A word to those who lurk

An appreciative reader shares his discovery of Occult Mysteries and what it means to him

Introduction by Occult Mysteries

We received the following email from a reader recently. The author has given his permission for us to quote it, but as it is too long to add to our Readers' Comments and we don't have the heart to cut it, we have decided to publish it in full as a separate article for all to enjoy. We do so for two reasons. Firstly, because its themes will resonate with many seekers, and secondly, to encourage readers who 'lurk' to write to us.

A bit of a Story

I would like to share a bit of my story of how I found your site. One day, quite suddenly and intuitively, I grew weary of the fruits of my materialism, the 'benefits' of which were noxious to my body, mind, and most of all my Higher Self! I grew curious about the concept of magic, thinking that if all these millions of people throughout history believed in it there must be something in it, and that perhaps I might learn something of the Great Truths myself. That was, as you would most likely suspect, a most flattering ambition of mine, my lower self being in full swing due to my lack of Spirituality.

After searching for a certain text online, so that I might experiment myself, I saw on one result a website called 'Occult Mysteries'—a name which grabbed my attention, and I read their warnings about black magic. Something then unknown and indescribable, though I have an idea what it was now, glued me to your site as I began systematically reading every article. And so, over the course of many weeks and then the weeks I spent working my way through your Occult Studies Course, I slowly began to peel off and shed the dross which had accumulated in my mind.

Now I at last feel I have returned, in some small way, to the purer and very gentle state of mind I possessed in my childhood; which in my ignorance I resented, but now I cherish and recognize as a very good sign of my own state of overall progress through the ages.

I also want to commend you for the information on Tibetan 'Buddhism' you have published. As someone who understands little of eastern religions and was wondering how exactly the Dalai Lama fits into the whole picture, your series of articles has been a real eye-opener.

You truly have done tremendous and wonderful work here, utilizing the online medium to spread awareness of and make available Occult Science and the path to Wisdom. I see that so clearly now. So once more, in light of every Good sentiment I possess at the moment, thank you, on behalf of myself, and perhaps on behalf of those who may be 'lurking' now or may have 'lurked' in the past and gained something worthwhile without contacting you.

Published 1 May 2017 — © Copyright occult-mysteries.org. Updated 7 May 2017.

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