this search I came across your website and I am amazed at how long I have been reading it!

"I am currently enjoying The Golden Star and working my way through your Occult Studies Course. In addition, I make time each day for meditation, though not yet as 'thoroughly' as I would like. Nonetheless it has helped me a great deal to allow new ideas and inspiration to enter into my thinking."

(Reader from Austria)

"Your article on lurking finally gave me the confidence to reach out and not only ask you questions that have been lingering in my mind over the past 6 months, but to also say thank you for the service and road you have been providing to those who are genuine seekers after truth."

(Reader from the UK)

Whilst I am blown away with your website I had made up my mind last week everything on the Internet was regulated and there would be no real wisdom to be found on the net as the Government would not allow it. I am like others who have made comments on how wonderful the knowledge is that you have put on your site. I feel like I have really, really found home."

(Reader from the UK)

"English is not my first language. I've been on the search for wisdom and self-improvement for as long as I can remember back to my childhood and almost killing myself for being too weak and blind. For the first time I really feel something inside me and things make sense and all that by reading only a couple of your articles. So, I in the depths of my heart, I thank you."

(Reader from Estonia)

"Just a quick note to express my humble gratitude for this magnificent website. I have been reading your wonderful articles for many months now and always come away with my spirits lifted and my mind fed. I love the humour sprinkled throughout, particularly, of course, the discourses between Bombast and Flitterflop. The Quest of Ruru had a profound effect on me, as did The Golden Star. Your articles are informative to say the least. I could go on and on with my enthusiastic praise, but will simply say, with all my heart, thank you. Your work is deeply appreciated."

(Reader from the USA)

"Some common theme seems to be that the occult knowledge and the true powers behind is only available to the sages, mages, initiated, enlightened, the prime rib or the wise, the big man on top of the chain of adepts so to speak. You get my point. That knowledge is forbidden to be shared with the public to whom the name vulgar are commonly given. The coarse, the violent and the ignorant and stupid. If that knowledge is shared with them there's no telling what they can do with it. I mean they can start wars and cause poverty and misery, am I right? Well pardon and excuse my French but that's cowardly and extremely arrogant and selfish. I apologize deeply for taking liberties, my anger is foul and it comes from a place of deep disappointment."

(Reader from the UK)

It is pity this reader either hasn't read our explanations of the reasons for secrecy in occult matters or understood them. However dreadful the effects of the misuse and abuse of some scientific discoveries have been and are, these only destroy bodies, whereas the misuse of occult knowledge destroys the mind and even the immortal Soul.

"English is not my native language and I found it easy to read and understand the information. Since the discovery of this website I feel I'm on the right path. Finally, for the first time in many years I feel I'm making progress. . .Your website is like a hidden treasure between all the bad info on the Internet."

(Reader from Belgium)

"The biggest gift for me (and there are a multitude) is that each time I revisit your articles they keep offering me something positive."

(Reader from the USA)

"I've been visiting your website for quite some time now and wanted to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating it. As an individual who has suffered significantly from a heavy heart and burdened mind due to certain past events, it means the world to me to have access to such beneficial study materials."

(Reader from the USA)

"I wanted to start with a sincere thank you. When I was a teenager, I was invited to my math teachers house. There she introduced us to purity and truth. The event I remember most was a golden lasso of light extending out from me and encircling her as a blessing, then returning to my throat area. She was later removed from the school for being "too close to the students". I lost the thread and have been searching ever since.

(Reader from the USA)

"Congratulations on 4 years of running your wonderful website! Before I found occult mysteries it was as if there was a void deep within my spiritual life, I searched through all sorts of religions and new age numpty with no lasting satisfaction, it wasn't until I found your website that I finally felt I had found some real genuine teachings that I could assimilate in my life!"

(Reader from Canada)

"I wanted to take a moment to congratulate everyone involved with Occult Mysteries on the recent four year anniversary. I discovered this website about two years ago and it is no exaggeration to say that it has been life changing."

(Reader from the USA)

"I have learned more genuine information on this site, than in any book I have ever read. Your words ring true to the deepest depths of my being."

(Reader from the USA)

"I would like to say thank you for your website. It has truly been a blessing to discover it and I'm greatly appreciative of the time and effort that you must put in to these articles for the genuine seeker's benefit."

(Reader from the USA)

"I would like to extend my thanks to Mr Temple on the article about Easter, it's an eye opener to thinking people!"

(Reader from the USA)

"I was close to pretty much giving up on "spiritual" stuff and coming to the conclusion that the truth cannot be known until I found your website."

(Reader from the UK)

"My whole life I have intuitively known that something existed beyond the veil but until finding this site could not articulate it. You have changed my life. I never expected to end up believing in God."

(Reader from the USA)

"When I found your website I admit that I cried like a child who has lost the way and found someone who can help it find the way home. After I read your article Searching for Truth by John Temple I felt like my heart bloomed with bliss. Thank you for making such a holy and beautiful website."

(Reader from the UK)

"Your website is a refuge of sanity and tranquility. I come back to your articles time after time when I need clarity and perspective on all the mad things—and mad teachings—in the world today."

(Reader from the Czech Republic)

We don't bite!

we don't bite

We don't bite! If what we have to say in our many articles resonates with you, and you have been 'lurking' for a time, don't be afraid to contact us. Tell us about your personal search for Truth in your own words. Put any questions that are not answered on our website to us. Or simply share what you have gained from reading our articles. In this way you may help someone else to take the first steps on their own path to the Light—if not in this life, then in a future one. You have nothing to lose but a little of your time, and who knows what good seeds your contribution may sow in the aching hearts of those crying out for someone, somewhere, somehow, to come to their aid. They will have you, yes—YOU—to thank for stretching out a helping hand. We say again—we really don't bite—honest!

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